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  1. MillerEP

    Austin FC

    Stuver has to be leading the MLS in saves right now, he was a beast
  2. MillerEP

    Austin FC

    So far we’re playing much better
  3. https://kotaku.com/fallout-76-player-becomes-a-jacuzzi-serial-killer-in-ga-1847101667?utm_campaign=Kotaku&utm_content=1623781816&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_source=facebook Fallout 76 Player Becomes A Jacuzzi Serial Killer In-Game The Bethesda game continues to be home to the most unusual fans Patricia Hernandez Tuesday 1:30PM
  4. Yes, I'm actually playing through the last DLC right now. They both add a good couple hours to the campaign, one is a murder mystery, so It's really making me want to start over with a completely dumb character because I think it'll be hilarious to have the dumbest man in the Universe hired to solve a high profile murder.
  5. https://thehustle.co/06172021-MoviePass/?utm_campaign=Flying Cars&utm_content=06172021-MoviePass&utm_medium=email&utm_source=daily Shocker: MoviePass was shady MoviePass throttled user accounts so they couldn’t take advantage of the all-you-can-watch offering. By: Kolby Hatch | @hatchkolby June 17, 2021 Remember MoviePass? It’s the now-defunct startup that offered unlimited theater movies for a cheap monthly subscription price of $9.95. Many were skeptical of the business model, which seemed to go against the laws of… math. Well, as The New York Times repo
  6. Right now their tentpole is Castlevania and Blood of Zeus.
  7. Alright, which one of you degenerates did this one?
  8. MillerEP

    E3 2021

    OMG This looks great!
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