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  1. it's politically incorrect and offensive to say something's is "really gay" nowadays, right?
  2. yeah that was the problem, not coupling "man I'm having a hard time, this is difficult" with "oh and FUCK YOU to anyone reading this who thinks differently than me about politics" let me as you a question, did it occur to you that there might be people who see the thread title and click in here to see what's being said about stuff they feel like they're going through, and among the first five or ten posts they come across, one is a big "FUCK YOU" for stuff that's not even related....?
  3. I'm almost afraid to mention... this means they'll need to change their fight song, too yes I know The Eyes of Texas is not the fight song, play along for once in your miserable life
  4. welcome to politics, there is no offseason, it never stops and it never ends the goalposts move a lot though
  5. do you mean the Redskins?
  6. easier to renege on a deal when it's UCLA or Cal, harder when the opposite party has battleships and cruise missiles
  7. I will never get tired of the cycle of well-meaning but clueless white corporate buffoons inadvertently insulting angry black grievance pimps with pointless symbolism. I like a lot of things about this, but best of all is probably the fact that it's not making anyone happy.
  8. weeks later, still writing paragraphs wailing about how unfairly her neurotic political bleating is being treated by the volunteer moderators on a free sports message board just go shoot up a Congressional Republican softball game and be done with it, already
  9. On your first point, I'd be more than happy with a I-AA that didn't include Indiana or Rutgers or Wake Forest but since they're conference-affiliated deadweight, it seems pointless to advocate that. There also aren't the same kind of mission and admission compromises necessary for large public universities to compete-- to me it's not the same thing. On your second point, <shrug>, the service branches can run ads without actually being in the games. Nissan has a Heisman House, not a varsity program.
  10. A&M is now temporarily prohibited from recruiting players from a high school they've targeted in the past? A&M now can't leverage whatever advantage the NCAA thinks the rule-breaking gave A&M at that school? I feel like some of you look at this stuff and just say "OH IF THE NCAA SAYS IT THEN FUCK WHATEVER IT SAYS". I'm not arguing pro or con on the item, but it's not at all difficult to see why the NCAA would think this punishes A&M.
  11. Actually that pisses me off. It wouldn't shock me if Texas got pinched for the same thing, the way Michigan got pinched in 2008 (?) for incidental overages in the number of supervised workouts they did in the offseason or some parking-ticket level shit like that. A&M's over here fucking buying players, and they get a wrist slap for "just a little too much recruiting!"
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