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  1. Wanted to try a water fast so I'm currently 65 hours in. I'm still very active for 49 yo and 192 lbs. Down to 185 with this fast so far. Sleep has sucked I assume because energy has been through the roof. Workouts have been okay but not 100%. I could probably stretch to 96 hours but don't really want to.
  2. Been watching that as well. Did well on the during Covid and got back in at around $4.50. Fundamentals seem to be good so I've been surprised it has been down for so long.
  3. Sure I do. Is your take that the other guys in the room are not culture guys?
  4. What attributes does Red possess that those in the RB don’t have with higher upside? He runs hard and that’s great.
  5. Unfortunately he can learn somewhere else. Too much talent to keep off the field that has been doing it.
  6. FSU down to their 3rd string QB? Can Iowa even score?
  7. Pretty sure they are made in Alvarado but dealers throughout the state. It’s too new for me to comment on repairs but hopefully I won’t have an issue for a long time.
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