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  1. My Basset Hound, Bucky (short for Buccaroo) came from Bandera, and his crooked little front legs would fit nicely in Jimbo’s boots! Hook’em !!!!
  2. If in the Garden District area, Joey K’s, on Magazine is a good lunch spot. They have daily specials as well as regular menu items. We also went to Cochon for a lunchtime break at the WW2 museum. Thanks for the recommendation! Hook’em!!!
  3. When I was a youngster, during the 70s, my Dad insisted that we always went to Rooster Andrews’ store for anything UT apparel/uniforms. Rooster was on the training staff when my Dad played and wouldn’t give a dime to anyone else in Austin. When I was about 7-8 (77-78) I wanted an Earl Campbell jersey with #34 (his Oilers number). Dad insisted that I got #20, which was his UT number. Rooster said if he wants 34, he’ll get 34! I wish I still had that jersey to today, with Campbell on the back. Hook’em!!!
  4. You are the Man, with your historical perspective that most appreciate. Don’t worry Old Timer, as a lot of us are closer to you than the youngsters. My Dad is now 82 and played for DKR in the early 60’s and I relish any moment that he talks about the good ole days! Hook’em!!!
  5. Fng stats! Let’s just win and go from there. Not to be “aggy” by reaching the next round. Hook’em!!!
  6. I went to McNeese for my graduate degree, so I resent that. We’ve been down since I left the Chuck, but late 90’s and 2000’s, we owned the SLC in Football and Baseball. McNeese has put multiple players into the MLB that had successful careers. Hook’em!!!
  7. If Army Brat was my Uncle or Grandpa, and I lived within close proximity, I’d cut his grass and wash his cars weekly. That man is always giving guns and ammo to “family!” Hook’em!!!
  8. Leave ABrat alone!!! He spends all his discretionary income on guns and bullets that he eventually gives to his family! You are the man A-Brat!!! Love ya man! Hook’em!!!
  9. Waiting for the Pedo State BTHO tu! I’m surprised it hasn’t already occurred. Hook’em!!!
  10. aggy losing to PSU in the 1st round, so they don’t have to lose to Big Brother is the Chef’s kiss. Hook’em!!!
  11. I’d make that my “garage band” name, if I played. Hook’em!!!
  12. Generational morons they are. Hook’em!!!
  13. Chipotle Tabasco goes on everything except for cereal and ice cream. Hook’em!!!
  14. That time of the year where people have to find the channel number for TruTV. I know I did. Hook’em!!!
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