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  1. Why are Texas' Expenses so high? Debt service or a bloated Belmont Hall?
  2. So you're for firing CDC? CDC is the real head of the Big 12. Was it Bowlsby or Texas that sent out feelers to 7 Pac schools?
  3. Good thing all the major sports organizations are going to get a major bailout. I would hate to think of poor Mark Cuban being deprived of yelling at refs.
  4. I think the Pac does have something to offer the B12. They have some historic programs that have been run into the ground. A takeover by the B12 will breathe life into these programs by offering legitimate administrative leadership which will improve their play and ratings which will be a revenue + for all. They need to shed the leadership currently turning them into the Ivy League.
  5. How does this relate to selling widgets? It's all about advertising. No one watches Stanford and Cal. If I want to see a doco about Bill Gates, I'll watch the history channel. Texas is crazy for not going to the SEC. I can't stand this elitist snobbery.
  6. The PAC has been completely mismanaged. It doesn't matter the name on the sign. In the real world, losers get divided and consumed. If they want to hang out as academic institutions, great. They won't be hanging around in Power 4 football in a few years. Most of the schools in the PAC are on par with Rice. Rice is a great school but not for football. The PAC, if it stays intact without changes, will be earning the same revenue as the AAC schools. The PAC is ripe for a hostile takeover.
  7. Gotta shear the last bit of wool on those shorts, duh. Right after they sheared them on the long side. It's Spring after all.
  8. Losers: anyone who ever wanted anonymity in their personal lives. The Federal Reserve Bank just snuck legislation into the "Corona Virus" panic package that creates a new currency. You will all now be tracked in everything you do. Winner: Federal Reserve Bank. (It's a private cartel, not a part of our government.) All our info and everything we do will be owned by the Fed. New Blockchain E Dollar
  9. Thanks. Next will be appraisals. Been in this rodeo before.
  10. I'm a builder in DFW. Contemplating dumping inventory to front run the flood of pre owned homes about to hit the market. Have loan conditions frozen for new home buyers?
  11. I posted this on an Oregon site discussing realignment. Would it be possible to join all the teams in the Big 12 and pac 12 for a total of 22 teams and add BYU, Cincinatti, or Memphis? That would total 24 teams.... Would it be feasible to allow for an incentive payout system in tiers? More eyeballs=more TV money, etc.... The teams in smaller markets would not turn down the opportunity to stay in this conference while the teams with more eyeballs would make a larger %. Allow for a wild west tier 3 which would allow for team channels, etc... like ESPN+. Set the structure as 4 6 team pods that would play regional conference schedules with 2-3 out of pod conference games. There could be a conference playoff of the 4 pod winners which would greatly increase the SOS of the overall winner which would ensure at least one team into the final 4 team playoff. This would also bring in considerably more eyeballs on the conference playoff. I would hate to dump some of these proven programs and rivalries. I am a Texas fan btw. Pods: NW: Wash, Wash St, Oregon, Or St, Utah, BYU SW: USC, UCLA, Az, Az St, Cal, Stanford SE: Tex, Tex Tech, BU, TCU, OK St, Oklahoma NE: KU, K st, Colo, Iowa St, Cincinnati, WVU These pods would retain natural rivalries while mixing in 2-3 new (or old) conference match ups each year. Play: Rotate pods by scheduling a different pod each year. Playoff would be against a pod that was not that year's matched pod ensuring that the playoff would not be a rematch of any game from regular season. Chance of championship being a rematch would be relatively low.
  12. At this point the Big12 may be looking at the PAC as a bad investment. Unforturnaley adding Pac teams may decrease the TV payout per school. The Big 12 needs to move when the Pac is at "fire sale" lows. That may be during the next season, if we have a season. Then push the incentive agreement to get some of these programs to appeal to the millions of people in their states. Maybe trucking in some okie inbreds talking a lot of crap will be just what the doctor ordered.
  13. Funny, I hit you with a like. Not really, but I ran short of the amount needed. The boys had to rough it with only the protease inhibitor. Be careful, if you did buy the viral inhibitors and others know you have it, it will be gone fast.
  14. Looks like they are down the road. I wonder what the snags are? I recall hearing that Stanford was not happy with some of our "proposals" or some such. Personally, I don't care for Stanford. Sounds like a decent rivalry in the making.
  15. A first step might be to schedule games between the Big 12 and Pac 12. The goal would be to have a team or 2 (pipe dream) that would qualify continually for the 4 team playoff at the end of the season due to the strength of schedule. 1. Schedule Pac champion vs Big 12 Champion. 2. Begin to integrate schedules. 3. Look for 2 teams to add. Preferably a team or 2 closer to WVU. Cincinnati, Memphis, Pitt, Missouri, BYU would be a no brainer. 4. Come up with an incentive laden contract that rewards teams for "eyeballs"/winning. Allow tier 3 to be a wild west. Allow teams to have their own network. 5. An incentive laden contract would be optimal. Tell the lesser schools to take it or leave it. To leave it would mean they join Cougar High. I prefer the pay for performance over the equal share deal. This will allow the larger schools to compete with the SEC and B1G contracts without having to join those leagues. Over time it will force the lesser schools to have to perform and survive on less. They will become competitive while the lesser in the SEC and B1G become lazy. **** The baseline TV money is going to have to be close to the SEC and B1G. This will be the deciding factor on whether is this possible.
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