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  1. I’m actually doing your mom in between posts. And sorry can’t loan you fifty bucks right now even though I consider you a delightful stepson
  2. Herman is sabotaging this program from the inside!!!! He’s so dumb!!! Sidneycartoon needs to take over as coach and save the programs!!! i would’ve fired mehringer and promoted samples to oc. Herman such a dum dum
  3. Because samples is a perfect example of what being a buster at Texas can do for you. Where was samples two years ago?
  4. Would it shock you if pubes was in on the trol?
  5. In fact, throughout his entire career Westbrook has only shot above or at league average from the field twice (2015-16, 2011-12) and has never shot above league or at league average from three.
  6. Not sure russ was ever a good defender. He’ll leave his man quick to grab rebounds.
  7. Cp3s contract expires a year sooner. Russ isn’t as good as you think he is
  8. The hot spot. Horrible movie but she gets naked. Googlw Jennifer Connolly Having sex
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