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  1. I usually shoot these green invasive fuckers... walked out to the car and a small one (about 16") was clinging onto the trunk of a palm tree about 3' off the ground. He was trying to warm up and you could tell his batteries were low and he was not having a good time. I walked right up to him and he just sat there.... I gave him a pass and just left him there, no one deserves to die cold and alone. If I see him in the herb garden or eating the ever loving shit out of my Jalapeños, his ass will be plant food. /csb
  2. First real "cold" front of the year...
  3. Half the folks (probably way more than half) don't even know the proposed laws that the tactical Barbie Dressup folks are out "protecting" They probably also don't know that Virginia is one of (if not the largest) straw purchase state in the union. But Fox and the Alt-right crowd don't want to have a discussion on the merits, they just want to rile up the sheeple.
  4. amongst other things... yes.
  5. I think the French got it right...
  6. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-51197099?ocid=socialflow_twitter&ns_campaign=bbcnews&ns_source=twitter&ns_mchannel=social great timing
  7. You mean like a large chunk of the US does? Kinda makes my point. Media has been weaponized to either delight or disgust... that's how you keep an audience. I can fully understand why Harry & Megan would want to extricate themselves from a formal structure that would expose their family to that kind of vitriol. It seems to me they are getting slammed for making some money for themselves while simultaneously gaining more control of their media exposure and narrative. or perhaps he put the pussy on the pedestal.. idk idc
  8. So in your mind, what are the factors leading the British tabloid press to attack Megan for the same deeds they praised Kate? Why did they equate Megan's child with a chimpanzee?
  9. Have you tried Rain X ? Just sayin'
  10. I see that video and all I hear is Rage Against the Machine's Cucks on Parade
  11. can you work a screw driver? Because that's really the only "skill" you need If you price shop on PC parts picker and set alerts $1000 will buy a VERY respectable gaming rig. Of course like anything, you can spend as much as you want, but marginal return and what not.
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