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  1. They should have let the App State players party at Northgate and mingle with the aggy fans. I'm sure "the finest fans in all of college football™" would have shown them real "aggy hospitality." lol "After pulling a historic upset at No. 6 Texas A&M on Saturday, the Appalachian State football team didn't get to celebrate back home in Boone, North Carolina. Mechanical issues with the team charter forced the Appalachian State team to spend the night at the hotel where they'd slept the previous night in College Station, a team spokesperson told ESPN. With the hotel sold out, the team spread out in various hallways, conference rooms and the lobby area. The team spent about three hours on Saturday night at the airport before returning to the hotel around midnight. They had an unofficial 3:30 a.m. wake-up before returning to the airport, where they boarded a flight at 4:30 a.m. The team flew to Charlotte on Sunday morning. They landed around 8:30 a.m., and the five team buses were expected to get to Boone, which is about two hours away, around 11 a.m." https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/34570289/travel-woes-force-appalachian-state-stay-night-college-station-upset-win-texas-am
  2. When the “letter from an App State fan” materializes, talking about how awesome the Kyle Field environment is and how wonderfully spectacular aggys are, please post it. I’m also looking forward to the letter by the aggy fan saying how happy he is that App State won because they wanted the win more and they deserved the win more than A&M. You know, normal ordinary love letters that football fans write to opposing fan bases every post-game Monday morning.
  3. “A cultural bias that impedes risk identification.” Give Jimbo a raise and extension, and lock him up (fully guaranteed) through 2031. When he hasn’t even put two consecutive seasons together with a winning record in conference play. Sounds like a brilliant strategy. What could possibly go wrong? Where is the risk in that strategy? Whoop!
  4. This one of the very few days in my life I can say I wish I had more friends who were aggy fans.
  5. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics lasted 74 years- 1917/1991. Texas A&M’s major sports national championship era of wandering aimlessly in the wilderness has (so far) lasted 84 years.
  6. aggys "national championship" in football was so long ago, it was before the invention of the penalty flag. Think about that. "Penalties were originally signaled using whistles or horns. In 1943, college coach Dike Beede gave the first penalty flags to a 4-person crew led by Jack McPhee, who found the penalty flags clear and easy to use in noisy environments, which led to their eventual use in professional football in 1948." https://www.ozy.com/true-and-stories/how-a-college-coach-and-his-wife-changed-football-forever/79276/
  7. For those who know about Tech and its biggest supporters, Cloyce Talbott passed yesterday. RIP, Cloyce https://www.legacy.com/funeral-homes/obituaries/name/cloyce-talbott-obituary?pid=202749260&v=batesville
  8. A key takeaway from The University of Low Educational Achievement is that it is ok to lie to yourself and to your fellow gullible white trash rednecks if that is what it takes to get you through life. "My sources tell me" for millennia primitive cultures have been fabricating "knowledge" to "understand" why the teachings of their cultures don't correlate well with observed reality. aggys don't lie, cheat, or steal, of tolerate those who do. But if you suffer from low educational achievement, how do you know if it's a lie of not? The people of Texas deserve better than The University of Low Educational Achievement. (Fun fact for the day, Texas A&M's "national championship' was so long ago, it preceded the advent of both the face mask and the penalty flag)
  9. I am always one to give credit when credit is due. Congratulations to Texas A&M for achieving the extremely prestigious world university ranking as the 68th most prolific institution for research patents granted in calendar year 2021. https://academyofinventors.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/8.17.2022-Top-100.pdf
  10. His extension kicked in this past January and runs through 2031. The first year of the new deal was for $9.0 mil/yr. The contract has escalators that bump his base $100k/yr. As of today, there is around $87 mil left on his contract. Here is Jimbo's walk-away clause:
  11. If you live in a world where 11 words is considered one and the same as a dissertation, I’m not sure I can dumb it down enough for you. But for you, I’ll give it a shot. Nada. Jimbo can walk with no penalty any day he wants.
  12. Yet another example of how the “aggy experience” fails. In the comments, the aggys are crowing about how it is unpossible form to have paid their latest recruiting class what others have claimed. “Whoop! Advantage aggy.” “Last year” Well, this is 2022, so “last year” has to mean 2021, right? Well, aggy’s “$30 mil store-bought” 2022 recruiting class that signed in Feb 2022 wouldn’t have received NIL in 2021. Why would someone have posted a NIL story talking about “last year” ie 2021, on Sept 7, 2022. Because, in the grown up world, “last year” could (and in this case does) mean fiscal year, not calendar year. The fiscal (ie “reporting) year for TAMU ends Aug 31 of each year. The NIL desks for the aggy 2022 class wouldn’t really kick in until the kids are enrolled, in campus, and available for promotional activities concurrent with the 2022 football season. So while the dumbfucks are “aggy sure” $30 million could not have been contracted for in NIL deals because a sum less than $30 million was paid out prior to the start of the 2023 fiscal/ school/ reporting year, the rest of us are pretty sure it is still possible there are about $30 million in NIL deals that have been contracted for with the 2022 recruiting class. The people of Texas deserve better than Texas A&M.
  13. Drop a car off near the stadium earlier in the day, uber to the stadium, walk to the drop car after the game. Drive home. Not a tough logistics issue.
  14. "This forum can be a "zoo" at times, but yes, the offline culture on campus you're picking up in this thread is real. A&M is a special place for Ags and visitors who themselves are good sports. My belief is the spirit of hospitality exists because we know that bad hospitality is a poor reflection on the school and its traditions we love so much." https://texags.com/forums/5/topics/3313850/replies/62868082 Yes, the aggy "culture" is real. But aggys are never honest about that "reality."
  15. The Seminoles were the only tribe to never sign a final peace treaty with the US government. They are immensely proud of that fact. They are extremely protective of their tribal identity. Tribe members have repeatedly been asked their stance on the FSU mascot issue. The tribe members have never wavered in their support of its use by the university. But you can’t bring yourself to respect the wishes of the members of the tribe. Um....ok. (Oh, and it’s not cultural appropriation if the tribe has granted permission for its use. Words have meaning, even if the people using them don’t understand their meaning)
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