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  1. what do you mean??? most people here agree with me, clearly it's a bunch of really smart guys
  2. I actually see that as pretty positive. While Texas football has been mostly poorly governed for 40+ years now, I don't think that governance would be improved by having an NFL-style fanbase exerting pressure on the program.
  3. well, good, it's nice to see the athletic department using the millions and millions of dollars it makes most years to directly enhance the student experience instead of buying fancier pillows for the ante office sofa
  4. would it be against hte current rules for a big money ag that has extra money he doesn't need to leave the money in a big pile on the recruit's front porch, if he doesn't directly hand it to them?
  5. the real problem is that he didn't Google "how to get back to Houston from Waco" so they're going to be stuck there indefinitely
  6. that's sort of a bird in the hand thing though-- the conferences want to maximize TV ratings because that drives TV revenue. I'm not sure it's worth more to the SEC to try to game the system and get Alabama, Auburn, and Florida all into the playoff (like I jokingly suggested above) at the expense of playing the Iron Bowl and SEC CG. likewise, the Big Ten needs top-shelf inventory, so it's probably more likely to load Ohio State's schedule up with marketable games than it is to try to pave their way to the playoff (not to mention, no one got within 10 points of them in-conference last year anyway-- even the Penn State game wasn't as close as the score indicated, so it seems like Ohio State can handle whatever the B1G throws at it at this point)
  7. duh, Cade McNown, tanned rested and ready and 40
  8. at 3-0, I don't think they'd be eligible for the CFB playoff. pretty sure that if we do get a lot of cancellations this fall without makeup, the CFB is going to set a minimum of games to have participated in, in order to be eligible otherwise you'd have the SEC deciding it needs to shut things down until the CFP right before the winner of unbeaten Auburn and Alabama plays unbeaten Florida in the SEC CG
  9. Shrug. OK. That's your opinion. I share part of it and it's hypothetical anyway, but I wouldn't want to put our 2020 playoff resume up against Ohio State, Alabama, Clemson, and Notre Dame, were such a thing possible-- that's all I meant by being glad Clemson and Notre Dame play.
  10. yeah, I don't really know what my brain was thinking this morning, or my fingers got ahead of it-- I'm a little fixated on that terrible weekend for the B12 and (sans LSU) how little we'll have to show for 2020 in terms of quality wins, but clearly if we run the table, we're in. but thank God Clemson and Notre Dame play each other
  11. you know what, shut it down for good, just to be safe
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