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  1. This is a thread on OU recruiting 2021 but please go ahead and tell how us how great the OU program is instead of adding anything on OU 2021 recruiting. Texas fans can laugh at OU anytime on their message boards. That's how these things work, doc.
  2. Princely was leaning Baylor up until the coaching change. I think Texas can reel him back in if they push hard enough.
  3. Should we worry about Collins to Baylor with Aranda being the new HC? Was he being recruited by Aranda while at LSU?
  4. Thankfully, recruits don't think like you! There are a handful of programs in the country that have natural recruiting advantages and will recruit at a high level regardless of their on field performance barring total chaos. While some recruits care about winning and going to the NFL, many others factor into various other things and hence the need for selling. Texas can sell a lot of things (I feel bad for you if I have to remind you what those are) and whenever you have a positive coaching change, you tend to get a recruiting boost because you can sell hope. My point with OU was not how great they were over the last decade - that's not "new" to recruits. They have a geographical disadvantage and lesser academic reputation. Their sell will always be a chance to win it all and go to NFL. With the way they have performed in the playoffs, they can hardly sell the fact that they are anywhere close to winning it all and regarding the chance to play at the next level, yes, they recruit high level offensive players but they hardly have any recent success with defensive players. With the shitty level of talent the Big 12 has, OU will continue to have success in the league and it's not "new" to anyone but when they play against the top tier SEC or other national teams, their weakness gets exposed. Hence, my comment that they have nothing new to sell stands. Take a look at their 2021 momentum vs. ours. Unless Texas falls apart again next year, OU will revert back to their natural recruiting position (around top 15) vs. Texas (top 5-10). It's not really that hard to fathom.
  5. Where exactly in my post I said anything about the results on the field? I made a comment about what I think will happen to their 2021 recruiting class. Doc, you gotta read better!
  6. Perhaps you don't understand how recruiting works. I am happy to revisit this comment post NSD2 in 2021.
  7. Rhule taking out two of our primary obstacles from our schedule is the best thing any rival coach has ever done for us. Are we sure Tom doesn't have some dirt on him?
  8. Fucking Venabals is an absolute stud of a coach! If you are serious about winning championships, you hire someone like him no matter the cost.
  9. Saban is very well spoken. I actually like listening to him as opposed to Jimbo who sounds like a used car salesman.
  10. Hope you are right, man! I salute the fans that still to show to watch this abortion of a team.
  11. Good to great position coaches get promoted to become coordinators. Some of them flame out as coordinators and then go back to becoming position coaches again. It's like in the tech industry where good engineers don't always make good managers. I think you want someone with a history of developing talent and a strong resume as a recruiter. Whether or not they flunked as coordinators is an irrelevant data point.
  12. Meanwhile, Shaka Smart keeps collecting his $3M annual paycheck to suck the life out of our BB program.
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