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  1. Disagree. Refs miss stuff. A lot. For stuff truly warranting ejection, it shouldn’t be ignored just cause somebody has their vision/sight line impaired.
  2. Wasn’t Hutson’s best game versus Bama thus far? If so, the rationale makes sense. First game jitters - understandable. Best game versus best opponent shows upside. Then falters again. Now if he comes out slow versus Tech, then maybe you’ll see some movement. It is a bit surprising there hasn’t been more rotation. That seems more intentionally than not though.
  3. I was mostly being a smartass regarding Majors/Angilau as it seemed many assumed that would be the change. I’m not saying it wouldn’t have been the case, but it was likely for a hedge/flexibility going into the season. Converting to Center is not exactly an easy transition. Your point on Campbell seems correct. If they felt he was ready, he’d be on the field, at least some. His longer term projection is more important than play him now. Different position but early returns on JaTavion are very positive after allowing him to acclimate.
  4. Angilau was going to be the Center don’t you remember.
  5. I don’t get that much into the NCAA, but I view it a bit like the NFL/Goodell relationship. If the schools really wanted a change right now, it’d happen. You’d have to think the NCAA will be no longer but the question is when. We also need to be honest. There are a lot of nimrods out there outside the NCAA offices with agendas, attitudes and self serving desires so I’ll be skeptical until proven otherwise.
  6. Agreed. There needs to be some common sense approach, which I realize is asking a lot.
  7. I’m generally a let’s see the numbers guy, but this is not true even though there are no specific numbers highlighted. Our big 3 games last year that sent the season into the toilet were clearly beneficial to our opponent. OU and Bu didn’t have Jack for penalties. Non calls were massively in OUs favor. OSU had a roughing penalty extend a drive and didn’t get one for driving the Qb into the ground. Arkansas, with big 12 refs, had 3 non calls targeting/roughing. WVU injured Card late and senselessly. We did get a borderline one in our favor versus TCU. And on OU when Foster recovered the fumble that was subsequently overturned the OU punk ran down and stuck his crown in his back. Nothing. Going back years, Sam got several cheap shots from OU yet nothing. Weak ass fall down by Lamb and Roach who had no prospect of stopping barely hits him. No chance of injury. Gone. It’s a subjective call, subjectively applied and they totally disregard the intent of the rule. Overshown as has been pointed out was just playing football. He can’t help he’s tall. He was not violent or excessive in his actions.
  8. Probably not. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but you’ll see some overall grades lower than each of the individual grades. And vice versa I’d assume.
  9. Not really on the play calling. Do you know which was the shittiest offensive sequence of the game? The play calling that was 3 plays in a row at or behind the LOS. It killed a drive. It stalled momentum. 100% Sark. When guys beat blocks that easily on those plays, it’s because they were not fooled one bit. We had 4 possessions in the first half. 3 scores. The other hindered by a non call on a well thrown deep ball. I think we had two non-scoring possessions in the 2nd half. One of those noted above.
  10. Well he was damn good escaping the pocket. He also had at least the two shittiest throws - one a TD for us, one that coulda been a TD for them.
  11. But he is 1-gapping or 2? Also a positive sign that the other two olinemen didn’t just release to the LBer.with no concern for the guy in front of them.
  12. Several Dline guys have looked like NFL Prospects. Keep it up. Their disruption has kept the second level cleaner. Our LBers are much better when the line doesn’t get an immediate release to that level. As you’d expect I suppose. Then Thompson has forced like a safety should on several occasions. It always has and always will start up front. Team defense. Hope they keep gaining understanding of assignment football.
  13. He deserves some credit for West Virginia. Not perfect by any stretch, but he threw a very good deep ball to Worthy. Before he got hurt on what should have been a late hit, he moved great in the pocket and got a first. If he doesn’t hurt there, there’s a decent chance the outcome of that game is different.
  14. Htown is likely right on Banks. Take the inside guy who has the most direct path. Plus Anderson- Banks is desired versus Bijan-Anderson.
  15. We need 3 yards. A TD would be great, but the first is the objective. And that wheel route to Whitt is not a given. If that corner stays, it’s not clearly open. Plus short side of the field makes it more congested until the play fully develops. Even blocking Anderson doesn’t necessarily save the play. But yeah sure, if we block both guys, it works. With that play call, Whitt and Sanders need time to get into their route. Any pressure kills it. The DE isn’t going to allow enough time for a throw to Whitt. The big question is whether to block the backside DE. Cause with that action the QB has to be his. With the play fake, my initial assumption is that we leave him unblocked. If so, that’s on the play call because he’s dumb to chase the RB action (so assume he won’t) and then because Card has no quick option. If Whitt goes to the flat, he likely pulls that guy out quicker and allows the throw to Sanders. If there’s no Whitt motion, Sanders might be open enough. The play is a nice setup but not the best choice given that you’d assume Bama is not going to sit back and allow it to develop.
