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  1. Drove 18 hours to Lubbock and back. Horns win in epic fashion. Texans lose. It’s not stupid hot outside. Bernard
  2. I plugged a Bluetooth adapter into my classic NAD 7240PE receiver and wa-la, instant streaming. Side benefit for this old non-remote-controlled receiver is that I can now adjust the volume via my phone or iPad. Bernard
  3. CSB: Driving from Houston to Austin on game day. Flat tire on I-10 just shy of Columbus. Jumped out and changed it NASCAR fast with another Surly poster. Jumped in car and resumed trip. Already had three voice mails from passers by saying, “Yo, Bernard. Was that you I just passed? Call me if you need a hand.” No help needed. #bosslife Bernard
  4. 1:00 AM. Officially game day. Deferred adjudication over. Beer flowing in garage. Tunes on a sedate volume for now. Bernard
  5. I’m no believer, but I can’t deny there are some benefits to forgoing all logic and reason and just believing. Bernard
  6. Loved Bull Durham. And love my many dear friends who are true blue JC believers. I always remind them that our beliefs aren’t so different. They think 2,999 of the known religions are complete BS. I just think the same of all 3,000. Bernard
  7. I feel sorry you brainwashed and/or gullible fools. Religion is a scourge on humanity. Religion itself is the evil. The believers are its victims. Give reality a try. You might like it. Bernard
  8. There’s a fair bit of chatter on AirBNB hosts Facebook groups about units being shut down when neighbors complain directly to AirBNB. I’d keep calling AirBNB every time anything you don’t like is happening next door. Whenever you call in be sure to request a “ticket number” for your complaint. Keep a record of these ticket numbers so you can refer to them in every subsequent call to AirBNB. Bernard
  9. No one got hit after the bailer bailed. Thanks for reminding me of this hilarious video though. Bernard
  10. I disagree. Compressors are getting better, not worse. When I had that 1993 unit installed, Goodman was the new name for Janitrol AC units. Some folks told me back then that Janitrol/Goodman was trash and wouldn’t last. My job back then was CRE acquisitions; strip centers and warehouses. Our in-house AC guy liked Goodman. So did one of our property managers. They’ve been proven right. I bought the system on our company account. 5-ton condenser, coil, air handler with electric heat, and all new ductwork in the attic: $2,000. Paid our guy and his helpers $1,000 to install. The outside unit looks pretty janky after 27 years in the sun, but still blows cold. Bernard
  11. Call it a win. Lots of AC would have told you straight up your compressor is dead and you need a new unit, especially if you’re a woman. Same day service. 9:30 PM arrival. Sleeping in a cool house that same night. Money well spent. Bernard
  12. Time of year matters. Supply and demand. A new AC in Texas costs more in August than in January. A new system install is more like a full day for two guys. They have to the the equipment on site, and haul off your old junk. Throw in some extra parts too like a new line set and a new pad. All that said, these guy make out like bandits during hot summer months when they are all busy and a homeowners are sitting in hot houses with broken systems. Even worse, many AC guys are actual bandits. They will lie through their teeth about the repairs your system really needs. MANY a homeowner has been sold a new system when all they needed was a $30 capacitor. Bernard
  13. Don’t sweat it. Capacitors fail. It’s zero reflection on the health of the rest of the system. Assume you’ll make it to 20 years, or more. I put a Goodman in my mom’s house in 1993. It’s still going strong, but it’s had the capacitor replaced a few times. Bernard
  14. Send all the players to New Zealand , or some other COVID-free place, for a semester abroad. Play all the games at Eden Park. We can have college football every night of the week. TV revenue out the ying yang. Bernard
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