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  1. There could be. Everyone needs a teacher and a mentor. If mentored from an early age, anyone could be good at finance. Usury isn't differential equations.
  2. And this x100. I would rather my money going toward buying players instead of some egg head in Belmont buying extravagant vacations on my dime. I would even forego the tickets.... I'll donate all of my sports budget to players. I can sit in my nice living room watching the games on sportssurge.net as long as we have the best teams. I'm down for the struggle.
  3. Those crowds weren't all minorities, unless you count western euros as a minority.
  4. It's always the the poorest who pay the usury. Who pays the interest? These people need to understand finance and how our monetary system enslaves them. Inflation is theft. Interest paid on government debt is theft.
  5. My neighbor needs to go on a diet before I consider cooking him.
  6. It's all staged. They are playing right vs left, black vs white, blah blah.... This is how it's done. Now the surveillance state kicks into high gear. Look at who is pulling the strings. Don't burn your neighbors house or business to the ground. Look at the .0001% who own the central banks.
  7. It's a credit cycle as well as a 4th generational turning. We have experienced them b4. US Revolutionary War, Civil War, and WW2. The next 10-15 years are going to be rough, but once the debt is cleared, we will see good times again. Advice: Own your house, learn a trade, produce your own food.
  8. George and Derek worked together? Lovers quarrel?
  9. That catfish has small sticker fins.
  10. Landry ~ Starting from scratch in 1960 had a .602 winning %, 20-16 playoff record, 2-2 in Superbowls, and 13 division titles. Jerry ~ (ex Jimmy Johnson and his players) have a .526 winning %, no Superbowl appearances, no nfc championship appearances, 4-10 in the playoffs, and 7 division titles. Strip away the tickets purchased by corporate junk bonds and there ain't much to like here. The Cowboys are the Vegas Raiders, so much for that winning brand.
  11. Negative cracker jack, there are many people like myself. The cowboys are not "increasing" their fan base. They are pulling in more fiat banker bucks from zombie corporate interests but they are not increasing their market share when in comes to fans. Jones is hated far and wide. There will be a point in the near future when many of these zombie corporations are allowed to default and much of Jerry's gravy train will be gone.
  12. The Jones have been very successful running the Cowboys financially, no doubt. However if you were a fan of the Texas Longhorns, you would know that Tom Landry and Tex Schram were Texas Alumni. Jones treated them very poorly. To add insult to injury, Jones is an arkansas inbred. He needs to go back to arkansas. As a former fan of the Cowboys, I loved the teams that were run by Landry. Landry and Schram had the best team all around up to 1990 in my opinion. They were getting old but the team was still solid. Jones did one thing well in hiring Jimmy Johnson and I was a fan until he fired Jimmy. When he hired that ass hat Switzer was when I quit the Cboys. Nearly every decision since has been about money and not winning. Jerry Jones has destroyed the Cowboys as a winning organization. They may never win another playoff game. Back to recruiting, sorry.
  13. Mr. Poplular, lol. Needing some rep?
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