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  1. lol at all the white people on this thread that wouldn't think twice if they saw this guy in their neighborhood going into a house across the street under construction. please. i am sure y'all would be like "oh he must be looking for ideas for a house he wants to build". just cut the bullshit. you can make a fine point that he shouldn't be chased down with guns for it without the stupid nonsense.
  2. Very unlikely these guys will be found guilty of anything if this goes to trial.
  3. If Congress starts giving everybody $2000 a month to the end of the corona thingie, I imagine there will be a ton of people buying cars.
  4. So it seems that if you want to trade in a vehicle and buy a used vehicle its a wash. The vehicle you buy will be a good deal, but you will be getting a lot less on the trade-in.
  5. Btw the victim lived in the neighborhood across the main road from this neighborhood. It is a similar type neighborhood with good sized lots and older ranch houses. I don't really think he was "out of place" in the neighborhood.
  6. CLSK was a nice one today.
  7. looks right to me. the wrecking crew has been scratched for awhile.
  8. won't work. no place for my beer.
  9. lol. when your argument is that 56 years ago on your grand opening you sold/gave away 300 bbq plates, you probably don't have much of an argument.
  10. When they got guns to chase the guy down as opposed to calling the cops, they took the risk of the possible consequences.
  11. geezus $2.16 on UAVS. has to be good place for profit.
  12. Ha yeah that was very stupid. Holy shit I'm drunk.
  13. I read profit margin for a full service restaurant is like 5%. So on $20, there is profit of $1. If restaurants are capped at 25%, they can add $3 to every $20 worth of food. So a meal costing $20 would become $23. The price you have to pay if you want to eat out at a restaurant right now. Now the servers would be getting screwed because they wouldn't be making much off the extra $3. is this right?
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