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  1. And you have been attacking people here for a while now. Looks like you have nothing better to do. There are few of you old timers just lurk on this board looking for posts to attack. I have to wonder what you get out of it? Does this make you feel superior. Is that why some of you come here? Rather than engaging in friendly debates, you get pleasure out of attacking people because you can't do it in real life?
  2. That's not what I said Mr. salesman but thanks for your input.
  3. I love message board warriors like you. Seems to me you're overcompensating for your waste of a life by trying to be a all-knowing a-hole on an internet message board where people come for some lazy entertainment. But no, you have to be king here because without this, you have nothing. Go, eat dicks and be happy someone let's you.
  4. Not enough data point imo but hope he can be a difference maker for us.
  5. Why is everyone so high on Omeire? Based on just practice reports? Didn't we make fun of him as a recruit for being slow? I see him as someone who might catch a few jump balls to move the chains but I doubt he will be an all Big 12 receiver.
  6. Hope is a dangerous thing. 😂
  7. Jake Smith is fast, no doubt. He just needs to work on his route running and ball catching. Duvernay never had any issues with ball catching if memory serves me right. Jake on the other hand dropped a few passes on 3rd downs that neither Duvernay or Shipley brothers would drop. We need that one reliable WR that our QB can count on to get the first down when things break down.
  8. True. I thought Jake Smith would fill Duvernay's shoes last year. Hopefully, he shows up this year. Duvernay had elite speed though.
  9. We have the worst group in years. Our two best guys, JWhitt and Jake Smith, are injury prone and inconsistent. Others are just hopes and prayers. No sure thing - no Shipley or Duvernay to bail us out on third and long.
  10. That is true but I am tired of OU plucking the best WRs from around the country and them .making big plays on us.
  11. Thanks for starting the thread. OUSux has consistently outrecruited us in this position. Sark needs to change it real soon.
  12. Again, my first post was about expecting more recruits by now. We may still end up with a top 5 recruiting class. That's not the point I was trying to make. When you get a new coach, you get an immediate bump with a bunch of recruits committing early, which we didn't have because of covid, This also gives more time to rival coaches to counter our momentum.
  13. How so? We missed out on riding the new coach bump because of the visit restrictions. That's not a faulty assumption. I did not blame the staff. It is what it is.
  14. #ShowMeARealist. I hate being a constant pumper as much as being a Satya. There is an ocean in between. 😀
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