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  1. Yes, we upgraded. You just never actually said that. The fact remains that defensively the players most important to our defense this year and this weekend spent a significant amount of time on the field two years ago. And gave up 57. I hope they remember it well. And play like it pissed them off.
  2. I always find these shitty posts interesting. I’m sure you were “embarrassed” losing to KU. That was a team loss yet you call out certain dudes like a simple minded gimp. Washington had 100 yards, 2 TDs in that game fyi. 350 passing for Casey. Of the top 10 in defensive snaps from that game, 3 are starters this year. 3 are NFL dudes. Of the other 4, the one with the least number of plays is the only one you mentioned. Of the next 10 in snaps, actually 11, 5 have prominent roles on this defense including 2/3 starters. Then 3 have seen some NFL looks. Objectively the defense was the biggest issue in 2021 KU. 8 contributors (not including Sweat or Gbenda even) for this year were materially involved. None of them were freshmen either. Interestingly enough only 3 guys that played offensively are still here then Bijan/Roschon. Agree on the KU run game. That’s the beauty of our depth. If it’s not your day, let’s see the next guy. Of those 10-12 guys you referenced, just remember, we got 8 guys in the front 7 for this year that played a part in getting their ass handed to them by Kansas. We’re gonna whip their ass this weekend. Their only hope is that their Oline can handle Sweat, Collins, Murphy and Broughton. Let’s hope those 4 remember 2021.
  3. Well except that the defense was screwing around then decided to shut OkSt down. So not sure that’s single handed.
  4. Doesn’t seem much mention that 3 BU Olinemen are running QB draw either. Or so it seems.
  5. He’s basically doing the same shit. Biggest difference is he is more mature and everyone on the team is doing their job better. Unless you’re going back to his DE days, which he was there due to more factors outside of his control.
  6. Yeah, that’s why I said upgraded to above average. If he came out today, he’s not the type of LBer that goes round 1 much less too 5.
  7. Average NFLer. You know since I said given their draft positions. He was probably above average in the NFL but did not produce anywhere near a top 5 pick. If you legit think Bama scores 0, then I guess it makes sense that’d be their only shutout. Jesus.
  8. This is a shout out to Jared Wiley correct?
  9. I’m not aware of anyone with advanced metrics other than PFF. I don’t know that they’d have over the top safety help as part of that. That’d probably be incorporated into the pass D grade for each player. Same for open WRs that the Qb simply misses. The grading is ambiguous so not certain how reliable that is. As for Catalon, he looks a little chunky but no idea if that’s normal for him. He hasn’t shown anything to say he’s a good pass defender. At least not from returning from his latest injury.. I’m not sure what KU will tell us because they might scheme themselves open rather than out athlete us.
  10. You damn dudes. They beat 7-5 Michigan in the game prior to the bowl game. Michigan lead into the 4th. OSU won 25-21. I guess we’ll just discount that cause rivalry. Yes, they were capable of beating USC. They also were capable of losing 10 of 10.
  11. His drop rate as a frosh was 5%. 11% as a sophomore with a broken hand. Whether you believe is accurate on the hand is irrelevant. that’ll be the story for NFL teams. Johnston and Flowers both had drop rates in the 9-10% range. They got punished in the draft. It only takes one team to love you.
  12. In their first 5 games, the most points they scored? 34. Big wins over Miami of Ohio and SDSU. Just lit their asses up. They scored 40+ 4 times against shitty Big 10 teams. Lost to PSU 17-10. So absolutely? I didn’t say they weren’t better than Bama. I didn’t say they wouldn’t win. But OSU did lose twice. To act as though Bama is void of talent is premature. There’s also a good chance that Bama defense would do well versus that OSU offense. Anthony Gonzalez, Bobby Carpenter, Ted Ginn. Donte Witner, All first rounders. None worthy. Hawk, Mangold, Holmes were all good but were all average given their draft positions.
  13. Gotcha. The staff will have to deal with that situation. For me, it doesn’t matter the safety but Barron is one of your best so get him out there. You could even put him at corner. It’s not a knock on other guys it’s that Barron is that good. There’s been so much rotation it’s hard to know what’s situational, but it’s apparent Barron comes out for the 3rd LB.
  14. This isn’t exactly right. Wyoming threw for 136. Their longest was 20 yards. You know the one right over Crawfords head. Their other deepest completion was Watts/Catalon. They did isolate Thompson twice for firsts. He also had a PBU on 3rd and the pick when attacking with quick outs. Baylor took deep shots on Taafe/Watts and Catalon/Watts. The staff has a plan, and they work it.
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