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  1. Don't know what you guys are seeing but I'm seeing the very beginning of the game LOL
  2. Hell is an Irish bar, and every day is St Patrick's Day.
  3. I don't want to get into this with you man. Why not? Cause I'd kill you. It's real simple, I'd kill you and your fucking parents would sue me and it'd be a big mess and I don't care enough about you to bother.
  4. I notice people often think that characters they hate are "bad casting." At the time Sopranos was cast, Robert Iler was a fat kid who definitely looked like he could be Tony's son. He thinned out and stayed pretty short, but if you don't think he did a fine job playing a kid with serious issues resulting from that fucked up environment, you've never been around teenagers from dysfunctional families who are spoiled rotten, full of self pity and dealing with depression.
  5. Augustus

    The Wire

    Reminds me of Wile E Coyote and the sheepdog chatting before punching in and going to work.
  6. Augustus

    Fuck Arkansas

    Is the game this year in Austin or Fayettenam?
  7. Fast forward to '93 for heartbreaking moment #2. A&M beats Kansas in their first matchup of CWS. In game 2 against LSU, starter Trey Moore leaves game with Aggies winning 7-2, I'm looking forward to finishing off Tigers, coasting into game 3. Defense turns error prone, bullpen collapses. A&M loses 13-8. We never recover mentally and Long Beach State eliminates us. I hate LSU way, way more than I've ever hated Texas. Best sports moment of my life was when LSU cried uncle and canceled the football series with us following the '95 game, after they'd lost 6 of t
  8. Well... Without question that's my most heartbreaking moment, 1989 baseball. A&M won the first three games of the Central Regional by a combined 65-13. We went into our regional final against LSU with a record of 58-5; the Tigers had to beat us twice to eliminate us. They did. Icing on the cake is I've had to listen to Ben McDonald call about a thousand Aggie games since then.
  9. Okay that's it. I'm watching Vision Quest when I get home this evening.
  10. I'll give it a shot. I didn't expect Hannibal to be worth a shit and it wound up being exceptional.
  11. When I was in junior high school, I really had no idea whatsoever that I would be in junior high school for the rest of my life.
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