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  1. why does Houston need another guard? Why do Rocket fans hate tall people?
  2. this is a blessing in disguise, even though tanking did not achieve the ultimate #1 pick, because hopefully overrated Chet will be gone. Banchero or Smith should be available. Drafting Ivey (don't need yet another guard) or Chet would be an absolute waste. They should trade the pick if Banchero/Smith are gone.
  3. the Top 75 is already in the books but Luka is in the Top 100 no doubt. I had the feeling a couple months ago that this Mavs team resembles 2011 very much in heart, teamwork and of course a superstar HOF Euro. I wouldn't be shocked if they win it all. He's the best player remaining.
  4. no shit, he and Grayson Allen are at the very elite of dirty bastards. League needs to T him up and fine him mercilessly.
  5. whatever happened to the American big man? The remaining ones are olds - Drummond, Deandre Jordan, even Kevin Love. Where is the traditional inside force? Where is Chris Mihm!!?
  6. Luka is approaching Larry Bird level, maybe already there, will have to mull it over
  7. great job so far Mavs brothers, although I was hoping for a 54-27 halftime , a clean 2:1 ratio. But I'll settle for a 130-65 final. Keep it up, hang tough for 24.
  8. i was going to say the same about you, master of hyperbole about irrelevant items.
  9. Brunson was a 2nd right? Bertans and Kleber are good players. The DInwiddie for Porzi trade produced great results and made Luka happy. They really should have gone after Gary Trent Jr last year and dumped THJ, but overall the Mavs have done really well.
  10. Lebron and Luka are overall better than Giannis. They do it all, make their teammates much better, and have an offense other than semi-travel long step dunks.
  11. can the Mavs afford a big time FA center?
  12. Embiid needs to get the fuck out of Philly, away from Harden, Morey and Doc Rivers. A change of scenery would do him a world of good, but what team can afford him? Boston really missed Robert Williams last game and were massacred on the glass, with Portis having 15 boards including 7 offensive. Celtics need to add a 6'10 guy in the off season along with an aging Horford and a hopefully injury free Williams, who is questionable for game 6. Mavs Heat Finals III still a possibility at the moment.
  13. most important performance of his career, old man still has spark btw, his dad Tito Horford played HS ball in Houston and was supposed to follow Hakeem at UH but didn't pan out
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