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  1. Baylor's beaten them by more than that twice in the last ten years, maybe (though it's early-ish) on the way to a third time I wonder what it's like to be able to stand toe to toe with Oklahoma and dominate them
  2. when was the last time we had a 25-pt lead on Oklahoma? 2005?
  3. whoa Iowa State has a cheerleader that looks like Trap-Jaw from the old He-Man cartoons
  4. that's why I'm sick of watching our games. What is the point of tuning in for the first quarter?
  5. ? Jesus did have 12 disciples
  6. there really aren't that many schools in the state of Texas. There's Texas, there's about a dozen Not Texas schools, and then there are the Emily Dickinson College schools where they're more preoccupied with kiln explosions than comparing themselves to us
  7. Agree on this one-- if a person doesn't follow the Big Ten, I can see where this would be of no interest to them, but it has the potential for intrigue. Penn State is never supposed to lose to Indiana, but coming off a huge loss and then potentially looking ahead to Ohio State next weekend-- the potential for schadenfreude here if a decent Indiana team beats them is high
  8. We last won our conference while the current players were actually alive, which isn't something A&M can say.
  9. Fuck Baylor's fucking face God, I despise that university
  10. Maybe you have to appreciate college football, I dunno, but: * Michigan-Michigan State is a great second-tier rivalry * Iowa-Minnesota is important in the Big Ten West * Auburn-Georgia is probably the BEST second-tier rivalry out there * Oklahoma-Baylor will be fun to watch because how often do you get to watch a game and root for injuries, penalties, or for the stands to collapse, maiming hundreds of fans?
  11. Florida State is skirting disaster with its APR. They could drop to a level that invokes penalties. The pain in that program may not be over yet and there is nothing a brand new coach can do about that in the short term.
  13. what.... what is the connection here between the University of Missouri and the United States Navy? why?
  14. newest addition-- Fender Player Strat in buttercream, bought it for literally no other reason than "why not?"
  15. post your fully-filled-out version!
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