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  1. Trey Smith dropped in the draft because of health concerns. Blood clots in his lungs. KC’s gamble worked. @tokamak So yea, a five star that starts all his games freshman year is probably going high in the draft.
  2. 41 is definitely not one more than 2x21. @Brew
  3. Monday is TWO days after Saturday. Glad I could help. @LTtxfan
  4. You suck at using the phone, boomer.
  5. $560 $240 I assume @BigOrange1 is good with the assumption of 32 entries since he delegated the math part. 👍
  6. You guys love it. Btw, the level of play has vastly improved in the last few years. Far fewer people just going chalk with picks. Definitely due to my criticisms from previous years.
  7. Can you? You know as the organizer of the pool.
  8. Congrats to the top 2 on their still undetermined payouts. I mean the bowls only started a month ago, I’m sure @BigOrange1 will break out the abacus soon. 🙄
  9. It was smart of you to backtrack and add an if to your original statement. Good job.
  10. I don’t think anybody hates Deion. The hype is annoying. I think we can all understand rooting for the overblown hype articles to go away.
  11. Can’t wrap your head around that one??? Let me give you a start. Jackson water crisis flows from century of poverty, neglect and racism https://mississippitoday.org/2022/11/07/jackson-water-crisis-poverty-neglect-racism/
  12. Each recruiting class has 300 four and five star players. So there are probably 1,200 total between recruits and current players. I don’t believe for a second that 17% of them reached out to Deion.
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