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  1. Be honest about it. Bush being white absolutely has something to do with it. But also being a former walk on does too. The son of bitch played out of position in attempt to help your team. And my guess is that he did what the coaches asked and put more effort into it than the scholarship guys. And, yeah, maybe even did it better on occasion. Now maybe if a scholarship badass that isn’t outweighed by 100 pounds that’s had his ass kissed and gotten the benefit of the doubt the entirety of his damn career could out produce Bush, then you’d have an argument. Not even saying they play the same positions, but Sweat has 1 sack per year. Moro Ojomo had 431 snaps and had fewer TLFs/Sacks than Bush last year. Coburn had 389 snaps and 1 sack. That may have been the same damn play he got a personal foul penalty. Bush’s play count didn’t even register on PFF. Collins 328 plays and roughly doubled Bush’s stats. Jacoby Jones had the least number of plays for the edge/interior guys on PFF at 228 so Bush had less than that. You always need team guys here. On scholarship. We’re not Alabama or Georgia or Ohio State. So yeah Bush right now is worthy of one. It’s not like we missed out on other dudes because he got one either. Yours and others issue should be with the guys that don’t produce consistently. That fit your damn profile. Yet aren’t doing it.
  2. Long way to go before Neyor is better than Jordy Nelson. Hell he’s got a ways to go to catch Jeremy Jones in Austin.
  3. Some 2021 3rd down defensive stats to chew on. I ran thru the play-by-play of each game pretty quickly so….. We were #101 in allowing a 42% conversion rate. Obviously you can’t take out any games. If that were allowed and you choose two, that’d be KU and WVU. Our conversions allowed drops to 36.8% for about 43rd in the country. Those same two teams converted via pass 18 of 28. All other games were 27% on passes. No other teams converted more than 50% with TCU being the best right at 50.
  4. Just think of all the dumb shit you did in your first year of something then imagine how much better you were in year 2.
  5. Kinda odd choices by both coaches in the bottom of the 6th there. I guess maybe Miss didn’t trust their pitching depth, but the starter lost it those last two batters. The Ok bunt attempt made for an easy out. The games have been good though.
  6. Because Crawford has NFL corner skills.
  7. That 2007 back 7 is far less talented than last years version. I suppose Palmer and Foster were fast, but the rest had no single individual skill that could have been considered anything but average.
  8. Do you want the most consistent or the most talented? Ultimately, I realize we all want the most talented to be the most consistent, but how often does that actually happen? I’m not referring to anyone in particular here but narratives are formed then they proceed to confirm their biases. For some Card is doomed to always be who he is and Collins is a misused talent. I hope Collins turns into the guy he is supposed to be. But maybe has already.
  9. It’s a little ironic we’re all hoping that Collins figures it out, but that QBs are done after one or two crappy performances. Scheme or not, Collins only has flashed a handful of times.
  10. It was interesting that the Oklahoma team got a bye to get to this round. Texas Teen Age tried to hit up my area to convert. There are several competing forces.
  11. Those are some excellent words. Well strung together. Believable.
  12. He’s also winless when his team trails at the end of the game. At least he has a chance to improve one of those.
  13. Y’all know you can include the Big 12 championship victory in the total, right?
  14. Is Abilene Wylie now the cream of the Texas Little League crop?
  15. 10. Two Win Dave turned it around in one season. They are now unbeatable. We have One Sack Sweat and Two Sack Alfred. Rest easy.
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