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  1. Will it benefit the Univ of Texas more than any other? That may be the answer to your question.
  2. We still revert to old methodologies regarding revenue sharing. If college athletics is truly big business, treat it as such. Big10 should negotiate with Kansas based on what they bring to the table with an ability to reassess and value prior to expiration of any tv contract. Then you want more of the pot, you get your football program to be worth a damn. And schools on the outside looking in have to make a decision. Survive to play or get left out. The schools will have to be creative and willing to swallow some pride.
  3. Until it becomes true? Reality is they do a better job of putting guys in a position to succeed. I’ve seen concessions to them regarding winning this year. I don’t get it.
  4. The SEC hasn’t fully shown their hand. Are we going 4 conferences of 16 or something different? Tech or OSU by themselves is a complete outlier. If you take both, then you are at 16 so if we ultimately go 4 of 16 what move do you make? Really I think all other conferences are waiting to see the SECs long game.
  5. Did any of you ever consider that Ar Kansas and SEC crappiness helped cost us a shot at the 2008 title? Ous non- conference schedule was considered more difficult in part because new Big 12 add Cincy was much better than well entrenched SEC Arkansas. And we’re rewarding them by opening the doors to Texas recruiting. The good - new opponents. No more excuses recruiting The not so good - SEC SEC SEC. End of college football as we know it (actually the continuation of that trend). No longer playing our brothers (most consider this a benefit). TBD - The Aggies walked. Not sure I want to play again. Stupid scheduling due to many teams. Refs. Not sure these guys will any more friend. But WaltvAnderson can kiss mine. Uncertainty with respect to noncon scheduling.
  6. Tech and OSU are two of the top 3/4 programs out there for expansion. Both provide reasonable access to DFW. Both have higher upside than some existing PAC schools. And I think they have more give a damn. I’m not sure travel costs to Lubbock are that high. Their football programs may be better off in the PAC than the Big 12. If they offer up unequal revenue and maybe significantly reduced, that can lessen the financial impact to the current PAC. The PAC is next to die. They won’t survive as is. Future expansion is happening. Boise, BYU, CSU are the more local options. Cincy and UCF are the biggest tickets but not reasonably open to the PAC. So who do you choose?
  7. With some of these low $ projections and less than stellar TV ratings, would Tech be served well to negotiate an unequal revenue share for admittance to the PAC? Something that would give them more $ than the Big 12 or AAC. It’s get them better positioned for any future realignment. It may also assist in forging a different identity. The Premier PAC school in Texas.
  8. That’s why you reach out to the SEC just to see. Is the bigger goal world domination or 16 teams? You and Tech are cultural fits and while maybe not huge markets your athletic programs have some histories and decent sized alumni bases. They can only say no.
  9. I hope you read the why did the swc die thread Instead of outright blaming Texas for it ceasing to exist. But my guess is that is part basis for your bullshit. I’d say most know that Texas isn’t running Jack in the SEC and all this speculation is for fun. Damn near everyone knows this is about money and survival. We weren’t exactly on home turf when the Big 12 was setup. The first Big 12 championship was in St Louis. The current tourneys are in OKC and KC. Nebraska got pissed because Prop 48 or whatever it was. Every other school in their right mind should have voted that down. Then we proceeded to beat their asses. And in very important games too. And the odd thing is damn near anything Texas would fight for would have benefited the Aggies. Many Texas people don’t care for DeLoss so I’m sure he alienated certain people in power at other schools. Keep in mind you are in pawn for the Sec. and it’s all about their greed for money and power. They will share their money with you to achieve their ultimate purpose, but you also need to know that you’ve played a part in your Texas brethren fighting for their athletic lives because the SEC wants to rule the college athletic landscape and don’t care who gets left behind.
  10. Is it you Little Tommie T? Only Gator I’ve known. No China towns where I’m from.
  11. Can we be friends? I need friends in a higher class.
  12. In the 4 conference scenario, that would work, but why would the SEC agree to this? Our #2 is better than your #1 has been their argument to this point. The SEC is playing to get it their way. Which way is that is the question.
  13. Ultimately the PAC 12 has a choice: gain some recruiting in Texas or money. Market share comes about going to Big 10. Or they can have more of a presence in Texas in adding Big 12/Texas schools. But NIL dollars will be harder to come by outside the Big 10. I’d hazard a guess donations/NIL come from similar pools longer term. The new PAC won’t be able to keep up due to conference dollars unless it’s Big 10. The SECs plan to wreck stuff is genius if you’re ok with money being the priority for everything. They want to be the NCAA. The hypocrisy is interesting. If you are one of us (SEC member), you can share equally. But if you are not one of us, we do not care if your program gets crushed. The FCS awaits you. Like them or not, this is what A&M said to Baylor and Tech 10 years ago and what we are saying now. A huge difference is that we haven’t played the holier than though card like the Aggies in touting the SEC. Not only is the Big 12 done, the PAC is done. Oregon and USC might be able to hang, but the rest likely get crushed. Their hopes rest in the Big10 and that the western half of the country spends its NIL dollars everywhere but California. I once thought 4 16 team super conferences was going to be it, but I’m not sure that’s it. 3 of 20 or 2 of 24. Who knows. The big conferences won’t allow a G5 to come in with a soft schedule, take some money from the pot and steal even a 1st round playoff game.
  14. This almost has to be it. Either that or forego a conference championship. And in my opinion, you are only left with crappy non-conference games. 16 games is a helluva lot so I think most teams will opt for 3 cupcakes.
  15. Yet one QB is succeeding in the NFL, the other is not. So it was not a talent issue. At least at that position. Actually I think your defense stepped up.
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