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  1. If I were FSU alumni I'd think that was money well spent. Then I'd recommend calling Earl and see who he recommends for a new coach.
  2. TCM this evening. I used to use ol' Slim Pickens ridin' in the bomb for an avatar pict.
  3. X2 on Lubbock. Noticed Cali has 2.
  4. Jake on base, no outs. This could be our big inning
  5. Probably a bunch of fans about to stroke out also.
  6. Probably a bunch of fans about to stroke out also.
  7. How epic would it be if Alvarez spanked a homer that broke a light or something past the fence?
  8. Best game Greinke has pitched as a Astro.
  9. Soto is such a distraction I predict he'll be playing some where else in a couple of years. Reminds of me Puig, LA sent his ass packing.
  10. This would so much better if TK and Blummer were broadcasting.
  11. If Springer homers the roof will blow off MMP
  12. Soto is up next, who thinks Joe B will offer to give him a BJ or mow his grass?
  13. Stick to the code, take all you can and leave nothing for the rest.
  14. Just so long as Jake Taylor don't walk to the plate and call his shot.
  15. P J Fleck may not want to coach a team like ours. Looks like he's doing well in the frozen north.
  16. Astros in 6 with same formula as Yanks. We split 1 of 2 at MMP, go 2 of 3 at their place, and lay the wood down in game 6.
  17. First, you said '69.....heh..heh... Second, last all white team to win a national championship. Third, yep I was on the old site back in the day and I don't give a furk if ya'll like or not. KMAss.
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