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  1. LOHorn

    Its happening

    Isn't this a Taylor Swift song?
  2. Yes, that is Terfel. I enjoy the idea of your post that most people here would be like "Yes, Sir Bryn Terfel. I know that voice. What did you think of him as Wotan?" The Welsh also have an amazing tradition of child singing and vocal competitions beyond Cardiff.
  3. Is Milwee's higher resolution? And the gas can is really hard to pick out. It looks like a suitcase.
  4. Bucks running a lot of two down looks today. Don’t know their personnel well enough to know whether it’s a 2-4-5 or a 3-3-5.
  5. Yo, it’s not easy to be a Vandy fan. I remember storming the field in ‘98 because we won a conference game. You take what you can get.
  6. This thread brought me out of many, many years of lurking. I salute you all with a McRib!
  7. That was how I had always thought of it. Went and checked the NCAA rules, and it’s not the lack of duress. Rule 7, Section 3, f says that a pass isn’t illegal if it’s thrown to conserve time immediately after gaining possession. i guess they carved a little loophole out just for spiking.
  8. ND has more top 25 wins, more quality wins, a better SOS, and better game control. They'll get in over A&M. I wish they would put Cincy or Costal in.
  9. Danielson was saying that because Florida hiked the ball with 19 on the clock, Alabama would have been out of time. But Alabama allowed 10-15 seconds to run off the clock on a completed pass because they had 2 time outs remaining. If they had 15 fewer seconds left on the clock, they would have used one of their TOs. The situation would have been the same, but Alabama would have been out of time outs. The difference meant Alabama was able to run a play to the middle of the field because Florida spiked the ball w/ 19 on the clock. Florida made a poor decision, no doubt. But the half would have p
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