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  1. Section 114, Row F in Dallas. I had two ladies in my office searching on separate computers at the same time as me. We all got in and chose the two best seats.
  2. Wasn't Urban in charge in 2018? I wonder what he knows about all of this.
  3. What's the worst possible outcome for Ohio St.? Because that's what I'm hoping for.
  4. Over/under on parking lot murders is 4.5
  5. Post it over on the gambling board when your done. Some of us need some winners.
  6. I've already purchased tickets to Welcome to Rockville at Daytona Beach for May. Only band they've announced is Metallica (two nights). Really hoping Rage is there too.
  7. Best show I’ve ever seen. Props to downtown Houston too. I thought the area was clean. I’ll have to back down more
  8. Lock of the Week: A dildo will be thrown on the field/sideline during the Bills/Patriots game https://www.gambling911.com/Will-Dildo-Be-Thrown-Onto-Field-During-Patriots-Bills-Game.html
  9. Rage just came on my Pandora and reminded me I'm going to see Tom Morello at HOB on October 29. Love watching him play
  10. Ole Miss almost beat Memphis last week. So they have that going for them.
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