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  1. How can it be the best price in Texas if it’s the only one available in Texas? What are you comparing it to? Bernard
  2. I’m drunk on a flight to London right now. Watched most of the game in the airport lounge and bar and streaming until takeoff. Game 7 in London should be epic. Bernard
  3. Much better value than the four tickets above poster and I have for Kansas game next week. When you add in airfare and rental cars, I’ll spend more going to see the @WVU and and @IowaState game this year. So on a relative basis, the OU tix seem like a bargain. Bernard
  4. Two tickets. Section 122. Row 8. Total cost including StubHub fees: $1,084. Pulled the trigger Friday afternoon on the drive from Houston to Dallas. Bernard
  5. Bought on StubHub. Feeling violated. #metoo Bernard
  6. I’m in Houston. Can deliver cash pronto. Can likely do the same in Austin or Dallas too via friends. Bernard
  7. JKC. Now I’ve heard it all. HPD has 5,500 cops and a $880 million annual budget. Harris County has 2,500 deputies and $669 million annual budget and and it seems like it standard operating procedure to do nothing more with parole violators than enter their name in a database and just hope they get somehow screw up and cross paths with a cop. Unbelievable, except of course it’s totally believable. Bernard
  8. I’m curious how much HPD or HCSD manpower has been involved in getting this guy off the street over the past two year vs the infinite number of hours expended keeping all the speed traps fully manned. Of course they only find him when he rolls through a stop sign. Bernard
  9. I don’t think this is true. My understanding is that if you add your kid as an authorized user on your card, their credit report gets credited for all your timely payments. Seems to be confirmed here: https://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/what-is-the-minimum-age-to-be-an-authorized-user.php Bernard
  10. OP sounds like my 78 year old aunt who passed away this year. Never married. Had money, but rarely spent any. She wasn’t about to change anything about the kitchen or baths in this 1940’s house she grew up in: https://b1iw.app.link/7FslNdguj0 Bernard
  11. $50 is not realistic unless it’s pouring rain. Since you mentioned you’ve never been to the game, I’ll mention that I’ve been every year since 1989. Bernard
  12. Nope. I have a perfectly good relationship with my parents, but could easily go weeks without speaking to either one of them while in college and long after. Now they are old so I keep closer tabs on them. Bernard
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