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  1. I don’t doubt it is terrible now. I’m referencing my 12 yo self that watched it with girls I wanted to pet in theater.
  2. SG had always been good for me. Just bought another 200 of 300 BO to put in the safe. Probably should get another of a different grain.
  3. All of McCarthy’s characters are insecure so he’s just playing himself in real life. Aside from maybe Mannequin, which I like. Come at me.
  4. Lulz. People rarely get the reference to this guy. Tall Pirate hat and glasses killed me.
  5. Daddy-Daughter dance with our 9 yo tonight. The kicker is that it's Super Mario themed. I have absolutely nothing Mario related. Should be fun!
  6. Wife and I got back yesterday. We stayed at the Hard Rock and had a swim up suite. However, the wind was so bad the first few days our pool was frigid. Too cold to get in as were 2 other pools right on the beachline. It was crazy to be in the 80's and need a long sleeve shirt at times. We were impressed with the food. Drinks....eh. No decent bourbon and only 2 beers. Staff was good and resort was clean. Was not ready for the time share pitch when we got there for their new resort.
  7. The Beekeeper. The premise wasn’t bad but that lead actress was god awful and ruined every scene she was in.
  8. Uber might get pricey. They are not close to each other.
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