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  1. Poor Abigail must've been a real piece of work in a previous life. That girl couldn't catch a break.
  2. So all 3 seasons of this show are now included with Prime membership, and I've re-watched my way to early season 3. My god what a work of art (of the rather dark variety) this show was. We had a good thread about it back in the day on Shaggy, but I wondered if anyone besides myself was giving it another look. Mads Mikkelson's Hannibal Lecter is probably the most terrifying flim/TV villain I've ever seen. Every performance among this cast, in fact, is stellar. The only disappointment for me was the absurdity (among plenty of absurdities, I admit) of Hannibal's relocation to Europe and assumption of a very public position that somehow fails to attract attention of authorities, while at the same time escaping anyone's notice that he's not the actual Roman Fell. This series is set in the time of world wide web, after all. Otherwise, magnificent.
  3. We're booked for Holland, Germany and Switzy for most of August. Was originally booked for mid-May, but... Got decent price on the airline tickets, I suppose, but I did not find one iota's difference in the hotel prices, except for Kempinski in Berchtesgaden. Looked to be a tad cheaper than other times I've priced them. I wonder if everyone over there is anticipating a ton of late summer/fall re-bookings and are pricing accordingly. Germany and Switzerland are beginning their phased re-openings so I expect business to return to normal by the time August rolls around. We'll see.
  4. So Gus and the German Madrigal dude have a history back in Santiago. Would love to know what went on with Gus back in Chile, especially given that it earned him a measure of respect from the cartel Don. Doubt they'll ever write that, though.
  5. The Higher Power is an excuse for just as many, or more. If anything's become apparent to me in treatment related jobs, it's that all objections to treatment/AA/therapy/etc are really the same objection: "I don't want to change." Personal powerlessness, spirituality, inpatient rehab that takes us away from jobs/families... These are all convenient excuses. The reason almost all of us alkies/addicts die from this disease is the simple inability to give it up in favor of alternative solution.
  6. It also seems reasonable to me that a program like AA might appear to have higher "success rates" (much and all as I hate that concept as applied to recovery programs). When comparing two populations, one being to a significant extent voluntary and the other being mostly compelled, it seems reasonable that the group mostly seeking recovery on their own will have longer terms of sobriety than those being sent to treatment by work, the military, the courts, medical licensing boards, etc. It's anecdotal, but one of the programs I worked for in Scottsdale relied almost entirely on referrals from Long Island Helps. Nearly all the patients in that facility were from New York and merely jumping through hoops for their union/employer, with no intention of staying clean and sober post-treatment, nor did they make any bones about this. Got pretty discouraging some days, as it felt like a colossal waste of everyone's time. Though who knows, maybe some seeds got planted.
  7. Following up on the study discussion above... When I worked in admissions for treatment centers, and now as I work in professional intervention, I think the thing I most often hear from addicts and their families is the classic, "Well he went to AA a couple of times, but that didn't work." Stop. Just stop lying to me right this moment. Little Johnny may have "gone to" AA, but he did not do the work, or we wouldn't be talking right now.
  8. Guess which critics have never been in rehab/12 step programs.
  9. Don't confuse how well a program works with how well people actually put it into practice. You can develop a medication that cures cancer, but if people don't take it, they'll stay sick. Thus, my point was more to say, "Well no shit?" than to comment on whatever "success rates" they claim to have found in their study. Anybody who's been around AA for any significant length of time knows that the program works beautifully for anyone who puts it into action honestly and consistently a day at a time. For those who don't... Surprise! It isn't very effective.
  10. Well, it's finally official. AA works. And not just as well as CBT or other evidence based practices, but significantly better. It's a tremendous exercise in confirming the patently obvious, but hey, better late than never. Study confirms AA works better than other models.
  11. I'd have enjoyed a prolonged back-and-forth with Cuco in the cave. It wasn't gonna be "try to kill the unkillable monster," so turn the scene into an existential/metaphysical exploration, an exercise in confronting or struggling with the absolute mystery of where we come from, how/why we're here, etc. A decent writer could've made that scene fantastic. You had the perfect participants for that type of discussion. The staunch empiricist, agonizing over the loss of his son, somewhat cynical but kind and decent. The freakishly gifted Holly, outcast due to her abilities and resulting insecurities. Instead of making the creature ignorant or just plain forgetful of his own origin, turn him into a wealth of knowledge and wisdom like the sphere in ST Discovery. Could've made him even somewhat sympathetic. It's not his fault nature created him to feed on death/grief/fear. That could have been really compelling. Instead, they just shot and crushed the skull of an ordinarily mortal monster with alzheimers. No insight or exploration whatsoever. I can't believe King wrote the character like that. Or maybe I can.
  12. Gotta disagree with Derka about rewatchability. My gf had never seen it, so prior to the new season we binged through the series. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The Chuck story line might've dragged on a bit, but McKean was a tour de force in that role. The transformation of Jimmy to Saul is really depressing. So many times we see clear evidence of how soft hearted, and big hearted Jimmy is. But when we meet him in Breaking Bad one of his first suggestions is that Walt and Jesse simply kill Badger.
  13. Was it hot? --No Well there ya go. Hell is hot. Everybody knows that.
  14. Can you imagine the stress?
  15. San Miguel de Allende ftw.
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