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  1. I bought two tickets to John Oliver at Bass, but the wife is now headed out of town for work. Selling for face value. $271 for the pair. Great seats, but no USB ports.
  2. One of the best nights of my life. First fireworks in our cul-de-sac and then taking the boys to see Willie. The five-year-old was in full hero-worship mode while the newly minted four year old slept through most of the fun. PXL_20230705_032037688.TS.mp4
  3. We need up buying parking right next to the stadium and it was perfect. Thanks!
  4. I've done something stupid. My five year old has become a lover of all things Willie and while I believe that the man will never pass from this plane, I'm loading up the wife and boys, (four and five) and taking them to see Blutarsky Jr.'s hero before the unthinkable happens. My question is for those who went last year when it was at Q2. I can't find definitive proof that the trains will still be running when the show is over. Were they last year? We're just going for the fireworks and Willie in order to beat the heat of the day and expect him to go on after 10. Since most Lyfts and Ubers don't have car seats or boosters, I don't want to find our asses stranded over there. Thanks in advance.
  5. Yep, looks like they're locked out. https://www.kvue.com/video/news/local/problems-getting-on-air-for-austin-radio-network/269-10549737-5ee5-4a64-ae84-db0de6269326
  6. One of my favorite memories is cruising the hills out by Lake Travis while my wife was latched on her phone and screaming CLIFF as we crested the hill. I still have the bruise on my shoulder eleven years later. Worth it.
  7. Between three and four inches here in 78729. Some of my favorite nights have been spent in dive bars trapped by down pours. Trying to get the five and three year old down right now makes me miss those nights. *I love my kids, but go the fuck to sleep.
  8. My oldest has become obsessed with the Highwaymen and I couldn't be prouder. But there is just something unsettling about driving your five-year-old to daycare and suddenly hearing "I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die" come from the backseat.
  9. That's a helluva first post. Personally, I believe that guns are built to destroy; mostly to destroy human life and that is wrong no matter the circumstance. Maybe we can just agree that Covid sucks and we need to figure out a way to protect ourselves from it as well as possible so that we can go about our lives and have at least eleven wins next year.
  10. First off, Town Lake till I die. Secondly, so someone finally went down on Lady Bird...
  11. You cannot simultaneously follow the teachings of Jesus and be pro gun. Hand guns, assault rifles, etc. were designed to end human life. Once you purchase one, you have made the decision that your life is of greater importance than another's in direct contrast to the teachings of Jesus. The right is so warped and wrapped up in team politics that this country will not survive. Today eighteen children and three adults didn't. Prolife my ass.
  12. Took the two and four year old to the Dicsh this weekend and they had a blast. They both think the horns won rather than getting our asses kicked. Anyway, the four year old sees that osu is wearing black hats and for the rest of the game keeps saying that we need to beat the black guys. As in we're gonna punch those black guys in the face. My wife is mortified and I just keep telling him to say okie lite or some derivation there of and then very loudly telling him that yes, the other team is wearing black hats making sure that everyone in our section heard me.
  13. The atmosphere feels charged as hell, but the radar shows nothing south of Waco or north of San Antonio. I guess we'll get nothing and like it. Long live the force field.
  14. I learned new lesson last night about being a dad. Never fucking ever leave your beverage unattended. While bathing the two year old last night I finished off my first and only Guinness to the four year old telling me "don't drink that." He had put some paper in my glass that he'd "made science" with, meaning it contained any lotions, soaps, toothpaste, cleaning supplies, wepons of mass destruction, etc. that he could find. Not acting quick enough, I downed the Guiness and "science" without batting an eye. Though there was a strong chemical taste at the bottom of the glass. I dismissed it after lecturing him on no more science. That was until the cramps started two hours later. The rest of the night I found myself on either the crapper or in the fetal position. The good news is that I am literally over six pounds lighter than I was last night and that the boy now knows to never ever put anything in someone's food or drink that doesn't belong. Concidered the mobile iv nurse but I'm finally able to keep fluids down again and am on the road to recovery. Thus ends the story of how my four year old slipped me a Mickey on St. Patrick's Day.
  15. I've spent the last hour with my not yet two year old boy in my arms reading these tributes. I cannot comprehend what those who know and love him are feeling. Healing and love for the Elhingers and enjoy the Joy Jake. Hook 'em!
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