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  1. First of all, nobody suggested a fund. It was my suggestion to set up a foundation, which is very different from a fund. Second, people like you say AllLivesMatter when they argue against BLM. Sure all lives matter but you are deflecting from the issue at hand by saying ALM instead of BLM. Then you guys desperately look for stats to support your point even though deep down you know you are being disingenuous. Look I don't expect you or your clan to get it because it's how you were raised and you just want to protect the status quo. Why wouldn't you, as it has served your clan for generations? Angry white man is a thing to see!
  2. Most of them faced these choices growing up: deal drugs and live a life of crime or play football. They didn't hang out with their lawyer or investor uncle. They chose the best option available. These are the people who can get their generation out of poverty but not sure you want that.
  3. When you say stuff like this, you assume you and them come from the same socio economic background and that's why you can never understand what it is like to bring a generation of people out of poverty. This is where Capitalism fails you. And before you get up in arms to defend capitalism, without some tweaking even the best economic system can fail us.
  4. I see that the double standard in college football that Herman mentioned is in full display at my alma mater. We would cheer for our players on Saturdays when they risk their body to make a nice hot but God forbid we try to help them when they are done playing. Because ROTC and smart people like you obviously did the same thing, made money for their school, came from an underprivileged background that's the result of our tremendous history of racial and economic equity. Most of these kids beat the odds, and with some helping hand, they will be the ones to break the cycle. But sure let's not give them a helping hand.
  5. Were you as good an athlete as a student? Very few can do well in both. We recruit them not because how well they did in schools. You didn't risk your brain to attend school like they risk their source of livelihood to make the school money. How is this hard to understand?
  6. This is a naive take. The student athletes risk their body to play the game that makes the school a lot of money. Sure it's easy to say they should get a degree and get a career like the rest but bear in mind that they trained their body their whole life, not the mind like other students. It's not fair to ask them to compete in a different field all of a sudden. I am suggesting the foundation to provide a variety of services, including career counseling, networking, loans and grants for entrepreneurs, etc. It's not much but seems fair.
  7. The foundation would only serve former student athletes, so I am not sure why NCAA would have any say in it.
  8. Why don't we set up a foundation to help former athletes whose careers end prematurely? Has this been brought up?
  9. Citizens being killed by police is not the only relevant metric by which you judge police abuse. While most of them are good, there are many who harass, provoke and abuse. We have to reform the system that allows this to happen without a lot of accountability. You need unanimous verdict by a jury to convict someone, so why would we give so much power to an officer to affect someone's life? I doubt our founders intended this to happen. Now, I am torn on the fight song and I understand why so many fans are upset. This is one of those things that would require real leadership to maneuver out of it without completely alienating one side. Perhaps the admin offers to give in somewhere else that the athletes haven't asked for in return for keeping the song for fans to sing and not require athletes to sing along.
  10. It's a lot more than statistics and statistics will often lie if you don't take into consideration various other things. Blacks and minorities are more afraid of Police and are likely to do something stupid to avoid being arrested or abused. If a white person is being shot by a police officer, it's more likely that he was a criminal and was trying to avoid being arrested or attacked the officer. So I would argue that the circumstances that lead to these shootings are unlikely to be similar. Police brutality is a problem all around the world. Majority of the people don't experience it but for those unfortunate who experience it on a regular basis, it's a problem that needs to be addressed. We, as a society, have given too much power to lowly trained officers, some of whom just relish too much in the power they have over their fellow citizens. Without checks, all powerful people misuse it.
  11. "Move back to the country wherever it is that you came from" is a common racial slur. As a minority, I heard people say that to me in posh places like La Jolla as I was just walking on the street. As I was browsing Twitter today, I found this gem: We can't tell our black athletes to go where they would feel more comfortable. We can't compare ourselves to schools like Bama or OU and say, we are much better when it comes to race matters. We need to set our own standard. I am so fucking happy that race issues are making so many people uncomfortable because it's about time we change as people.
  12. This is like saying if you don't like some of American laws, go live in a different country, which is what racist people say.
  13. So many words to say he was, is, and will always be a pussy. I am sure he is feeling like he will come back strong now that he has nothing to do but dream. I will be shocked if he has a meaningful career. Such a shame!
  14. A late 5* addition to the class in the summer that would take the class from #2 or #3 at NSD2 to #1, which would make Aggy lose its shit. I can't think of anything more pleasant when it comes to recruiting.
  15. Well, since only 1 QB can play at a time, I see why he wouldn't want more than 1 or 2 in the roster. Better to use the scholarships in more important positions like punting and kicking.
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