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  1. Get this tough road game out of the way early is a good thing. Also playing at night in TBay that time of year is a lot better than a day game...
  2. Bruce Feldman with Baylor guy....
  3. TOP 2021 COLLEGE FOOTBALL TRANSFERS Back for another podcast; Matt, Brian, and Danny discuss the top transfers for the 2021 college football season. We discuss a list from the 247sports website and how each of these players will impact college fantasy football. EDITOR’S NOTE: We recorded this podcast before Arik Gilbert de-committed from Florida.
  4. May 8th (paywall) Anyone have this?? "College Football Transfer Portal Top 50: Eric Gray, Henry To’o To’o and the most impactful movers of 2021" https://theathletic.com/2565927/2021/05/08/college-football-transfer-portal-top-50-eric-gray-mckenzie-milton-and-the-most-impactful-movers-of-2021/
  5. LTtxfan

    Blake Gideon

    "That's Not Denny's Jake..."
  6. Any info/articles on which teams have lost the most valuable players during this transfer season?? Tex mentions WVU here -- Tennessee lost some quality players and Nebraska keeps losing players. Just wondering what teams are getting hurt the most...
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