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  1. I'm in a different boat ... My kids are 14 & 16 and frankly spoiled rotten. Breakfast and lunch is their responsibility. Son takes care of the garbage/pool, daughter does dishes. We don't just dump our dishes and make our daughter do them. Everyone puts their dishes in the dishwasher, it's almost as easy as just dumping them in the sink anyways. Misc stuff she takes care of. If my wife cooks, I make sure to clean pots/pans/knives, it's not a big thing. When I cook she is always helping out ... We like spending time together and helping each other out. Kids pick up on that and p
  2. 1) How old are the kids? 2) Dishwashers exist 3) The cook doesn't clean. Division of labor
  3. I agree with 99% of your take here. And if you like Chili's or have a weird craving... fine. But my first meal out will be at a non chain restaurant. I want my money to go fully back into my community and not to distant C-level exec comp packages & shareholders. The only thing I've been craving that I can't make at home (very well) is some Thai Red Duck Curry & spicy calamari.
  4. A post was made saying the armed protesters were not as extreme as "you think they are" I was refuting that comment. Sorry if thinking armed racist are extremists is too "political" for you... wait no, not sorry.
  5. Sous Vide & Searzall / Cast iron finish.
  6. Spoiler alert the guys in the Hawaiian shirts "bugaloo gear" want to overthrow the government and form a white ethnostate. So no, they aren't fighting for 'Merica. They are baiting for a race war. And they are much more extreme than you make them out to be. Maybe others marching along with them don't know what they stand for or don't care. Ignorant and armed... America..Fuck yeah!
  7. Why is this guy wearing a hawaiian shirt?
  8. Correct But I also think the super high price streak houses are for pretentious douche bags. Learn to cook a steak and everything else sucks donkey balls.
  9. yup and they're awesome. The control panel gets finicky after a few years... That's their only flaw
  10. Fuck anyone who takes pictures of their meal to post on facebook. Meanwhile in Jolly Ole' England...
  11. from Quest Diagnostic https://www.questdiagnostics.com/home/Covid-19/Patients/ idk how prevalent the other coronavirus are...but that seems like an important caveat
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