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  1. Well, perhaps the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile would have been more appropriate. Aggy do love their wieners.
  2. Maybe they shouldn't have bought him an early 80s model.
  3. I will tell you in 2 or 3 years from now.
  4. I would like to be at practice when he tries some of that on Jericho, Royce or Kai. I suspect there will be some battles when practice starts.
  5. I don't care who you chose. Carolina was under .500 this year. Blue blood Carolina. A few years ago, Calipari was preseason 1, had the number 1 recruiting class, the first 2 picks in the NBA draft and if I remember correctly, didn't make the playoffs. You have no idea what any other coach would do. This is all about your talking trash because you still haven't gotten over the fact that Coach Barnes isn't here. Take your nonsense to someone that believes your hot air.
  6. Maybe Roy should try reaching .500 with his squad before coaching ours.
  7. Being a highly ranked young man is no guarantee of success. Going to college gives a young man a chance to step up to better competition than high school. It seems from a list of the top 10, all but one choses college but that list could be outdated.
  8. I think that Johnny was in 75 and Ron was the following year but there were not far apart.
  9. Ron was a couple years later. I think 76 or 77. I think my sophomore year we had more black starters than the football team did. I remember Philip Stroud but don't remember his first year but I think it was late 70s. If I remember correctly, a year after Baxter, 2 kids from Los Angeles...Johnson and Shepherd played for us.
  10. I am not sure that I want to answer you. lol The first black player at UT if I am not mistaken was Jimmy Blacklock who was a junior college transfer in 1970. His second year as a senior, he started against UH at Las Cruces. His senior year, Larry Robinson was the second black to come to UT but he had to play frosh ball because freshmen could play varsity sports. The next year when he was a sophomore, freshmen could start playing varsity. After Larry and this is from memory, there was Philip Davis, James Price, Ed Johnson, the late Tyrone Johnson, Johnny Moore and the late Gary Goodner. I may have left out a couple for which I apologize. I probably am close to the age you think I am but thank goodness for Texas humidity, I have 30 something wimmens chasing after me. OK, maybe 40 somethings. OK, maybe 50 somethings.
  11. If I was a top high school DB, I would much rather play against SEC teams than BIg12 offenses every week.
  12. Welcome to the Longhorn Basketball Family young man. Work hard, play hard and study hard. Have a great career on and then off the court. Great job coaches.
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