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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/05/us/chicago-shootings.html?campaign_id=9&emc=edit_nn_20200706&instance_id=20044&nl=the-morning&regi_id=123116982&segment_id=32688&te=1&user_id=faf6589c2c1224eae47887e1e76bc520 At least 336 people have been murdered in Chicago through July 2 of this year, according to the Chicago Police Department, a homicide rate on track to hit the 2016 record of 778 deaths. (New York City, with almost three times the population, had 176 murders as of June 28.)
  2. I enjoyed it. I got curious what the UK thought of it, and it was about what I expected.
  3. I grew up watching these, so I'm happy they're back.
  4. Unsolved mysteries is back. For true crime fans it’s pretty good, they even threw in a ufo episode for old times.
  5. Best damn country in the world! Fucking love this place, warts and all. Happy birthday brothers and sisters. Don’t ever let somebody make you feel bad for being a proud American:
  6. The main reason why adultery is against the law is it's one of the biggest things that erodes trust in a command. It falls under Article 134, which is against anything that is prejudicial to good order and discipline or brings discredit upon the armed forces. If troops are sleeping around with each others women, then they're less likely to have your back (or worse be the one to shoot you) or work together when needed.
  7. Orange M&M is still married to a different soldier, which would make what he did Adultery. Adultery is illegal in the military, it's against the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and can carry a max penalty of up to 1 year in the brig, forfeiture of pay and dishonorable discharge if proven. That said, it's rampant in the military and not easy to prove, but when it is, it's taken seriously (which is why the Gen. Petraeus affair was such a big deal). Rumor is she reported that same guy for sexual harassment in the past, so if that's true, in his mind his motive could've been that he viewed her as out to ruin him and his career.
  8. Yeah e-l-k is too close to m-l-k, so it had to go since its culturally appropriating half the letters.
  9. MillerEP

    Doom Patrol

    Yes it gets better, once it gets to Crazy Jane and Danny the Street stuff. It will always been off the wall though.
  10. A Fallout TV show is coming to Amazon Prime Video By Connor Sheridan 44 minutes ago Now it just needs The Ink Spots A Fallout TV series is coming to Amazon Prime Video, and it's being made by the production company behind Westworld. The official Fallout Twitter account broke the news with a brief video that teases the collaboration between Amazon Studios, Kilter Films, and Bethesda Game Studios. In traditional Fallout fashion, the video starts with a close-up shot of an old TV screen, starting with the title cards for the studios then switching over to a test pattern as the sound of televised gunfire, explosions, and screams suddenly cut out. The video doesn't confirm any details, but the Fallout universe has tons of possibilities for a potential series or film. We could follow a community of survivors hundreds of years after the bombs fall and wipe out civilization, like in most of the Fallout games. We could see more of life in the '50s styled, ultra-imperialist USA of the late 2070s as the great war approaches, which we got to experience ourselves at the beginning of Fallout 4. Or maybe it will be about the continued adventures of Fisto, the security protectron turned sexbot who you can recruit in Fallout: New Vegas. Kilter Films' portfolio is largely composed of TV series such as Westworld and Person of Interest. As GamesRadar's Bradley Russell observed, Westworld is at its best when it stops taking itself so seriously, so hopefully Kilter's Fallout series will hone right in on the franchise's trademark humor. We'll let you know when we get more official word on where the three companies are taking the Fallout franchise next.
  11. There is a screenshot further up in the thread but the video from this news here talks about it: https://kutv.com/news/nation-world/protester-lies-in-street-to-prevent-crews-from-removing-barricades-in-chop?jwsource=cl
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