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  1. I'm fairly safe, being one state away
  2. SKJ

    That's hot.

    She's popped up on my Twitter feed before. Hairy armpits
  3. You still in the restuarant business? I'm looking to change companies, but I'm in Oklahoma
  4. Yeah, and also gun show loopholes from the Vegas shooter, right? Or do I remember that wrong
  5. Just a question. How many mass shootings have been done with illegal guns?
  6. I'm pretty sure I know this guy. I watched him beat up 3 people once. He's Tongan. Runs about a 4.6 40, and doesn't play football because pads are for pussies
  7. Just bear with me here. How many people have you shot in the head? How many of them were the armed occupational force where you live? I'm guessing you've never shot a person, much less to their death. Does a hero, Clark.
  8. If being a violent killer is in the blood of a pitbull, wouldn't it be in the blood of almost every other breed as well?
  9. You do know that 99% of dogs will literally not bite you if you are facing them, right? That 1% are trained protection dogs.
  10. Man, i only made it about halfway through to the part about him causing his good pal to miss gender whatever surgery. I can't imagine having read that whole thing.
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