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  1. I take full credit or blame.
  2. I will take your word and hope that the kid continues to be happy.
  3. I didn't like girls at that age because they all had cooties. At 18, I learned that cooties were not all that bad. I hope you're right about this kid and its that it has nothing to do with all of the publicity they are receiving.
  4. Thanks LT. You're welcome on my lawn anytime.
  5. I have an honest question. No BS answers. I hope this doesn't derail this thread. I keep reading about this stuff almost everyday. Can someone honestly tell me how a 6, 8 or 12 year old knows that he was born the wrong gender. If a girl likes to play baseball, that doesn't mean she should be a boy. To me, this seems like a desperate cry for attention like when someone in Hollywood is out of the limelight, you can bet that it won't be long before they claim that they were abused as a kid by a parent, uncle, etc. Any serious responses and if you do, I will let you on my lawn.
  6. Maybe aggy should focus on beating Power 5 teams with a winning record. The only Power 5 team they beat last season that had a winning record was Okie Light with a part time starter and without their best receiver.
  7. Went to my first Oiler game in 62 at Jeppesen Stadium in the rain against the NY Titans. Sold peanuts at the dome to watch all of the home games and then after college had season tickets until they announced they were leaving. I remember all of the Steeler games. We always had a late arriving crowd due to church but when ever the Steelers came to the dome, the stands were full by 11 and I suspect that many churches were empty. Bud taking my team away is another reason to hate Kansas.
  8. Way to hang in and get the win. Not pretty but its in the W column. Tough deal having to fly to Kansas for a Monday night game. .
  9. Where did you get that video of me. lol That made me laugh. Burt is how on old guy spells Brac, er Bro, er Braff.
  10. Thanks Burt. I don't have an account. Would someone mind posting the link directly to LHN. Thanks from an old guy. I will let you walk on my lawn in return.
  11. Its called development. The worst I ever saw his freshman year was a skinny kid at UH, He came from Nigeria and you wondered how he could walk and breathe at the same time. Some kids have better coaching in high school than other kids, some are physically ready for this level and for some.it takes some time for the light to come on. To write off a young man before his freshman year is over is nonsense and I am speaking in general terms and not specifically about Sims..
  12. If I remember, aren't we 6-1 all time against Bama? Go get those 6 pictures for his OV.
  13. So does 18 out of the last 20 years work?
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