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  1. Ohio State's impression of the 2009-10 Texas team is fucking eerie, like watching Kevin Spacey do his Jack Lemmon impression.
  2. if something happens to Ravi Shankar, I just... I wouldn't be able to go on
  3. (fingers crossed) please implicate LSU please implicate LSU (/fingers crossed)
  4. I would have said "yes" when talking about going without sex, but then I got married, so
  5. be safe, don't suck any dicks in the lavoratory unless that's explicitly why you're going, in which case, Godspeed
  6. you can't sprawl the way Houston does, and get filled up with Aggies, and not have people count B-CS as being in the Houston "area"
  7. how would one slip so far down the ladder as to trade sex for meth, while maintaining one's virginity for that length of time?
  8. when Steve Gorman shows up at a Black Crowes concert this year and strangles both of the Robinson brothers, I'll be a little sad
  9. teh NCAA is so mad at Kansas they're going to put Butler CC on probation for a year!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Me neither, and I am left wondering how much of that is simple prudence in evaluating how successful all these changes will be, and how much is my pessimism over anything really working out to our favor given my track record from say 1997 through about 2018 (which can be summed up as, "I am in favor of this change and believe it will lead to great success on the field/court/diamond!"). In other words, it is fine and logical to have some reservations about proclaiming a change has solved a problem before we see the evidence, but in my case, even if it was a key fitting into a lock, I'd be predisposed to doubt because I have been overly credulous so often in the past. I thought hiring Charlie Strong was a good thing, for fuck's sake.
  11. it's more like, we don't want to let the subject drop until the appropriate object lesson has been learned which, it has not, you guys are still Aggies
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