  16. I was guesstimating about the time he needed to be getting rid of the ball. Sanders came from the backside so he had a ways to go.
  17. There’s no double on Sanders. He’s nowhere near the flat yet. The Bama defender can still peel off on Whitt or he can come hit Sanders. That wheel that shadowy corner could still get there too. Card does have another option. Airmail it and save Bama a timeout.
  18. That play. Card made the right decision. The Whittington motion brought that edge defender into play. Anderson was there too quick for Card to know whether the edge takes Whitt or Sanders. You cannot guess. I mean you can, but if you guess wrong, you risk a pick. If you’re calling that a TE screen, there were no blockers. Anderson is about to hit Card and Whitt and Sanders are both at the LOS. Worthy with a 5 yard cushion on 3rd and 3 and the CB back peddling at the snap. Some inside route and Worthy’s wide open. Somebody screwed up the blocking (could be Jones, could be Banks), but when you don’t fool the defense on short yardage play action that’s on the play caller. There’s a lot wrong with that play call.
  19. What about Sanders 3 catches for 4 yards with a long of 8 indicates that he disappeared? There was only Toto between him and 6 points on the screen when he fell.
  20. Yeah, it’s always hard to know responsibilities. If Tapp was supposed to go inside, then it’s on him. Richardson and LTG have to see the ball though. Not sure what causes Richardson to react as he does. He can’t see the IWR action and the QB isn’t leading him that way either. In fact the QB opens up the other way so there really is no excuse for Richardson. Brock can’t just fly out of there cause the RB could go either way. His mistake was jacking with the blocker. The ball went to the side with 3 defenders and only 2 blockers. As you said, two dudes, one gap. Some of those here may like that, but it ain’t preferable. That was the issue.
  21. You also should look to the play action versus non-play action sacks numbers then compare those around the league. The TTT of when pressured versus not pressured was surprising to me as well. But that was pretty consistent across different QBs. But Card’s data when compared to others is not. It’s also counter to the narrative about our pass blocking.
  22. You dudes just bring me back in. On the TD run, the problem is first and foremost Richardson. He engages no one. He along with the safety are playing a WR screen that wasn’t even part of the offensive plan. There is only one of 3 guys that even participates yet he’s the one called out. Does Brock need to make the play? Sure. On that play, we have two guys covering the same gap. Richardson doesn’t see the ball and in fact turns his damn back to it. If he reads the play, he’s got a solo tackle at or near the LOS. Or at worst case, he provides enough force so that Brock does get there. Tapp does a poor job too. The RB is running right at Turner-Gooden. So order of priority of failure is Richardson, LTG then Brock/Tapp. Go back and watch it now. Also on the pass play that is Brock’s fault who the hell knows. But a DB did miss a tackle that resulted in about 30 extra yards. I’ve watched last years games a shit ton. And after that Ford is not a better player. He’s just fucking not. You assholes would rather see a guy not get near the play than see him get close but not make it. Ford is not consistently better at taking on blocks, at staying on his feet, at getting off blocks, at finishing tackles, at finding his drop zone, at play recognition or at helping his teammates make plays. Last week I watched the WVU game again. Brock’s last of the season and next to last of the season to see how Ford “improved.” Ford wasn’t better and the team results were not better when Brock wasn’t on the field. Last year the Dline was probably #1 or #2 along with DBs tackling people for the defensive issues. 2 missed tackles last night out of the DBs. DMO had 13 tackles and 1.5 TFLs in game 1 last year against a vastly superior team. Sorrell, Coburn and Ojomo may have all played better last night than any Dline guy last year. They caused more havoc and kept LBers cleaner. It is and always has been about the guys upfront. If you want Overshown to keep making plays, don’t let him get beat to hell. Comparing game 1s year over year, the ILBs were more productive last year than this year. This isn’t particularly noticeable when the Dline is dominating.
  23. Could be. And mostly I’m hopeful as opposed to convinced. At some point you need results. But Coburn’s effort is very encouraging. Sorrell’s too but he’s just coming into his own. Coburn shoulda been there long ago.
  24. Overshown came out on fire last year to an extent. He was more efficient this game probably but a worse team. This current role will be more helpful to free him up. Plus having the spring had to have helped. Pac-Man, You failed to point out that Coburn and Ojomo exceeded their combined sack total from last year. With Coburns 4th quarter bs KState, that is two nice efforts in a row for him. Maybe attend. As best I could tell Ford made no tackles and misses included a miss when unblocked off the edge. The pass completed on him was somewhat flukey though. A lot of that wasn’t terribly noticeable due to guys flying around.
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