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  1. Would be interesting to know who leaked this report back in January, and then possibly profited from the Luckin Coffee cliff-dive...
  2. Eyes of Texas Pt 1: Could start of football be moved to January? By FUCK CHIP BROWN 19 hours ago https://247sports.com/college/texas/Article/Texas-Longhorns-football-move-to-spring-coronavirus-power-five-athletic-directors-145642773/
  3. Basis for Chris Murray to submit a waiver request to play immediately?? blOU website: "Due to transfer rules, Murray will have to sit out next season unless he can acquire a waiver. That means he wouldn't be able to play until he's likely a redshirt junior. So, while he'll help address a major need in the future, Murray won't be able to solve the potential issue that needs immediate addressing." https://247sports.com/college/oklahoma/Article/Chris-Murray-UCLA-Transfer-OU-Football-Offensive-Line-Oklahoma-Sooners-145658307/
  4. Banks will be overwhelmed with requests today for SBA funds. Guessing Trump will try to put out more positive info on oil since he's meeting with several energy CEO's today. Will be surprised if some late selling doesn't happen again today -- getting harder to stay long in some positions over weekends right now due to more significant negative news risk.
  5. LTtxfan

    2020 NFL DRAFT

    Can't wait for NFL Draft... To catch up on some 2020 free agent stuff... 2020 NFL free-agency lessons: What happened to the record-setting deals? https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28982519/2020-nfl-free-agency-lessons-happened-record-setting-deals
  6. To hear today's Chanos interview, here yah go...
  7. Great backstory... gone awry (smh)
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