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  1. what was your go-to pregame song before you played, Margaritaville?
  2. SwanderedTalent

    DMX dead.

    last time you saw that nigga? last time you'll SEE that nigga!
  3. the phrase "side hustle" why don't you hustle on up to the side of my dick
  4. Alabama and Georgia, to name two, now cut the house lights and do something with red LED lighting. it's.... non-traditional, but it's cool in its own way. I like it better than having 640 different uniform permutations or dumb shit like the Red Sox wearing light blue and gold. I will be surprised if we don't start doing something like this:
  5. I want to dive in and respond to some of these great posts but just heard a great story on a podcast, which-- to my mild surprise-- I had not heard before called "The Vinegar Tasters". So there's these three Chinese dudes, you have probably heard of them, Confucius and Buddha and Lao Tzu, and they're tasting vinegar. Confucius tastes it and says "Feh! Bitter! Spoiled wine." Buddha tastes it and screws up his face in distaste and then sighs and says, "Well there you go, that's my desire for something pleasant interfering with my ability to just experience the taste". Lao Tzu tastes i
  6. pretty much the most Sportsball Clown World 2021 image possible Gonzaga wasn't one of the fifty best college teams I'd ever seen even before last night. Baylor's not either. The style of play nowadays looks like intramural/pickup ball circa 1993, except that the dudes can dunk and hit more than 25% of their threes. Otherwise it's the same thing: scramble the ball around the perimeter until someone decides "time to try to score" and either jacks a three or dribbles into traffic.
  7. yesterday there was an article, probably memory-holed, that said "GONZAGA ALREADY HAS PROVEN THEY ARE AMONG THE ALL-TIME GREATS" before the championship game
  8. Definitely. And the way John Feinstein tells it, Guthridge really didn't like the reaction he got from the fan base, which hastened his departure. Like he was surprised by the criticism he got in years two and three. Who knows, Feinstein's stories waver here and there.
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