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  1. I have to believe that there is at least 1 IRS agent in their Columbia SC office that might be interested.
  2. Welcome to the Longhorn Family.
  3. I understand but its not about the architecture its about the man. If the family has no problem with your suggestion, that's great.
  4. Every young man on the team has a role. If this young man knows his role and embraces his role, he is a definite take.
  5. Coach the hell out of Murphy and turn him into a beast. Then get Manning. Problem solved.
  6. I hope they still have the ice cream freezer at the training table. Its criminal if they don't.
  7. Hopefully Cooley will not be torn down but if so, something needs to be done to remember DR Cooley and his generosity and his love for UT.
  8. Outstanding, Congrats young men on a job well done that wasn't as easy as many think. Bet wishes for whatever the future brings.
  9. Lobo, you are correct and that's why you want to play more road games during the Christmas break..
  10. Congrats to all. Great job and best wishes wherever life takes you.
  11. Walton and Alcindor were not eligible to play varsity their freshman years.
  12. If he doesn't sign with an agent and doesn't like where he is picked, why can't he come back. Is it an NBA rule?
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