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  1. Hey Surly folks that breakdown film, what do you think about Ja'Quinden's form here?
  2. CFB guy on Finebaum today (think from Yahoo) said Riley laid out a plan on some B12 call where Spring Football could work... so yah might be right about Riley not wanting or believing B12 will play this fall.
  3. That's the company line for the BIG and PAC 10. Just seems suspicious how quickly the BIG changed it's mind since last week...
  4. Two questions: Is Cade a Punt or Kickoff Returner? Is there room on current TEXAS roster?
  5. Feels like more than just lawyers and liability causing such a quick change of direction by the B1G since last week...
  6. Also reported the Kamala VP nomination news hurt the last hour too...
  7. Thanks for this @RGBIII
  8. Yeah Byrd's limited play at OL makes it more difficult to project his success in CFB...
  9. Hellava stripper in Austin when I attended TEXAS. Funny story was she also performed with another lovely lady name Starr... and while my buddy gets a lap dance from Starr, he realizes that she went to high school with him... 😁
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