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  1. Not necessarily, an impressive win by OU and this shit performance by Utah gets OU in
  2. Oregon is blowing it like a boys town hooker
  3. Utah coach should be fired for going for it at midfield. Now Oregon has momentum back. Game is over
  4. Kirk Cousins has an advantage to the new run pass option That white ball was sweet. The good old days. But it became privileged so we had to get rid of it.
  5. Sorry. 47.5. But I got it earlier in week
  6. I’m on the under 1st half 22.5 and full game Oregon/Utah 57.5 Got a teaser with Utah -.5 and LSU -1 UVA 1st half +17.5 Baylor +9 La Lafayette/App St under 57
  7. Wonder Woman was a pretty good WWI flick. Plus, she is hot
  8. No shit. You are in the UK. Go to fucking Mallorca. Why fly 12 hours to go to fucking Mexico
  9. The Mandalorian is a cross between Cain from Kung Fu and “The Stranger” from High Plains Drifter
  10. It was all safe with all that sodium. I ate mostly peanut butter and honey or ham and cheese. Sometimes chef Boyardee beef ravioli in the thermos
  11. Well, to be fair, mass movie merchandising outside of Disneyland was not the norm in the mid 70’s. Of course, I did have a Steve Austin lunchbox
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