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  1. Not that I can see. I'm sure money to financial institutions will be part of a federal package for the states. I'm just watching how aggy's public statements differ from what they are saying elsewhere. I'm starting to look at the numbers for the athletics departments. Iowa State saying they are looking at a $73 mil hit (their annual op revenue is only $80 mil) the first I have seen. The fiscal year for UT and A&M ends Aug 31, so we should be some level of information in the next few weeks.
  2. Let's look at the numbers. From the TMF annual report. Notice our friend starts saying he was "paying about $24k" to the TMF. He then shifts to talking about how much he "donates." Only 50% of the TMF members have football tickets. Of the almost 20,000 TMF members (of 500,000 aggy alumni), barely 650 TMF numbers donate more than $750 to aggy athletics. Only 113 (of 500,000 aggy alumni) donate at least $2,500. Of the top 650 donors to TMF, the average donation is less than $1,500. aggys don't donate to their school. They aren't donating, they are paying market price for their football tickets.
  3. Self-awareness is beginning to creep into the minds of a number of rednecks in aggyland. I've been saying for years the lack of intellectual capital in the B/CS area is a sign of just how far A&M is from being a world-class university. The economic downturn, and the strain it will place on the government welfare projects that Texas A&M depends on as a lifeline (the vaccine boondoggle, the Los Alamos contract, etc), are going to be a nightmare for aggy. Fuck aggy. They could have focused on attracting intellectual capital but they wanted a football stadium and to maintain their "only rednecks need apply" culture. Every time an unemployed person in the Brazos Valley drives by the aggy campus and sees that stadium, I hope they realize the aggys had the choice between attracting intellectual capital to B/CS, or a football stadium, and the aggys chose the football stadium. And now B/CS desperately needs intellectual capital capable of creating new products and new technologies. Texags couldn't even survive in College Station without getting a federal bailout back in April. When Texags can't survive in that economic shithole, what business can?
  4. Case 4:20-cv-02605 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS HOUSTON DIVISION LUKE LAMBERTH, individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated, v. THE TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY SYSTEM I. NATURE OF THE ACTION 1. This is a class action lawsuit on behalf of all persons who paid or will pay tuition to attend one of the universities in the A&M System In short, A&M Students (as defined below) have paid substantial sums to the Universities for a first-rate education and educational experience, with all the appurtenant benefits offered by a first-rate university, but have been provided a materially deficient and insufficient alternative, which alternative constitutes a decrease in value as compared to what was originally contracted for. In effect, the Universities have unlawfully seized and are in possession of property (funds) of A&M Students in the form of paid tuition and Mandatory Fees. Plaintiff seeks, individually and on behalf of all other students similarly situated, just compensation for (i) the taking of tuition and Mandatory Fees proportionate to the amount of time that remained in the Spring 2020 semester Plaintiff’s counsel has submitted Texas Public Information Act requests to each of the Universities and the Board of Regents of the A&M System (the “Board of Regents”) in order to, inter alia, gain access to the internal communications regarding issuing potential refunds and reimbursements to students and the ultimate denial of same. If any information received proves relevant, Plaintiff shall amend its pleadings to incorporate PRAYER FOR RELIEF WHEREFORE, Plaintiff Luke Lamberth, individually and on behalf of the Class, respectfully requests that the Court: (a) Enter an order certifying the Class under Rule 23 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, naming Mr. Lamberth as representative of the Class, and appointing Plaintiff’s attorneys as Class counsel; (b) Enter judgment in favor of Plaintiff and the Class on all counts asserted herein, awarding just compensation in an amount to be determined by the trier of fact, including but not limited to restitution and all other forms of equitable monetary relief; (c) Award Plaintiff and the Class reasonable attorneys’ fees, costs, and expenses; (d) Award pre- and post-judgment interest on any amounts awarded; and (e) Award Plaintiff and the Class such other and further relief as they may justly be entitled. Case 4:20-cv-02605 Document 1 Filed on 07/23/20 in TXSD Page 20 of 21
  5. Keep in mind most of the bowl games this year are also going to be cancelled. There remains the possibility of post-season exhibition games in their place. UT/ A&M talk will be brought back up if that is the case.
