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  1. ^^^ @Bullneck hey my pal, this is the edition that i have. however, mine is black. rides like a magic carpet... and truly decadent from head to floor. you would LOVE it! props for inquiring.
  2. ^^^ oh my, i think that you may have misspelled "occasionally". since i'm so very "autistic" and all, i thought that i would "acknowledge" this and you know... "move along"...
  3. Valero Alamo Bowl Matchup: No. 11 Utah vs. Texas Game info: Tues., Dec. 31 | 7:30 p.m. ET | ESPN Location: Alamodome | San Antonio, Texas Opening line: Utah -6.5 ^^^ this is not our DAMN MASCOT! we are TEXAS... we are the LONGHORNS... and we will CLOBBER UTAH!
  4. ^^^ 8-1 baby! on to the next...
  5. ^^^ MOODY CENTER groundbreaking ceremony 03 DEC 2019. HOOK'EM!
  6. ^^^ well, for one, the GUY THAT HE IS STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO... JA'QUINDEN JACKSON! TEXAS QB commit from duncanville...
  7. ^^^ you shall be welcomed with OPEN ARMS. HOOK'EM!
  8. ^^^ another one down... let's keep it coming. next!
  9. ^^^ oh really? well this seems like a veiled threat in order for "gb jr." to coax his son over to CHRIS BEARD'S TECH team. no one collegiate player should ever become so very significant the he/she can direct an entire program.
  10. ^^^ hey shaka, you may want to try a new breakfast cereal. you got REAL LUCKY today!
  11. ^^^ congratulations and behold the future!
  12. ^^^ @Bullneck actually nothing my good pal. i'm just a BIG TIME longhorn FANATIC... that will canvas this mighty globe for my horns. some may proclaim that they do not like my posting style. however, i have NEVER EVER tried in earnest to win any sort of GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORD or heck, any form of PEACE PRIZE in regards to the best OPEN FORUM posting competition. just like you... i just harbor my very own style and i'm pleased with it. much obliged, for your query. HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and yours. HOOK'EM!
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