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  1. Just watched this last night. Code Red turned Private Pyle into a killer, he just couldn't wait to get overseas. Hell, he couldn't wait to get out of the head.
  2. Nearly spit my drink out laughing. Another way things have changed: Toward the end of the game, the color guy says, "Roger (Staubach) runs like a sissy, doesn't he?" LMAO
  3. I've watched Super Bowl XII a number of times, but I don't recall that I've ever watched a YouTube video of the 1977 NFC Championship game against the Vikings that sent the Cowboys to the Super Bowl that year. Watching this, I'm struck by two things. 1) How boring just about anyone of the previous 2-3 generations would find the offensive play, and 2) The tackling. There's just no defenders lowering their heads and trying to knock a guy down with their shoulder(s). Tacklers keep their heads up, and bring their arms to wrap up on every tackle. My God, how I miss that second part.
  4. Agree with consensus regarding the cunt kid. Funny story re: monkey. A few years back, my gf and I were walking across a bridge in Nepal, and a macaque was walking toward us along the concrete rail of the bridge to our right. I pointed at him to tell my gf how cute he was, and he flinched as if he thought I was trying to knock him off the bridge (it was about 30 ft down to the dry stream/river bed below. After he flinched, he completely stopped and turned around to face us as we walked away and he literally shouted at me, and I mean he was furious. It's incredible how alike we are to apes/monkeys, because I guarantee you he was shouting, in monkey language, "Fuck you, you DICK!"
  5. I thought this was over and done with. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/alec-baldwin-indicted-manslaughter-charge-rust-shooting-rcna134564
  6. Childish impatience sucks a lot more. There's a reason "no passing zones" exist. Preventing head on collisions is one of them.
  7. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never in my LIFE have I seen so many guys WIDE OPEN
  8. I don't know why I care about our scoring. We haven't stopped GB once all day
  9. I'm convinced Dak was dropped on his head as a child, and then picked up and slammed down on his head again.
  10. All that IDIOT had to do was jog into the endzone
  11. Outplayed Outhustled Outcoached and Outsmarted. We're a fucking bunch of retards from Jones to the towel boys
  12. I give up. Seriously That's beyond inexcusable
  13. Goddam that idiot tried to give it away again
  14. Dak has always been brain damaged. He's always been shitty under real pressure.
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