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  1. Everytime I see your your avatar, I'm reminded of this great scene... 😄
  2. What's the Fedora stuff... Bailor trying to hire him for OC??
  3. Iowa State: As we first reported yesterday, former Northwestern offensive coordinator Mick McCall has now been announced as running backs coach for the Cyclones
  4. One hope for McGuire choosing Texas over blOU is the fact his son would only 100 miles away...
  5. LTtxfan

    2020 NFL DRAFT

    Seems more like early Cowboys picks should be Safety and LB right??
  6. Not sure where all your numbers come from, but probably 3-5 more 2020 Class additions too...
  7. Thx for finding this tweet @texifornia Both Redshirted in 2019, so saved them a year of eligibility.
  8. "Your boys are going down Danny... I cant stop it anymore."
  9. Players no longer respect Shaka, and aren't listening to his "nice guy" motivational Everyone Gets a Trophy SHIT anymore... Agree that CDC should fire Shakalaka no later than Feb 3rd after another humiliating 30+ point loss on National TV to Kansas!! Let Coach Yak be interim for the last 9+ games of the season and give these players a much better Head Coach that provides real leadership!!
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