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  1. That's exactly what I was saying lol. I'm a Browns fan so I watched plenty of Browns football unfortunately
  2. As an Everton fan I must say that our performance this weekend was woeful at best, but I do believe there is a bright future ahead of us eventually
  3. Well that isn't what you have been saying recently, and he doesn't have better skills. He has different, more exciting skills
  4. You literally argued that Doncic is more dynamic than Dirk and that is exactly what I refuted. Do you think Harden is better than Hakeem?
  5. I'm interested to see what kind of findings are uncovered. From what I know about the accusations, nothing really seems illegal
  6. That does sound exactly like what I did actually. You think Harden is better than Hakeem don't you?
  7. I didn't say he was good this year, but he doesn't deserve all the blame. The play calls were atrocious, as was the offensive line. And "bad throw" or not, they are NFL WRs...they have to catch the ball if it hits them in the hands
  8. "Will be" not "is already"
  9. Basically what I am gathering is that Luka is better because you have seen more of high highlight plays than you have from Dirk and because Luka is more "dynamic" aka "more fun to watch". Neither of which make him a better basketball player than Dirk. To say that Luka, a second year player is already better than a future HOFer and absolute legend in the game is incredibly ignorant. Had you said that Luka will likely develop into a better player than Dirk it would be slightly more understandable, but this is blasphemous. It sounds like you probably think that Harden is better than Olajuwon too
  10. Baker doesn't get enough credit. He may not be an elite QB, but he is certainly better than a lot of guys out there. I would like to see and top-tier QB try and throw the ball effectively with an O-Line made of paper like the Browns'. Though, DW4 does it year after year. Plus, with Hunt and Chubb, paired with OBJ (no matter how much of a cancer he may be) and Jarvis, there's no way the offense should have been as bad as it was. I put the blame primarily on the O-line, then Dorsey, then Kitchens. Maybe switch Dorsey and the O-Line. Also, Dak is so incredibly overrated
  11. Not Texas related, but Bob Menery's "Ripper Magoos Podcast" is elite. Start with the Gary Vee episode, Jordan Belfort, Robert O'Neill and Ryan Lochte
  12. Garrett, O'Brien and Kitchens are all about the same level of terrible in my eyes. To have teams with as much talent as the Browns, Texans and Cowboys, yet still underperform year in and year out should say something about their coaching ability (or lack there of). The Texans are only in the playoffs because they have a Top 5-8 team talent wise, but they never seem like a true contender because BOB is just such an awful playcaller. he gets carried by Deshaun, something that Garrett and Kitchens don't benefit from
  13. Anyone from the Patriots' system gets an exponential value boost solely because they are from the Pats i.e., O'Brien, McDaniels, Jimmy G, etc.
  14. Messi is better than Ronaldo, but I would love to hear other people's input on this debate
  15. Vizquel doesn't get nearly the respect that he deserves. The dude was one of the best defensive shortstops to play the game, with likely the quickest hands I have ever seen. He deserves to be in eventually, if not this year
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