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  1. Answer to the joke: You sneak up behind him while he’s getting a drink of water and you slam the toilet seat on the back of his head. Sale pending on both pairs. PMs replied to.
  2. Ok, first off I misspelled sale in the title. Second, I may have priced the Surly poors out of the market. I’d really like to get these sold before leaving for Dallas Friday evening. Dropping the price $50 per so... The pair in section 117 are now $250 per ticket The pair in section 13 are now $300 per ticket And now a quick joke, I’ll buy you a couple beers before the game if you know the answer: How do you knock a sooner’s teeth out?
  3. Let me also add that we can meet in Dallas Friday night but it’ll be late around midnight and you’ll need to meet me somewhere near my hotel in Richardson off 75.
  4. I have one pair in Section 13 row 26 asking $350 per ticket I also have one pair in Section 117 row 22 asking $300 per ticket Here’s the skinny, I am in Austin/Round Rock and will need to meet face to face here prior to Friday afternoon. Cash only and I will not sell singles. I’m very busy at work so I won’t be able to check messages a lot. Daytime I’m near campus, evenings I’m in Round Rock. Let’s make this work! Also, no sooners please, sorry
  5. Weird, heard Jason say something about replacing Ward on the way home and haven’t been able to find any info except here. Also, I thought Dudley was fired from KLBJ last year over something political when he went off on a rant one day. I remember him saying “this will probably get me fired and I don’t care...” and the next day he was gone. I liked Jeff, he was edgy and called things the way he saw them. Kinda sucks because every time Jeff was on vacation the evening show sucked without him. I may have to listed to something else now on my drive home. As for those 2 dumbasses Todd and Don in the morning. They are an acquired taste. I listen to them on the way to work but only for the lulz and the traffic report. It’s also funny when they make fun of stupid callers.
  6. You can’t expect to beat Rice every year!
  7. I took my pregame shit and it looked like a dead tiger. We’re going to win!
  8. You think the carpet pissers did this?
  9. This, bunch of cucks I need a gif of Herman eating the LSU corn dog
  10. I had not seen that one before. What a fucking goober.
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