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  1. In 2018, OU put all of their eggs in the Cameron Rising basket. When he decommitted, they went after Adrian Martinez who ended up going to Nebraska. That year, the QB market was depleted early so there were relatively few options for OU when Mordecai, at that time a 3-star backup plan, committed on Jun 1st. I'm sure OU took him thinking he had potential, but he certainly wasn't celebrated by the coaches or fans. Similarly, OU didn't have great options at QB for the 2020 clases after Bryce Young went elsewhere. The Sooners ended up with Morris, but there is very little excitement with him. Riley's said somewhere that he'd like to take a QB annually, but he doesn't just take a body. That said, it appears OU takes a highly regarded high schooler in odd number years (Robison, Rattler, Wms), and guys with less accolades in the even years (Mordecai, Morris). I guess this bodes poorly for OU's prospects with the highly-regarded 2022 Texas QB.
  2. Are you calling me out on the difference between 740K vs 800k? 🤪 Lon Kruger makes about 2m so if it's everybody > 1m, he's included. Regardless, it's smart messaging by the Sooners athletic department. Both those guys have incentive bonuses greater than the 10% loss so don't think they're that worried.
  3. This is good leadership messaging. The 10% salary cut will affect only three coaches I think (Riley, Grinch, and Kruger). It will save ~ 800k which is only 6% of the shortfall. However, it shows the community that the big dogs are sacrificing (only 3.6m, how will he make it!), and it shows the football and basketball staff that there bosses are looking out for them. It may legitimately spare some staff for these sports.
  4. If only the state of Oklahoma was as well-run as the OU football program. The Sooners were among the last teams to bring players back, and Riley has been on record from the start about his concern for player safety. The list of things to criticize about OU and Oklahoma about is long, but this isn' t on it.
  5. He's a clown for this but more for other stuff. This is just clownish behavior trying to distract us from his incompetence.
  6. You may be right, but I discount the possibility of him returning as a difference-maker in 2020.As we all know, WR requires explosiveness/change of direction that will take time to rehab and trust. A best case would be for them to wait until the last couple of games of the season to play. If he feels good, use him in conference championship and playoff. If not, redshirt is intact. What OU really needs to do is break the cycle of boom-bust WR classes. They alternate really good with very bad classes: 2016: 3 portals, 0 contributors 2017: 4 contributors 2018: 2 portals, 0 contributors 2019: 2 promising Fr years plus Bridges 2020: Weak recruiting class on paper 2021: First 2 recruits look good on paper and in on some other promising ones.
  7. WR attrition from OU 2018 class 2 enrolled -2 (portal x2) 2017 4 enrolled -3 (Brown-NFL, Lamb-NFL, Calcaterra-injury) 2016 3 enrolled -3 (portal x3) Looking at the scholarship chart on 247, they have 8 WR list for 2020. That includes a walk-on, Stoops' son, a guy with torn ACL (Haselwood), and a guy suspended for weed for 6 games (Bridges). Only 1 of the 3 new Fr is included on the chart. Of the 2 unlisted player, there are rumblings one may be moved to RB (Darby). Sprinkle in 2 grad transfers (1 of the transfers is walked-on at Miss St and recorded 0 receptions), subtract one torn Achilles tendon (Howard). So... 8 - 4 (nepotism/walk-on/injured/suspended) = 4 4 + 3 (minus 1 RB) = 5 5 + 2 (minus 1 Achilles) = 7 That's why I said "about 10." OU may really rely on nepotism/walk-ons in 2020. OU may run a lot of 21, 22 bc they've got talent and experience there. Bridges will be back for latter part of whatever of 2020 season occurs. Haselwood/Howard are of course on the books but out until 2021, but there is uncertainty in WR returning from those injures. The Obiolo will be off the books for 2021. That's why numbers for 2021 may be a bigger than anticipated.
  8. Is this what you guys extract from this? OU 2021 WR: 3 - 4 (4 if Egbuka) IN: Mario Williams, Cody Jackson Plus one more: Jalil Farooq, Coleman, or circle back to one of the other guys they've had on their radar (Sturdivant, Malcolm Johnson, etc) OU only has about 10 WR in the program this year so taking four doesn't seem excessive.
  9. Norman is close than Baton Rouge (5 hrs vs 10), but I hope OU stays far away from him.
  10. Recruiting to Morgantown is hard enough. Reinforcing the stereotype of WVU makes the walk down the "Country Roads" longer.
  11. You got it all wrong. Translation: People are going to go to college. Some will announce now, some later. Some at OU, some other places.
  12. From your mouth to the Lord's ears.
  13. The way to raise test scores is to give equal access to resources. When I worked in HISD, River Oaks Elementary spent more than 8k per student per year. It had two computers per class and nature area. Most rooms had an aide. I also went to a 5th Ward school that spent 1.5k/student. This school didn't have enough books for each student so there was no homework. This was in the mid 1990s after Robin Hood. Equalize opportunity, equalize mentorship, and you'll see test scores rise. This is all pretty much general knowledge now, but here's a link if your interested. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/03/rich-students-get-better-sat-scores-heres-why.html
  14. Ricky's one-hitter and Bevo14 are providing good information on this topic. Please see their replies on this topic. Using data at 16 years old to predict learning capacity/performance of adults is hard (impossible?: brain development continues into your mid-20's). SAT was designed to predict college performance. Even it's proponents only claimed correlation of 0.6. More so, it predicts access to better schools and test prep. It reinforces bias against disadvantaged groups regardless of race. The data on SAT's poor performance leaves us with GPA, which is a test of organization and effort. It may be sufficient. There is mounting evidence that "grit" or resiliency is a better predictor of adult success than other measures of talent. Lots of people are trying to figure out how to measure and predict grit.
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