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  1. Don't get Beard's player rotations late in regulation, and especially in OT. Horns just didn't play well offensively late, and allowed Illinois to have too good of an offensive flow during the last 5-6 mins of regulation... DAMN IT
  2. March kinda game in December. Good experience, and great game to learn a lot from.
  3. Dang down 3 and ball.. No pts for Texas. Foul... Illinois shooting 81-76 45 secs
  4. Yeah, I don't like how Beard has handled this game late...
  5. 2:02 left... 77-73 Illinois leads and has the ball
  6. Disappointed in how Beard has coached this OT so far.
  7. Just struggling to score in last 8 minutes of this game. A lot to learn from this game win or lose. Overtime... C'mon Horns !!!
  8. Damn it... gotta be stronger around the rim and keep scorin' Horns !!! LET'S GOOOOOOOOOO
  9. Nice to see him scoring big buckets again this game !!! TIMMMAAAA
  10. Steppin' up our defense is helping us score in transition... GOOOOOOOOOOO
  11. Yeah, unforced turnovers by Horns have given Illinois the lead. Need better flow and execution on offense in 2nd half... doubt Illinois will turn the ball over as much in 2nd half. Illinois is a good team -- Horns have to step up their game !!!
  12. Illinois playing good defense... Horns need this kind of tough game. Gotta execute better on offense. LET'S GO !!!
  13. Holly always does a good job promoting Texas
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