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  1. If he wins the title pay him all the money and all the years.
  2. I don’t think anyone here cares or will ever care about the SEC. No one here cares about the rest of the Big12 or SWC, why would that change?
  3. I’m predicting a 12-7 type game. Both those offenses are offensive
  4. Seattle fucking sucks compared to Austin. I stand by that comment. At least until we play them
  5. You underestimate how low I can go. I have a handle of Seagrams lol What’s funny is a wasn’t even talking about the Knob Creek. I was referring to that weak one finger pour. Drink up! We are fucking going to the CFP!
  6. I’m not gonna argue about it but it’s pretty clear that would have happened
  7. Yea I doubt it. I mean it’s just not all that easy. What are they gonna put a dude in an arm bar while he’s down?
  8. If Bama doesn’t win then they leave FSU in. Bama winning is what put us in
  9. Georgia will have to figure out some offense to do that. They aren’t any good either
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