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  1. Well, you risk having an empty Moody Center for the opening if you wait that long. Prolly going to be an empty open regardless. They are going to have to have a coach K type coach to get it full for opening night. Anything less and it's going to be 3-5 years b4 it is sold out and that's being optimistic.
  2. Interesting article on attendance and it does apply to conference realignment. In the business world when demand falls, there tends to be a consolidation or something new bursts onto the scene to replace an old tech.. I think falling demand will be the driver in the new cfb of the 2020's. I think a consolidation is coming. The schools that cannot produce the large fan following are going to get left out. This is a large reason for not adding anyone to the Big 12. There is no one out there that moves the revenue needle upward. https://www.si.com/college/2020/01/10/college-football-attendance-decline-ncaa
  3. I think you are on to something and would ask you to expand on the culture issue but it may not wear well on Surly.
  4. This. The pod rotations would need to be regional for obvious reasons.
  5. I quit watching. I have better things to do. One day I will wake up to find SS gone, hopefully.
  6. How was Texas a rebuild after Barnes was fired?? What?? NOW it's a rebuild. It's like a thermonuclear device was detonated over the FEC. It's going to be an empty place for some time and will continue at the Moody Center. Oh, we will get a small bump when it opens but reality always wins. Most of the current players will leave if we hire a coach that holds the players accountable. It will take some time. Texas basketball is a disaster.
  7. The PAC is facing the dustbin of history. Results matter, intentions don't. The PAC is quickly becoming the WAC financially and competitively. If Apple or Amazon fail to break the piggy bank, they won't be in the position to dictate anything.
  8. Some people tire of the talk with nothing happening. Don't let it bother you.
  9. SEC is the way. Going to have to eat some crow and join if we want to have a successful football program. Who would you rather play, ou, piggy, gomer, lsu or utah, asu, au, etc...... every year? I know who the older alumni would rather play ,but if we let our Shaka loving admin decide, they'll go with the easy path and assume we get wins against the easy PAC teams. At the same time, we will be sinking lower in the revenue race while not having to be held accountable for losing to the teams in the SEC mentioned above. Get tough or die Texas.
  10. Texas was an unranked team with 5 losses in 2019 going into the bowl season. One of those losses was to TCU. Utah almost made the playoff from the PAC because of their record against other PAC teams which is fraudulent and overrated. Texas exposed the PAC as being extremely weak by whipping Utah. As for Texas beating Georgia, Texas had a ranked, 3 loss, and much better team in 2018 than 2019. The PAC is very weak and it would be a huge mistake to join that conference.
  11. Just not interested in this at all really. The PAC is dreadful. Wanting to join the SEC does not make me an aggy. I am fan of football, that's all. The only thing remotely interesting in the PAC is the scenery. We punked the dog shit out of Utah which was one win from the playoff.... frauds. Late night games are a non starter. Late night flights from the West coast are DOA.
  12. Will he fire one up with the players?
  13. I give up. Texas basketball is dead to me.
  14. This is code language for, "yelling at players when they deserve it", especially in public. We just couldn't have that. The snowflakes would melt. I would be willing to wager that yelling at a player in public is grounds for termination without payment. It's probably more important that there is no screaming in the locker room than the seats be 1/3 full.
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