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  1. Don’t see why he doesn’t end up at UTSA
  2. CCV is just as bad. He’s not paying attention and don’t put any effort into checking that run
  3. Glad for the win. Huge huge victory. That said I don’t see how we will score against the Dutch. Virgil and De Ligt are going to bully our forward line
  4. I really don’t understand the English and their refusal to accept the word Soccer. They invented that name.
  5. I wish Antonee could do something’s other than run at the end line and cross. He doesn’t seem so one dimensional at Fulham
  6. I don’t think there’s ever really been a question that he seems to be smart and thoughtful and understands something about coaching. His issue entirely has been his game day coaching. It’s great that he has recognized those problems that were obvious and I hope he fixes them. He says the right things, now he needs to do the right things.
  7. I wouldn’t want Ed Orgeron to be our coach either.
  8. Like whom? I don’t think we should do that at all but honestly what options would there even be for that?
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