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  1. Loved HB:AaL, so I'm in.
  2. MillerEP

    Gym Pet Peeves

    I've been going to the OPEX gym in Round Rock. It's basically a private HIIT gym. Everyone has an individualized workout, and gyms are limited to only about 5 people at a time, so the coaches can walk from person to person and help everybody like a personal trainer. With a limited amount of people it's much easier to keep the equipment cleaned and to avoid others.
  3. Posted in the wrong thread yesterday. I got my second Pfizer shot yesterday around noon. Felt nothing, but slowly throughout today I feel a bit sluggish. Not too bad, but I just feel like I need to nap bad, like I've been up all night or something. So just sitting here at work, trying to get through the day without falling asleep on my laptop. Again not too bad, I just feel like after a good night's rest I'll be back to normal tomorrow.
  4. Second Pfizer shot today, so far all is well. We'll see what the next 24 hours brings.
  5. The best line of the night: "I think some are here to do good." ...(stupid grin) ...(more stupid grin) "Nope!"
  6. Lucky for us we kicked Britain's ass already back in the height of their power so we never have to give a shit about what some Limey bastard thinks.
  7. Of those listed, all but Morrowind, Oblivion, TES Online, and Fallout: New Vegas will be available through Cloud play for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members.
  8. Some scuttlebutt: https://www.ign.com/articles/ea-sports-college-football-game-seemingly-wont-launch-until-july-2023 EA Sports College Football Game Seemingly Won't Launch Until July 2023 If this ends up being true, EA Sports College Football will return 10 years after its last game. By Adam Bankhurst While EA revealed the exciting news that EA Sports College Football would be returning for the first time since 2013, newly discovered documents reveal the first game in the revived franchise may not arrive until July 2023. As reported by GameSpot, Extra Points' Matt Brown o
  9. Announcements expected today at noon on what Bethesda games may be hitting the MS GamePass service, as well as possibly some news on new games on the horizon:
  10. CFL Plays June-Nov, so maybe they'll meet somewhere in the middle? I could see a promising merger, if they keep it regional for the most part like the AFC/NFC. Except USA/CAN, and they play a title championship game each year like a Superbowl. Adapt the CFL rules to be more like XFL/NFL, and I can see a cool North American League come out of it. I'm one of those weird guys who sometimes follows the British American Football league (Go Kent Exiles and Sussex Thunder), and they've already merged combines with the CFL, so this could end up being more international than the NFL.
  11. First Pfizer shot today at noon. We'll see how it goes.
  12. This doesn't seem like the best idea: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-pope-iraq-idUSKCN2AT1GI Pope's risky trip to Iraq defies sceptics By Philip Pullella 4 MIN READ VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Rockets have hit Iraqi cities and COVID-19 has flared,yet, barring last-minute changes, Pope Francis will embark on a whirlwind four-day trip starting on Friday to show solidarity with the country’s devastated Christian community.
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