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  1. Nothing wrong there. This isn’t the military. End times are flexible.
  2. Definitely not unethical but definitely confusing. You have to type “yes let’s make a deal but play the heads up out for fun”. “let’s play it out” will 100% be interpreted as meaning playing the rest out for money.
  3. This is a great answer. Thank you. It’s a little weird for us because we play on “play” money tables and there isn’t an option to pause. So you both have to sit out at the same time. And even then you get dealt cards.
  4. Ethics question: You make it to heads up in a tourney. You have the full intention of offering a deal and are on the button for the 1st hand of heads up. But before you offer the deal and purely out of instinct you look at your cards and see AA. Is it unethical to play the hand and not offer a deal? Does your answer change whether it’s online or live? Home game vs. casino? We had it happen in our online home tourney and the guy pushed all in, doubled up his short stack and then a hand later wanted a deal. It didn’t go over well. @TXSooner518
  5. He’s fine. You are the dipshit. You made an unclear post and then an incoherent explanation.
  6. And what about Comic Con? Are those people going to disappear too?
  7. He’s the chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee. That still doesn’t give him the power to change the bill. I suppose he could make suggestions on implementation.
  8. You are changing your argument. You said 99.5% survival rate. That is simply untrue. Just admit you posted a made up number to bolster your argument. Intellectual honesty please.
  9. Your claim of 99.5% survival rate was disproven weeks ago when you originally posted it. Want to do it again? USA 4,171,358 +1,040 147,364 147K divided by 4.2M is 3.7%
  10. Are you having an argument with yourself?
  11. Just a great story. I’ve been following Depaulo for awhile. He used to punt too much but has vastly improved. He’s been getting coached by Bobby “PokerGuru740” Kuhn. Kuhn has a bracelet this series, many deep runs and is leading the WSOP leaderboard. Depaulo is 5th in leaderboard. PokerGuru740 is a great follow on Twitch. He takes bluff spots I never would and it’s insightful.
  12. This might be the most adorably naive thing I’ve ever read. Bravo.
  13. Yup. One of the owners of (352) 815-0178 is a femalebetween 60-70 years old. We have records for 15 previous addresses for the owner, 7 other phone numbers, and 7 associates or relatives connected to this individual. Click to get report Name K******* J******* Age 60-70 years old Associates 7 associates found Address Has lived in: Key Largo, FL Franklin, NE Oxford, FL Oxford, FL View more
  14. Some dumbass is using an umbrella even though it’s not raining.
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