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  1. Was that a drop in haul or I’m on the cool list haul?
  2. Going out in 2 weeks to fill feeders and mow. It’s dry as shit and no swine in sight.
  3. Followed by a second one 24 hours out from my dentist. I told the girls at the front desk I’ll confirm the first time but not any further texts.
  4. Nope. I buy a bag of Red Man every year at the start of deer season and it’s gone up each year. Good thing the bag will last me about a month.
  5. He wants top dollar. I can’t recall a time the Cards have done that long term.
  6. That’s less than the hours we required in our fraternity.
  7. That was the year 7 year old T'Boo became a Cards fan.
  8. Fireman buddy says they get calls all the time about water leaks and people not knowing how to turn off their water.
  9. Went to see Wade Bowen/Randy Rogers at Billy Bob's Saturday night. Decent show, but that venue is a beating.
  10. I have zero confidence in the food at that place. I’ve tried 2-3 times and it has been bad each time.
  11. It is, however there are still equipment challenges and labor issues.
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