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  1. I did not know that. I enjoy their channel.
  2. Everyone crushes LBJ at this point.
  3. 85 or not he’s still been our best starter most of the year. Lebarron, as hard as he throws, is just hoping for something that doesn’t exist. He’s got a whip of 1.75 and his baa is like 300. You cannot rely on that guy in that situation. Ace gets outs and has faced tough lineups before.
  4. Cannot throw Lebarron against aggy. That’s a recipe for burning the bullpen arms early in the regional
  5. I think we go Grubbs game 1, Ace against aggy. Ace is our best gamer I think. But maybe you throw Ace game 1 knowing he’s more capable than Grubbs of potentially eating 7-9 innings. Still would rather have Ace’s grit for game 2
  6. Digging in on something you’re objectively wrong about is a move
  7. Saarloos! Saarloos! Saarloos!
  8. Send us to Santa Barbara
  9. Gonna be Arizona. Nope. WVU there
  10. That doesn’t mean we pretend they aren’t doing Nazi shit now.
  11. I’m not sure why the idea of a high ranked team should be frightening to us. We’ve been one of the best teams in the nation against tournament caliber teams. It’s the other end of the spectrum that’s been tough.
  12. Holy shit you’re a moron. As has been pointed out to you multiple times in this thread, these are the steps. They didn’t kill 6 million people the first day. Comparing them to Nazis, when they use Nazi language, when they do things nazis did, and when they are openly talking about ruling forever, is a pretty apt comparison. You just want to make excuses for reasons. But you’re totally not in the tank at all. It’s troll shit
  13. You got me there. Whatever will I do now that people know I fucked up some grammar on the internet. The point is we are already there. The Nazi shit is happening. So acting like it can’t happen is moronic. You called it an “absurd comparison”. It’s not, clearly.
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