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  1. MillerEP

    Tiger King

    Reminded me of this:
  2. True story: One unintended side effect of this quarantine is my elderly mother and a few aunts and uncles have discovered Facebook, so I've been getting bombarded with religious memes, chain letters, and candy crush saga invites again like it's 1996. So I have that going for me I guess.
  3. MillerEP

    Tiger King

    fiyi...and yes. Her place is TOTALLY different because her place uses free labor to keep them until they die, has worse cages. doesn't breed them together anymore, and only allows you to pay to see the cats, not touch them. Completely different.
  4. MillerEP

    Tiger King

    Unless I'm looking at the wrong thing they put the podcast behind a paywall now. You have to subscribe to their Wonderly+ to get all the episodes.
  5. Justin Roiland's new sitcom coming May 8th
  6. MillerEP

    Tiger King

    Yeah most definitely he was the one who firebombed that shit. He ended up living in a hell of his own making, he brought most of the shit down on himself. With as popular as this is, there has to be a Season 2. Where we find out the fallout of the Peta deal. What happens to Doc, and does the Con Man who conned Joe out of his Zoo ever get his comeuppance. Also, most importantly, now that the whole world is wise to Carole's murdered husband, do we finally get some answers there. There were also a lot of stars on that map of big cat places, there is so much more where this saga can go.
  7. Look I get those that see 10 minutes and about some redneck from Oklahoma that runs a zoo, but believe me whatever you think it's about it is NOT about. You'll be given wiplash by all the fucking craziness and unbelievable shit that these cults got up to. It's like never-ending, every 30 minutes something unexpected pops up. I'll go off to the other thread now.
  8. Soooo just binge watched Tiger King, and let me tell you. There’s no words....just when I think I got a handle on it something else comes up and bitch slaps me:
  9. Fanatical is also selling Borderlands 3 right now for $29: https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/borderlands-3
  10. They probably just grabbed that password off of https://haveibeenpwned.com/ So I wouldn't worry about that. As for VPNs, they are useful, they basically allow you to route through somebody else's server farms so your IP appears to come from a separate location. It won't save you from viruses or clicking on the wrong thing though. VPN providers usually have server farms spread throughout the world so one of the benefits is that you can "mask" your actual location by picking an IP coming from a different country. So to the outside world you can appear to be coming from pretty much anywhere. There are some free VPNs you can use, like Windscribe VPN, but generally they lock you down to a certain amount of data (say 5GB a month or something). If you're just concerned about privacy and really only want to use it for getting around region locks, like say watching BBC outside of the UK, then there are a lot of good and super cheap options. However, if you're wanting to really delve into the dark corners of the web, then the only real concern is making sure you pay for one not-bound by the "five eyes" countries treaties. If you get one whose servers are hosted in countries bound by treaties with the US government, then they can be subpoena'd by the government, so while you may be able to hide from the rest of the internet, you won't be able to hide from the government.
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