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  1. That doesn’t mean we pretend they aren’t doing Nazi shit now.
  2. I’m not sure why the idea of a high ranked team should be frightening to us. We’ve been one of the best teams in the nation against tournament caliber teams. It’s the other end of the spectrum that’s been tough.
  3. Holy shit you’re a moron. As has been pointed out to you multiple times in this thread, these are the steps. They didn’t kill 6 million people the first day. Comparing them to Nazis, when they use Nazi language, when they do things nazis did, and when they are openly talking about ruling forever, is a pretty apt comparison. You just want to make excuses for reasons. But you’re totally not in the tank at all. It’s troll shit
  4. You got me there. Whatever will I do now that people know I fucked up some grammar on the internet. The point is we are already there. The Nazi shit is happening. So acting like it can’t happen is moronic. You called it an “absurd comparison”. It’s not, clearly.
  5. You’re lamenting comparisons to Nazi’s as though Nazi shit hasn’t already happened. Are you dense?
  6. Are you serious? Get the fuck out of here if you are this ignorant. https://www.reuters.com/world/us/close-1000-migrant-children-separated-by-trump-yet-be-reunited-with-parents-2023-02-02/#:~:text=WASHINGTON%2C Feb 2 (Reuters),effort by President Joe Biden.
  7. Yea that whole intentional breaking apart families and “losing” the paperwork so they can never be reunited again thing never happened.
  8. Surly heads will explode if we win that regional
  9. We should definitely listen to the guy who doesn’t even know the names of the coaches of basketball and baseball.
  10. For no fucking reason. Wasn’t aggressive, wasn’t barking, just this dumbass couldn’t manage to wrangle it. If this video doesn’t show you the mindset these morons have then you’re refusing to see.
  11. So 2.75 seasons of baseball is the evidence for plateau. Ok then lol.
  12. Agreed He knows how to pitch. He can’t throw his off speed for a strike and teams know it. That’s not a pitching coach problem.
  13. What? You acted like game 1 starters in Omaha dominating was somehow unique to us. Thats kinda how it works. The average runs per team in game one if Omaha last year was 4. You aren’t facing many scrubs in game 1. Your lineup isn’t normally going to blow up for more than a handful of runs. We scored 8, 6, and 8 in the games we didn’t face Bednar. We weren’t dominated by pitching in that tournament. We were dominated by 1 guy who happened to be the best pitcher in the postseason.
  14. The NIL era started in 2021. The portal era started in 2018. So your evidence of our “plateau” is 3 seasons of baseball, one we played in Omaha, one we played in a Super, the other isn’t over yet? And you just ignore our portal haul for this season that addressed several holes in this roster hit injuries derailed.
  15. Well NIL and portal started in different years. So have we been plateauing since 2018 or since 2021? Again all you do is just say “nope not working”.
  16. It’s amazing how every discussion about this devolves into you throwing a fit instead of supporting your opinions. We’ve plateaued according to you. When did that start, what’s the evidence for it?
  17. And their evidence of being better is…? That they have been better at OSU or Clemson or Wake or Michigan or Virginia or Florida than DP was at SHSU? One of those schools is not like the others.
  18. Bakich seems like he would be the guy imo. I dunno if we will make a move or not but if we do and we end up with someone like Canham or Walter I would be pretty disappointed. There’s not an Augie out there obviously but if we are making a move, they need to at least have some skins on the wall.
  19. Crazy that game 1 starters in Omaha punk teams. Thats quite the revelation. Our game 1 starter punked them pretty hard too. We lost 2-1 lol.
  20. I don’t find football and baseball even remotely similar so I don’t think that matters. But also, Tom didn’t make three BCS games in 6 years. I’ve seen the names that you and others have posted. Some seem like they would work, some seem absolutely moronic. None have the accomplishments DP has. Doesn’t mean they couldn’t do better here though. It’s strange to act like 8 years with no title is some crazy amount of time. This ain’t exactly the first time we’ve had an 8 year gap in titles. And it’s not 1975 anymore. The overall talent is much more diverse across schools than ever before. DP needs to win a title and I personally wouldn’t really care if we fire him. It’s just beyond tired seeing this same shit everytime we lose a game with no real reasons other than “hasn’t won a title”. You say we’ve plateaued? According to who? By what metric? Your feelings?
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