  6. No one is laughing at the "pro-Sul Ross" zeitgeist more than I. Just one wonderfully self-inflicted aggy jokes after another. They are truly some of the most poorly educated college graduates on could imagine. Fucking clueless beyond belief. Watching them stumble over themselves as they try to separate aggy indoctrinated racism and aggy culture is sad, and yet comical. There's a need for a place like Texas A&M in the world? Really? Lol. There isn't even a need for a place like Texas A&M in Texas.
  7. https://texags.com/forums/16/topics/3127360 One of the "Clinical Associate Professors" at A&M just dumped his version of the "Sully's character" debate. Interesting that he used texags to essentially publish what he wrote. Not sure what's going on with that. And people say I need to learn how to write shorter pieces.
  8. I've been saying for years that the next round of realignment won't be one or two teams switching conferences, but rather a radical restructuring along economic commonalities. What if there was no SEC, Big12 or ACC for football moving forward, and what if a school's basketball and baseball teams were in different conferences for different sports? The virus is just accelerating what was inevitable - an economic restructuring of college sports. https://view.email.sportico.com/?qs=26e6573624343581390aae3bf7e53c52261e4c7e579335051580c654003c71dea472b11f95558923093b078253151af9abfad7af29352f12683d6033492bea70dbf859229654d088
  9. I'm sure a lot of aggys who find themselves in tough economic conditions are going to claim they are taking the moral high ground, but actually not keeping football tickets because they need to cut back. Not saying that's Buzbee's situation, but capital is flowing out of the oil sector, the economic effects of the virus, etc. Also, the Sul Ross entry on aggypedia has been looked at by the proofreader, so it shouldn't have any typos.
  10. The aggys have toned it down from their "game changer" bleat of a few years ago promising 100 million doses of a vaccine within four months of being given a sample of the virus. They haven't delivered a damned thing yet and all they are being asked to do is what they were already paid to be able to deliver. For once, aggys, just do what you are told and don't fuck this up. But aggy will morph it into "We cured Covid all by ourselves. Thank me for my service!" fairy tale shit for the next 50 years. aggy gotta aggy
  11. Hence, the difference between "Aggies" and "aggys." There are graduates of Texas A&M who somehow survive four years in College Station relatively unscathed (and usually swearing never to return). They are "Aggies." They are rarely found in the company of one or more other "former attendees" of the agricultural branch college of The University of Texas. "aggys" on the other hand, are those (usually of sloped forehead) inflicted with the disease we call "aggy."
  12. It is. Fixed. Thanks. To me, this is classic debate as we were taught in school. Start with the same source documents, build an argument, let the other side offer a counter-argument. The pro-Ross contingent has my argument. Let's see how well their aggy-level edumacation serves them in constructing their counter-argument. My expectation is the predominate response will be "full aggy," and not "well educated aggy."
  13. “If you know your history/then you will know where you’re comin’ from/and you wouldn’t have to ask me/who the heck do I think I am.” - Bob Marley.
  14. Here is a perfect example of a) why watching aggy from a cultural standpoint is entertaining, b) aggy cluelessness causing them to act just as predicted, and c) an example of just how far above Texas A&M quality universities are. One of the clowns over a "Bailout Billy's redneck roundup" (texags) is absolutely willing to fight systemic racism, if only anyone could help him find him some! https://texags.com/forums/16/topics/3126867/1 That thread is consummate aggy. From the article I posted last night: "Show me someone who sees the world as a post-racial utopia—a society where minorities simply need to move on and stop harping on perceived slights—and I’ll show you someone who is, quite simply, demonstrably ignorant." https://hazlitt.net/blog/marley-hypothesis-who-actually-sees-racism So of course I laugh at all the little racists over in that thread, being demonstrably ignorant. And being aggy, they have no self-awareness. On top of that, because they only went to a glorified trade school, they would never be introduced to material such as the articles or studies talking about exactly how their culture behaves on a daily basis. In other words, the aggys aren't the scholars of our society. They are the lab rats. Need another example: A paper that explains aggy well: White People’s Obsession with Reverse Racism https://hazlitt.net/blog/white-peoples-obsession-reverse-racism That paper references a 2011 Harvard study that reads as if it were written as a feature piece on aggy culture. The aggys aren't the scholars of our society. They are the lab rats. The people of Texas deserve better than Texas A&M.
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