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  1. hey Mrs Wiggins, I got a very large Rottweiler for ya
  2. amazingly, he's learned everything Smart had to teach him
  3. Can't we bring back the old "Mideast" name for this? The NCAAs used to have a "Mideast" region, let's bring that back
  4. Rutgers? Maryland? In the Big Ten???? Come ON man
  5. talking about the worst possible scenarios in the most earnest, empathetic-yet-sober tone, shows how serious a person you are it's helpful to my ego
  6. I figured, and was actually kind of hoping, that the dude had gotten Coronavirus when I saw this bumped. I mean I'm not actively rooting for it, but when I saw it bumped, my thought process was "there must be news about Zach Smith, oh it must be CV related, well I hope he's got it". That wasn't very nice of me though!!!!!
  7. what, getting old and dying?
  8. I am sure there is a bullshit mitigating factor there! but you'll have to wait for the kid to sign somewhere else before you hear an Aggie refer to it as bullshit
  9. how many n-words are we going to have in the English language, at this rate?
  10. have you ever considered that rather than wanting to die, some of us just do not care about the political opinions of anyone who posts here? rule #1 to get me to care enough to consider your opinion on contemporary American politics is, don't post it on a sports message board
  11. there are about seven times as many COVID threads as should be necessary on the Daily Texan forum
  12. I think the Earth is a robot. It runs off the power created by humans. The Moon is also a robot and it hates the Earth, so it made the virus to kill the humans so Earth would start dragging energy-wise and the Moon could finally beat it in HORSE and one-on-one.
  13. he was just trying to score some Percocet off your buddy
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