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  1. What in the world did I just watch. Visually stunning. Story telling is confusing and underwhelming on first watch as all get out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I fucking hate this interview. Team USA DW on the 4 x 400 because of a mistake on the baton handoff. I feel bad for them because they’ve been dominating the competition and this is just a mental mistake. Rules are rules, I get it. But sick to see this journalist try to get a “gotcha” moment from the athlete and put her on blast. Fuck him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Saw this as well. I don’t know the first thing about foil (how does this differ from fencing?), but the last match was great and as you said, the reaction of her and her coach was a great moment. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Called it in the Olympics thread.
  5. Have been watching FRA v USA. This is going to be close. What I've realized from watching a few Olympic basketball games now is the NBA is soft as hell. The driving, flopping, foul seeking and so forth behavior is clearly not rewarded in international play. Hopefully USA learns fast and plays accordingly, else that bronze medal may be in our future.
  6. Agreed, art. Also, took me a second to understand what "surrender cobra" was until I watched the video, hilarious. Giannis is going to be a mega-star if he can pull this off. He's already a two time league MVP. He will be Finals MVP. He already has two (the block in G4, the dunk in G5) iconic, memorable moments so far. And he's a young super star that has accomplished all of this while staying loyal to his team. Giannis' one ring will be worth more than any number of rings Durant may win because of how he did it. Truly amazing.
  7. Oh wow, I didn't even notice this live. That should be reviewed. That is dirty as hell.
  8. Crazy that the game can swing this much this fast. PHX super sloppy with the ball.
  9. 100%. I can't stand these guys. Not only do they add nothing, they take away from the game watching experience. Especially Gundy. Kills me.
  10. Whether you intended to or not, you ironically just highlighted everyone's chief complaint here. And "more serious," for the record.
  11. This is down right embarrassing.
  12. What the hell was that Nike commercial? Things that are never going to happen? But let’s pretend they are? I really don’t understand that one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Yikes. I knew they weren't having a good game, but didn't realize they were that off. Not sure if it is just me, but this is some sloppy basketball. This doesn't feel like playoff basketball, much less a finals series. The winner of this is going to be a historically bad team we will remember. Feels like PHX should be up 15+ by now and yet MIL is hanging in there.
  14. Are you my spirit animal? Couldn't have said it better.
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