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  1. I can forward them to you if you want
  2. Fuck those Mennonites can run!
  3. This way we know who to blame and who is innocent of any blame. Light the pitchforks!
  4. Heard an interview today about how they have "ended" their Wuhan lockdown. Basically you can only leave your apartment if it's for an approved purpose and only for 2 hours. You have also have a tracking app on your phone. They are still very worried. They have also apparently sealed off Beijing from the outside... No one is getting in. There's no use crying over spilled milk.
  5. That's a Texas sized 10-4 or Can confirm
  6. You do know Florida is in the US, right?
  7. Every time I see a video that follows a cable for any length of time.
  8. I think they should remake this movie. This time the Farmer gets HUGE tax incentives and public money to build the stadium. Zoning is waived and heavy construction rocks a small farm community torn in two by the highway need to transport the "they"
  9. It's hard to imagine, but some of those kids don't have homes... some if they got a box of food, would have it taken from them. It's beyond fucked up
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