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  1. no one who roots for Florida would call 2012 a great season for them they've done this thing-- I know you as an Aggie aren't familiar with it-- where they won the national championship, a few times. and they've had a few years where they won their conference championship (again, foreign concept) in 2012 they didn't even win the division and lost to Georgia. no one who roots for Florida is sitting around pulling his pud thinking about Johnny Manziel (once again, I know that will be foreign to you as an Aggie)
  2. this guy's really unloading the vault, here's an unreleased track that they played on the 2006 Brothers of a Feather tour-- to me this is a top 5 unreleased song and in their top 20 overall. It's really a shame it never made it on a record. This being a demo, it's a little uneven (there are overdubs but also some clearly first-take aspects of the performance). I think the version they played at the Rose Theater in April 2006 was better than the demo version. Either way, I just fucking love this song.
  3. here's the other half of that demo period, when they reconvened in January 1998
  4. I don't think any Ohio State fan raised on the rivalry will be able to just shrug after a win over Michigan. Maybe if OSU keeps winning every year and Michigan finally ditches their fight song and the helmets and changes its colors to pink and baby blue and its mascot to the Snowflake, that visceral feeling will dissipate, but I doubt it. I started following CFB when I was ten years old; someone who's thirty right now would have started following it in 2000 by that rubric. That means almost all they've seen of the rivalry is Ohio State winning, and that they haven't seen Michigan win a me
  5. I gotta eat my crow, I shit all over Chip Brown for reporting that Urban Meyer was talking to Jimmy Johnson about becoming an NFL coach. That apparently actually happened. I was totally wrong about it. Which..... OK. I still think, though, that Fuck Chip Brown.
  6. If anyone's curious, the December 97 demos have finally leaked on the Internet (as opposed to tape trading circles, of which I was never a part). These are among the first demos they put together for what would become the By Your Side album in January 1999, but these were done before Columbia really got involved in telling them how the album was going to be. This was after the Band record (which they'd done on their own time/money) was rejected. They really blew it by not putting Bled To Death on By Your Side but I'm guessing the label probably dictated that. I really don't think there'
  7. it's hard to describe, but it kind of rhymes with "well, it's clearly explained in the comics, if you read them"
  8. people that are squeeing about whatever this Wandavision thing is-- so it's like Marvel comic book characters pretending to be in a 50s sitcom, or something? how could this hold anyone's attention for more than five minutes? it sounds like it might make a mildly amusing SNL sketch. Oh who am I kidding, SNL stopped being even mildly amusing 20 years ago
  9. well, what the Aggie isn't telling you is, in said thread 100% of our fans are saying "it's a fucking travesty that none of our players could start for Bama, that's a good enough reason to fire Herman"
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