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  1. Texas has a better reputation as a graduate school than undergraduate because the grad schools are more selective and they compare favorably with many of the highly regarded private schools when it comes to research, student quality, ratio, etc. When it comes to the undergraduate school, you tend to get a mixed bag. You have your national merit scholars who could get into anywhere, and you also have few who get in because of the state mandate. This is reflected in respective undergraduate and graduate school rankings.
  2. You are where you are supposed to be. Keep walking and on the side side, you will find a universe where incompetent college coaches don't make millions over smart kids coming out of private schools who would run circles around public school kids.
  3. I chose the other coast to put down my roots but like you said those 2-3 months in Chicago is great.
  4. I spent couple of years in Chicago while attending grad school. Loved the city but the winter was unbearable having lived in Texas and Bay Area before. I had a job offer there but couldn't wait to get the fuck out.
  5. You are a terrible human being and I wish nothing but the worst for you in life.
  6. He noticed how badly Aggy needed someone like him and Demas. He was also sold on the fact that the Gigem '20 class is going to change everything. Footwork King already told Kenyon Green to keep his head up as help is on the way.
  7. I am told he is coming home as a package deal with Waddle.
  8. Great, these media leaks will only help secure more money for these guys at their current places.
  9. D gave the illusion of improving because it couldn't get any worse and we were playing a lot of new faces who didn't get coached to suck.
  10. Let's get Matt Rhule for the DC position. We are Texas, damn it!
  11. Ding ding ding! They are the reigning national champs of all hypothetical matchups ever created. Why play Texas on the field when they clearly would have won if the game was played?
  12. My rationale was that only those two coaches have strong enough resumes to challenge or criticize Herman and not worry about finding future employment. We did have some issues in the OL group with Shepherd quitting the team, granted he is a nut case. All indications are that Mehringer and Herman are close and Mehringer should worry about finding future employment if Herman lets him go. But we are speculating based on a 9.95 report, so who knows if any of this is true?
  13. As I predicted before, USC will hire Urban. They wouldn't have fired Helton unless they knew who they were going to hire.
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