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  1. Guys, just don't respond. Let gooey post to himself.
  2. This and LT's post right above. Just because fans aren't familiar with a team, doesn't mean they can't play. Any team can beat any other team on a given night especially if the better team doesn't take their competition seriously. Cal Baptist isn't a bad team. Good win. Get ready for the next game.
  3. If possible, can someone post the lhn link so we can watch the game. I know that its been done in the past. Thanks in advance.
  4. Liddell is a great example of playing in the NIT. No one wants to play there but if you do, make the most out of it. That's exactly what he did. While internet coaches were laughing about the NIT bid, the young man gained valuable practice and playing time and his confidence skyrocketed. Liddell went from getting into only 13 games according to the announcers and should now play a huge role this year. If he played for Tech, many of you would be going crazy over Beard's coaching. Keep working hard young ma.
  5. Treaty, thanks for all of your info. The key to building a successful gym is not so much about size but rather configuration of the seats. Obviously, you want size but having as many fans as possible near the court is more important and that includes the upper deck. You want a gym that is really loud by having great acoustics and as Treaty mentioned and we all saw on TV, having great fans is huge..
  6. Those fans were some of the classiest fans I have ever seen. Most of you are too young to know this but when Steve Kerr was younger, he lived in Beirut where his Dad was the principal at the American School. I think that's pretty close. Anyway, one year his dad was assassinated by some Arab terrorists. As everyone knows, Steve played hoops at Arizona. I was watching them play Arizona State one night and the ASU fans were yelling at Steve, "Where's your daddy" Worst thing I ever heard from students.
  7. Just because in my day we shot into peach baskets and then had a center jump after each basket doesn't mean I'm old but I don't remember..
  8. No one wants a Gregory atmosphere more than I do but that first photo is horrible. The lower level of the second photo works but I can't tell how big the upper deck is. I like the sloop of the lower level of the second photo which is extremely important to have that crowd on top of you feeling. The windows in the first photo don't work.
  9. Obviously, it should be named Moody Center but it also needs to be named Denton Cooley Fieldhouse, Denton Cooley Court or something appropriate for the greatest Longhorn hoopster in our history.
  10. Liddell is a great example of getting extra practice and playing time in the NIT. Outstanding game and Purdue folded at the end of the game and we hung only their 3rd loss at home in 59 games. Keep working hard and good things will continue.
  11. recognition well deserved. Will be thinking of you tonight. Best wishes.
  12. Some of you are a bunch of wusses. Supposedly she just got divorced so she probably hasn't had sex in the last couple of hours. Some of you need to find her and nail her on behalf of this board. That would mean a lot more than posting a couple of pictures. Now get to work.
  13. The sky isn't falling because most of our commits/recruits are smarter than most posters.
  14. I am not defending him. I am pointing out the truth. He was the wrong coach at the time.
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