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  1. Otto’s is the German spot of choice but is hard to get into. Auslander is fun if you’re in the right mindset
  2. Not that anybody gives a shit, but the only time I could get in touch with my boss was when he was boarding a plane. Problem was he blew me off while he partied with his buddies all week, so because he was completely dismissive I had to break the news while he was probably surrounded by strangers with a 5 minute window to explain. in the end, I left on good terms, closed a deal that made him a bunch of money and start a new job tomorrow. In turned down his offers to try to keep me around. Thanks surly
  3. Still waiting to see. Most of the feedback was that initial indications are the vines are still alive, but we won’t know the extent of the damage for at least a few more weeks
  4. Just did our annual F’Burg trip This was our first time to Augusta Vin-definitely setting the bar high for F’Burg both with the experience and the wines. Dude dropped a ton of coin on that place and with consultants to get it right but it was our favorite Ab Astris-another place that we tried for the first time. Solid wines and a great setup, especially to spend a day outside on the patio Kuhlman-first time here too. Every wine we had was solid Signor-all wines were Oregon fruit. Really nice place but wished we knew about the fruit slicing ahead of time Becker-actuall
  5. Yeah unfortunately my boss is the president.......such is life thanks again to everyone-out of rep
  6. So I need to give notice-I’ve accepted a new job and start in two weeks. My current boss decided to go out of town all week. He does this routinely-says he’ll be in the office, then disappear for a week on vacation. I feel like a dick giving notice by phone, but I’ve put it off as long as I can and I’m trying to close a transaction by the time I leave, so new job has been very accommodating due to that. Anyone been in a similar spot and had to do this? Not sure I need a ton of help, just interested to hear how it went down for others
  7. Awesome - thanks for the replies. Will probably go cast iron next go round.
  8. Just got a BGE a few weeks ago- did steaks for the first time tonight. Did reverse sear, interior of the steak was perfect medium rare, but still not getting the sear I was hoping for. Let the steak sit in the fridge dry brining for a couple of hours before the cook. Let it get up to about 550 before putting vegetable oil on the steak and throwing it back on to sear. Basically followed the recipe on amazingribs.com Amy ideas on what else to do to get a good sear? Might need to find a way to get a skillet on there to sear
  9. Anyone fished around Glacier National Park? Heading up to Whitefish in August and looking for any guide recs as well as info for my solo trips.
  10. Anyone know of a good business broker in DFW? Looking to buy a business and want to stay local
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