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  1. Yes... Nebraska 2OT game winning INT dropped, Baylor Endzone fumble, Chase Daniel's coming out party OT loss at Mizzou, and the overturned TD during the first year of instant replay at OT loss to freaking Kansas... then after all that... the 1st down replay that was ruled down before the line to gain by a "wrist" to give TCU the ball back late in the game.. yep.
  2. ND should just get it over with and join the ACC fully... and take WVU with them. Big12 would have to pick up a replacement though. BYU? CSU?
  3. Ace000087

    Its happening

    That looks awesome...
  4. I remember how quiet the stadium was when people were walking out on the cold and gloomy day. It sucked.
  5. Sports Performance Center coming along nicely just North of JTS. https://www.fpm.iastate.edu/webcam/stadium/
  6. Exactly... Obviously a biased viewpoint here, but ISU brings more to the table than most give them credit for.
  7. Ace000087

    KU @ ISU

    Wow. Gutsy call by Campbell.
  8. Ace000087

    ISU vs ULM

    What I'd give for one of those TDs today for last weekend...
  9. Just wait until they go to Ames for the first time ever...
  10. Cheering for Maryland and Iowa to win today...
  11. Al... I about had a stroke today. But positive side.. Sheldon Croney is the starting RB next game vs Iowa.
  12. I hope Game Day comes to Ames for the CyHawk Rivalry. It being a Fox Sports game might hurt our chances.
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