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  1. Leg days are becoming more taxing the 8 hours post workout. I push myself pretty hard but after I settle in it’s hard to move around.
  2. Black Panther 2. They should have stopped at 1.
  3. any recommended FFL near 75167? Nearly all the ones I found close by either don't accept new transfers or are closed.
  4. Tullamore Dew used to be a friend of Mine.
  5. Serious question. Can that truck even fit in a normal space?
  6. "Witchita"? Come on Abigail. Be better.
  7. Best of the 3 going. I bailed on 1883.
  8. Wise County hog hunt about to fire up. Anyone participating?
  9. His name is Turbo, but I thought he died recently and was more of a dancer.
  10. Watch your trash mouth! If it ain’t Dokken, you ain’t rocking!
  11. Never had an issue with dumbbells rolling all over.
  12. When the lower rack of dumbbells is not angled out enough. It leaves little room to get the heavier dumbbells in and out. And I despise hex dumbbells.
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