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  1. as I said the table was only open for about an hr, everyone pretty much was within +/-25 of their original stacks($200), with the shortest being $150ish. Not a lot of 3 betting, so for the most part pretty soft. I thought about 3 betting to get heads up and have position but I ended up just calling. Button and SB(shortest stack) called behind me. flop was 6,7,3 rainbow no club. SB checked, UGT+2 original raiser leads $40. I raised to $100, Button folds, SB Jams $140. UTG+2 folds. Know I am behind but cant fold for $40. board runs out and i dont fill. SB 4,5o. Had several run ins with
  2. 1/2 NL, table open for about an hr. standard raise established is 5xish BB. UTG+2 raises to 11. folds to me in the hijack with 6c,7c. is a 3 bet too aggressive here?
  3. Are the schedules publishable so we can see which generators went down?
  4. My point, specific to this incident, is it fair to say there are power traders in this market that made their numbers for the year, REP's that were not appropriately hedged, and someone who is going to foot the bill, and who is that someone.
  5. Is it fair to say, in the midst of this epic failure and zero sum game, there are many companies that have made a mint, many that will be bankrupted, and the cost of their bankruptcies will be shouldered by .....
  6. It makes me wonder about the generational analysis and ethnic diversity of latinos in Texas. Remember in late 19th and early 20th American history about the european waves of immigrants, how one wave would be displaced by arrival of the next wave from a different european country.
  7. But didnt a good portion of those brown people end up supporting trump in the most recent election? I think the hispanic vote is not so monolithic and some would believe.
  8. I seem to remember ballot drop off locations being limited by someone....im sure that was in the interests of expanding the franchise.
  9. Right. NRG snapped up their retail NE and Texas portfolio for a song from what I heard at the time.
  10. 2014 Polar Vortex caused Dominion to exit Retail Market.
  11. indeed, im sure the lawyers got em buttoned up.
  12. Are the plants really buying spot gas? Dont they have firm contracts for delivery? who on the hook for failure to deliver?
  13. I'm a few years removed from the scene, but I remember discussions of an uncapped market. I also remember there being problems with the grid itself across the power zones with certain spots being susceptible to congestion and creating pricing issues. Interesting point on the distributive generation, and as difficult as it was just getting smart meters installed, it seems that now that they are, there are lots of innovative products could arise. However, I cant see the power brokers, pun intended, allowing anyone else to "tap into the game" such as individual houses bidding into inter
  14. How much of this is a failure of imagination? Its clear that the tools available to mitigate this disaster were not sufficient as well as the scenario planning. With the loss of generation, I cant help but think about the challenger o rings failure. No getting around weather being one of, if arguably not the most significant variable driving demand, but in a world that is seeing much more extreme temperature on both ends, it seems clear that the current design has areas that need improvement. I'm not sure a capacity market is a cure all, but definitely seems to be something that should hav
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