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  1. 0.00 is pretty good for a weekend of work! Hook’em!!!
  2. This image needs to stay in a role of its own covering many topics. Hook’em!!!
  3. Why is my Tapa app deleting the Surly link/app and my profile? I’ve emailed the Tapa support group. I can only see Surly after seeing older posts and etc. with over 2500 posts, it’s not recognizing me? Hook’em!!!
  4. Any win is good, but starting the season off in a positive streak is always nice too. Many, many ways to grow with this young club. Kind of glad we didn’t start the season in some big neutral site tourney against mainly ranked teams like prior seasons. Hook’em!!!
  5. I didn’t know that about GG’s dad. Hook’em!!!
  6. The delusion of each aggy class was kick-started at Fish Camp. It’s generational “fact feeding” that was built on generations of future aggy spewing out the same beliefs. Bunch of non-thinking idiots. Generational Morons are what makes up aggy. Hook’em!!!
  7. Damn man! Give the guy a chance. Doing something for Momma. Hook’em!!!
  8. I think he’s referring to Roy Williams during the OU game - early Mack era (99-01)? Hook’em!!!
  9. Welcome back! You were missed by many here. Hook’em!!!
  10. All aggy should rally behind being the new school/class of Southern New Hampshire University. Hook’em!!!
  11. Yes - nice tits and ass! I’d follow her directions too! Hook’em!!!
  12. I played HS FB against Coach Danaher’s Hamshire-Fannett Longhorns in the early-mid ‘80s. My Dad was my coach and they both remained friends/acquaintances to this day. Hook’em!!!
  13. I’ve been to the Stark Museum in Orange. For such a small town to have priceless pieces of the “Old West” timeframe is something. Original Remington paintings and guns (pistol/rifle) are also showcased there. If one has an extra hour driving east on I-10, I definitely encourage one to visit the Stark in Orange. Hook’em!!!
  14. This show just dropped on Netflix. Not even a Buffalo fan, especially after their comeback versus the Oilers, but it was well done and a must see for a football fan. Hook’em!!!
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