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  1. I dunno if I buy that. Fucker needs to get back to bunting
  2. Of course he will. That doesn’t mean that the arm doesn’t still remember.
  3. Yup that’s my bad. I’m out
  4. If anyone hasn’t watched “Breach”, the movie about this I highly recommend it.
  5. I agree with several of your points while I think a couple might be the influence of years of bullshit spewed about her. But to be clear, she absolutely won the primary popular vote and it wasn’t even close. The fact you think that leads me to believe I’m correct about several of the other points you made.
  6. Anyone know how many total pitches that Stanford kid threw this weekend? I found it. 114 on Friday followed by 66 on Monday. Heavy tax on that arm
  7. I don’t really think fans should care. I completely understand being a pitcher and not being happy about it. If I’m on the mound, and you show me up, you might not wear it but you’ll certainly get a buzz
  8. A local feral cat sprayed his ass on my house yesterday. DDA apparently took cat form and blessed us with some luck.
  9. I have no issue with celebrating but I think there’s a difference between celebrating and showing up a pitcher. I thought yesterday was borderline
  10. He wasn’t locating the fastball even in the first. He was up on everything. His hook looked good the whole time though.
  11. Agreed. Yesterday the leash was much too long. If he’s that inconsistent with the fastball then he has to come out quick
  12. With his inability to locate the fastball right now it’s tough to find any spot for him. Starter might be the safest at the moment. Can’t risk bringing him in late in a tight game right now. At least as the starter we know we have at least three bullpen arms that are can work long innings (Stehle, Hurley, Morehouse) if he gets in trouble.
  13. I don’t see how they could outbid us. Our stadium is bigger, nicer, and has a national tv broadcast setup and studio built into it.
  14. Obviously our goals are always much greater than making the supers, but it needs to be acknowledged by many that David Pierce can flat out coach a baseball team
  15. Get a double play ball here. Bury breaking balls
  16. I can’t believe that we spent the entire last half inning talking about a player that didn’t hit or play defense in that half inning.
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