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  1. Please explain how I'm wrong. Its an empty stretch of highway and douche in truck is tailgating someone (probably in left lane). Why is truck in left lane? Why is he not in the right? If he had been in the right in the first place, he would have simply passed the bitch.
  2. Why is the truck in the passing lane too? Both are assholes.
  3. This fucking baker Mayfield douche looking motherfucker. Fuck him.
  4. I haven't had sex in almost 30 years.
  5. Day 4 and my arm is no longer sore after 1st Moderna shot.
  6. Is the fucker still on the payroll?
  7. Got Moderna yesterday at 11 AM and just my arm is sore but that's it. Just gotta move it around and I should be good. Yesterday I felt tired.
  8. Just got 1st dose. Thought it was Johnson and Johnson but turned out to be Moderna. Next visit is 4/22.
  9. Getting J&J in a few hours in Burnet. I'm scared of needles.
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