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  1. SKJ

    Dumbass Shit on Nextdoor

    Yes. The plastic they're made from is very flammable.
  2. SKJ

    Dumbass Shit on Nextdoor

    Well, interesting that you say that. I used to as well, but turns out the fire department recommends never putting those trash cans in your garage because they go up like Roman candles. I know this because it happened to me once.
  3. Yeah, he said he did the math, and wasn't going to keep raising funds when it was no longer possible to win. Honorable, but damn, what's left? Everyone else sort of sucks
  4. Not really. Played poker with a few in college. The ones there were flying the white boy flag pretty hard, which I thought was odd since that group has latino connections, but whatever.
  5. I've been reading a lot, and I think it's clouding my head more than anything.
  6. Well, no, I need help with gto, math, and modernizing my game for sure.
  7. Yeah, my bankroll was 2k, but then life took over. I generally buy in for 100 as I'm a small stack pro it would seem, and I only usually take 200-300. Earlier on in life when I didn't have a family and earned money how i earned it, I'd play with a thousand behind me, but at the games i played in, it was understood that i was never all in. But things change when you're a citizen. 200 is max buy in at the 1/2 table closest to me, so I generally never need to top off
  8. Yes. I've found 10-15 to be a good spot to get smart money out of seeing a flop with shit and getting stupid money in to see a flop with shit. I usually buy in for $100 and leave at least with a treble. But there are some wild variance swings as well, but I've only lost more than one buy in like 3x this year.
  9. Yeah, I've found that ranging hands seems to be harder in 1-2, especially since I feel like the only one at the table that doesn't play limped hands. One of my problems I know I have is that I really dislike calling, and tend to favor betting or raising. I've seen this get me into trouble a few times. Especially against 'any ace' players at the 1-2 level
  10. My bankroll is flat right now. I just changed companies so my bankroll paid for the transition. I play 1-2, in casinos. I don't know any home games in Oklahoma. I played 4-5 times a week before the transition. I haven't played in the last month since the transition.
  11. Yes, but I didn't want to hijack that thread
  12. I'm a cash game player. I don't understand tournament play. I'm probably a classic TAG. I win way more than I lose, but some days I get up a lot, then the cards pull a satan and I get crushed. I know I need work ranging hands and building a proper bank roll. I've never read a poker book. Should I start? Should I investigate game theory? Or is that pretty much only tournament play?
  13. Nobody's worse than theDerel. He's the worst
  14. I'm fairly safe, being one state away
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