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  1. Texas' standard shouldn't be fighting for our lives EVERY game against KU, KSU, ISU. Hell even Tech, Baylor, and OkState shouldn't be a nail biter EVERY time.
  2. Ok it's time. MillerEP reporting in for duty.
  3. Maybe but he could be a winning turd, unlike the shit sandwich we have now:
  4. Tom said he does t think we got out coached
  5. Press conference just started on LHN.
  6. We need to spam CDCs twitter to force some change. We need to convince Urban that Austin weather is better for his health than Ohio’s.
  7. Anyone got urban’s agent’s number? We need to put some feelers out there.
  8. I’m counting whatever bullshit bowl we go to
  9. Baylor’s going to destroy us, we will pull it off against tech, and be an 8 win team
  10. He missed it too, we fucked ourselves
  11. All those reviews and pis stopped the clock for us at least
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