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  1. https://www.amazon.com/Dayton-Audio-MA1240a-Multi-Zone-Amplifier/dp/B003DKVZHQ 3- house zones 1- pool deck 1- garage 1- Mbr I have one an older one that doesn't have the wireless support. So I use any old device to provide rca input. In my case, since these are just house speakers for passive listening, I use a Roku to stream Pandora/whatever and use a Miccus low latency bluetooth transmitter/receiver. That way I can see whats playing on the TV and change music etc without walking down the hall to my media closet, and if I want I can also play my main stereo system and subs. Having the subs on really makes the ceiling speakers sound so much better. My only complaint about the amp is that the individual sound levels and selection for each zone is on the BACK of the amp. So I have it mounted backwards. Looks like ass, but you won't care unless your in the closet.
  2. Dear Nunes https://external-preview.redd.it/HsJlomuKLtAdW1pTDBryII--f9NqqBdZiB3YDbmC5ds.gif?format=mp4&s=581944fe6f76e4269eb49e86e36eec9a4e79670b
  3. Probably gonna go buy a used Boss Katana.... found one that looks brand new for $150 so that's probably going to be it. https://miami.craigslist.org/pbc/msg/d/boynton-beach-guitar-amp-boss-katana-50/6997921457.html Is that the sweet spot or will $300 get a substantially better quality amp?
  4. I like what you've done with the place
  5. He looks like the manager of the towel/dryoff team at a carwash in the seedy party of town
  6. but then I fear I'd be a bad neighbor
  7. If the kid got the gun from home, I think the parents should be charged and have their stewardship of any dependents reviewed by Child protective services.
  8. Loco

    Tua injury updates?

    you seem like a Saban taint licker
  9. Welp, Went to Guitar Center and had her check out, play, and hold a BUNCH of guitars from a Mexican Fender Strat to the Gretsch Electromatic. No matter what she tried she just kept coming back to an Epiphone SG. She even looked more comfortable sitting with it and even guitars that were more expensive (and I thought sounded better... that Gretsch tho) didn't hold her interest at all compared to the SG. Ended up with this Epiphone SG - G-400 Pro despite it's borderline criminal lack of USB ports We were running late for another appointment so we punted on other decisions Any recommendations on staps, cords, & AMPs ??
  10. Gotta think ou could go over the top with Baylor crowding the line.... qb run fake dip, then let it fly
  11. At least you guys will never be this bad...
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