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  1. I have season tickets (2 seats) Section 118 row 4 (14&15). If interested in joining my ticket group send me a pm and I'll provide additional details. I ask each person to buy 8-10 games.
  2. Had a situation at Winstar the other night and need some clarification. Preflop UTG raises to $25. 2 callers follow with folds to the big blind who raises to $95. UTG goes all-in for $115 not a qualifying raise. Can the next player raise or is it dead? I thought it was dead since the player had already acted and called the original UTG raise. Floor was called ruled the other two players could raise since they had not had the opportunity to raise on BB's raise.
  3. But chemistry can determine if one is rational or capable of reasoning or maybe even affect how they reason (time of the month scenarios aside or in extreme cases the sad fate of Nietzsche). Sure there is a hierarchy (no need to go down a Maslow rabbit hole), but if future states and decisions are dependent/influenced by the choices previously made based on outcome (hopefully not a Pavlovian reduction) but still makes me wonder just how free is that will. Also, you seem to accept an Aristotelian teleological basis for action, which makes me wonder how you reconcile the epistemic repercussions as a Platonist.
  4. Recycled may be a little harsh, but It's like i hear parts from other songs that they took in slightly different directions. For example, I hear the beginning riff from Grudge at around 7:45 of Descending and I hear Jambi throughout Invincible.
  5. I dont think this season did any favors for continuing the GRRM universe.
  6. What about the dothraki? they're just chilling out in westeros?
  7. So i accept that an argument can be made of agency in building the collective thoughts but do they also provide a framework for future thought? What of the the chemical determination?
  8. Is a person an agent of his/her thoughts or are new thoughts just a determination his/her collective previous thoughts and chemical factors?
  9. all my thoughts all i am are my thoughts all my thoughts i am all what i'm taught
  10. nice to hear actual new music and it sounds great, however as much as i hate to say it i hear some recycling.
  11. X'er latch key kid and bad news bears > millennial with helicopter parents and everybody gets a trophy.
  12. i hope rosen rosen gets some love... the anus? ....another moment with much gold.
  13. 1st look back review i caught. So much gold from that segment. If this was #5 what were the previous?
  14. as far as relevancy to title of the thread, you can eliminate the run gooder...
  15. I was heads up with him, He said the same thing pre and on every street. I should add he was drinking (actually spilled a beer all over himself) and being pretty annoying in general. I had AKo and flop was a,k,2 rainbow. OTF, I led, he called. OTR, 9, I led he raised i called. River 2.
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