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  1. Right on cue. Just can't let it slide. 🤣
  2. I'd guess it's between him and Jesse. Mike's one of the best antiheroes ever written, imo. He's corrupt as anybody else on the show, but the fact that the audience doesn't just like him but absolutely loves him is testament to how well he's written and how well he's portrayed by Banks.
  3. A series with the twins backstory could be interesting. An entire series with no dialogue.
  4. Young Fring interests me. We got one line in BB that indicated he was some kind of big shot in Chile before the fall of Pinochet, but that's it. Don Eladio said something to the effect that "I'm not gonna whack you, because I know who you are." Thought for sure at that point we'd get the backstory but nope. I was hoping he was gonna be Pinochet's bastard son or something like that (despite my having no idea how old Pin was, with respect to Fring)
  5. Damn, I'm gonna have to watch MMM again now. "You know how General Motors will recall defective cars? You gotta go in for tune up." I get that there are people who just don't get Woody Allen. But for those who do, he's a treasure.
  6. Burst out laughing at one line. They're arguing back and forth, Keaton's trying to convince him to break/enter the suspect's apartment. Woody is of course animatedly refusing, at which point she admonishes him not be a "fuddy duddy." The incredulity of his response, "a FUDDY DUDDY?!?!" had me crying.
  7. It is. Among his more recent stuff, Vicky Christina Barcelona, Midnight in Paris were on par with his earlier hits, imo. Blue Jasmine got a lot of love, but I didn't click with that one. Annie Hall, and Hannah and her Sisters are probably my faves. His stand up back in the 60's was pretty great. "This was my grandfather's watch. On his deathbed, he sold it to me."
  8. Yeah I think that reaction was pretty typical. I mentioned Damien Lewis. Obviously he's fantastic in every role, but after seeing his portrayal of Henry VIII in Wolf Hall, I'd have loved to have seen him as Henry IV. He'd have been perfect. One guy neither of us mentioned, but I thought knocked it out of the park: David Suchet as York.
  9. The biggest distraction about Irons, for me, was the frustrating casting of a dude near 70 years old. Bolingbroke died at 46. Plus, we had just finished watching Rory Kinnear as Henry and then we move forward in time a bit and he's been on Social Security for damn near a decade. Unnecessary. Daniel Craig would've been a nice choice. Or hell, I don't know... Colin Firth. Or God forbid they go all out and get Damien Lewis. So many other options. And I'm a huge fan of Irons.
  10. That's one of the reasons I started the other thread about Looking for Richard. Pacino didn't play him over the top at all. And Ian McKellan's interpretation was menacing but more suave, as well. Cumby just brought the anger and little else. His Richard was the first interpretation that I've seen, actually, which made me think "psychopath." Which is a shame because BC has some chops. Could've been so much better.
  11. 😃 Yeah, it was appropriate in that role, obviously. And to be fair to Pacino, I watched some of MoV after creating the thread, and my comments were unfair to him. He was damned good as Shylock, too.
  12. The Hollow Crown series (available on Prime) is a series of movies of Shakespeare's history plays Richard II through Richard III. Wondering if any of you saw these and what you thought. Random musings: Tom Hiddleston (Henry V) is terrific. Not sure I've heard any actor deliver that dialogue so effortlessly. Maybe Ian McKellan. I've never enjoyed Falstaff as a character but Simon Russell Beale plays him brilliantly. Rory Kinnear is great as Henry IV in the first of the Henry IV plays. For some reason, in Henry IV part 2, he was played by Jeremy Irons, about 50 years older than Kinnear and way older than Henry IV when he died. Patrick Stewart as John of Gaunt delivers a fine "This England." Benedict Cumberbatch is Richard III and really brings the menace. Thought he could've used a little more nuance. Thoroughly recommend the series. Ben Whishaw knocks it out of the park surrendering his crown to Bolingbroke Harry gets a dressing down
  13. Did I do a thread about this on Shaggy, or maybe even here that I forgot about? Apologies if so. I know I started a thread about this on some message board or another. Anyway, I came across this years ago, and decided to watch a little out of curiosity. Pacino gets a troupe of actors together, and they travel about performing some scenes from Shakespeare's Richard III, with Pacino as Crookback. Don't know what I was expecting, but I was floored. After the greatness of Michael Corleone and a few other films, Pacino devolved into this loud guy that he seemed to play in every movie after that, so I guess I thought it'd be comical to see him performing Shakespeare, the last thing in the world I expected out of him. He wasn't just "good" as Richard III, he was absolutely outstanding, and he delivered the "Now is the winter of our discontent..." soliloquy better than I've ever heard. Ever. I really couldn't believe it. And there were other surprises, as well. Alec Baldwin as Gloucester turned out to be a natural with Shakespearean dialogue. And there was a lot of cool behind-the-scenes stuff with the actors, rehearsals, etc. Later on, I saw Pacino as Shylock, and I thought it had its moments, but mostly he was back to being this loud, boisterous old Jew that he seemed to be in so many other films. Curious if anybody else saw this, and what your thoughts were, as I've yet to find one person amongst my family and friends who ever saw this. And as long as I've got you here, here's a joke I saw on twitter after they found Rich III's grave several years ago: Richard III: Henry Tudor said he was going to build a carpark in Leicester, and I told him, "Over my dead body."
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