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  1. When was the last time we lost a coordinator to another school? Was it Robinson to Syracuse? If that is true, that is truly pathetic.
  2. Apparently he didn't give a shit about winning the B12 either. He didn't get it done. He hung onto comfort hires for too long. Now he is staring at year 4 with many new coaches and a deadline. From an objective view, it's not looking good for him. We will likely overpay for an OC and underpay on the comfort hire for DC. We've seen this before. TH"s hubris and arrogance cost us and him this year. IMO, the overly physical practices were the foundation for all the injuries. Did he really think drinking 8 glasses of water a day would keep players from typical football injuries?
  3. If Harrell were coming, we would know by now. Herman playing this close to the vest because he knows we won't like his hires unless it's GH or better.
  4. I was trying to be positive in a Mack Brown sorta way.
  5. He won't. We'll be the perpetual 9-10 game winner, yet never make the playoff. Figures.
  6. He was non existent with Beck and TH. We did have Sam tho. Any wonder why Sonny beat CS? Herman needs to not screw this up. He needs to not meddle with the play calling. THE way to know if Mensa is meddling: If we are going for 1st down while on the opponents 35 with 4-5 yards to go while the game is within 7-10 points. Also if we TURTLE at any time with the lead, we will know that Mensa is meddling with the OC.
  7. Does Lashlee get those results without SB? Herrall was dealt a hand of crap and turned it into prime rib. I prefer Herrall with Greg Lewis as WR coach.
  8. 2300 Nueces


    Sooner trash won't pay.
  9. Sonny Dykes is a "Leach" disciple. Refer to my reference of above regarding the modified "Air Raid". I like Sonny. I used to hang out with him on Spike's house boat at PK.
  10. The modified "Air Raid" is so much better than the QB "Power Reads". The current Texas offense under Herman is hard to watch as well as boring.
  11. It's become comical. The games look like a meals on wheels convention. So many blue hairs in the stands with nothing better to do.
  12. If your players can't shoot FT's and you team doesn't like unselfishness, then the thing to do is shoot 3's and holla like you are going to the NBA next year.
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