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  1. exactly. as much as hugo is a hateful, divisive and intolerant prick, he is right about this.
  2. i found a news video with this guy leaving the courthouse, and while he shared bildo's body form, it looked to me like a different person. but i only saw a side shot.
  3. i nominate campus loopy as mod.
  4. ahhh ok. thanks. she is from shaggy. that is why i couldn't find her on surly. just wanted to go back and familiarize myself with her beginnings on here.
  5. can somebody give me a one sentence explanation of who fitlump is as pertains to surly? i assume she had a username that has been changed to fitlump or is fitlump her actual username? what is her username? i never paid any attention to any of this.
  6. ahh i remember being the age of those behind Adler and being so ignorant. hell i voted for Mondale.
  7. I thought he was talking about “being prepared” in a general sense for all those things, with a gun for some of them.
  8. One. I had to get one to see my dad after his surgery at the rehab place. They also had me wear a hazmat suit to go in there, which was good.
  9. I have my dad's phone since he passed away last month. He gets all kinds of emails and texts from political organizations. A guy called right before the defund police vote in San Antonio trying to make sure my dad voted for it. The guy read from this rambling, long script. I just sat the phone down on my desk and let him keep going. I hear "Hello..." so I pick up. I said "could you repeat that?" He says "which part?" I say "The whole thing, I was kind of busy there and didn't hear it." He says "I sure can" and reads his script from the beginning. I sat the phone down again and had a good laugh
  10. I assume the old lady had a mask on. I guess she prefers everyone having to wear masks over everyone getting a vaccine.
  11. after not following bitcoin at all I decided to look at the chart. it is at 46.9k now. my guess is it will bounce to the 50DMA at around 57k and then fall to the 200 DMA which should be around 42k towards the end of May. whatever happens, the chart looks pretty ugly past any bounce you see short term here.
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