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  1. Norwich apparently asking £20M for Lewis. Obvious posturing but I doubt we go above £10M for a backup LB who's gonna need a fair amount of coaching up. We've also scouted Kostantinos Tsimikas, a 24-year old Greek from Olympiakos. The caveat of it being a YouTube compilation, but the Greek looks fast as hell and a really good attacking player.
  2. The idea that Black people are a simplistic, naive monolith who'd vote for a musician simply because he is Black is so racistly on-brand for the Wisconsin GOP. The ironic thing is that Kanye will peel more voters from Trump than he will from Biden.
  3. Seems like a good deal for both clubs.
  4. Reddy's description "provide competition" to Robbo is a bit of a stretch, but I'd gladly take him. Sarr, Jamal Lewis, and the Algerian CB (or Kabak) would be decent, if frugal, business.
  5. He played in an FA Cup match and a few League Cup matches. Was pretty shaky, as I recall.
  6. This sounds like when my father-in-law was hoping for Donald Trump to be the GOP candidate for president.
  7. I don't know if he's better than Gomez but I'm guessing he thinks he's better than Gomez. He'd also get a significant pay raise, play for the best manager in the world, and play on a team that competes and wins trophies at the highest level. He ain't doing that at Schalke. I guess in my original post I was more asking if we think Nat Phillips is a guy who can play a role in the first team this year. I think we could do worse, but I'd also like someone who's challenging for first-team minutes.
  8. Seems like every team needs a CB. We've been linked with Ozan Kabak, who sounds like a promising talent. He's just 20 years old and plays for David Wagner, an old chum of Klopp's, and no one else seems to be linked with him. I wouldn't expect us to get into any sort of bidding war with Schalke, nor will we meet his £40M release clause, so if we can't get him at a favorable price, what are the odds that we just bring Nat Phillips back to be our fourth-choice CB? Phillips got 19 appearances in the Bundesliga II last season and reports from Germany sound like he looked the part. He also played for us when he was briefly recalled for the derby and he looked pretty good, from what I remember, especially for a guy who was just thrown into a makeshift lineup with teammates he never plays with. Phillips is always a guy who plays well during preseason then gets loaned out somewhere and he hasn't had a real shot at the first team. Given that he's now 23 years old, I would think we have to either give him a shot or see what we can fetch for him in the transfer market.
  9. Wisconsin's Democratic governor issued a statewide indoor mask mandate yesterday. The (insanely gerrymandered) Republican-dominated state legislature hasn't passed a bill since April 15 (despite ya know, a global pandemic, Depression-level unemployment, etc.) but now they suddenly want to meet to try and block the order through legislation. Previously, the only action they took was to sue Gov Evers' stay-at-home order, which was struck down by what has become their pet Supreme Court. (A new Supreme Court justice, a Democrat who won by a wide margin in April, will be sworn in on Monday.)
  10. Hard to keep up with the various away goals policies across all the different leagues, but in the promotion playoffs, the away goals rule is *not* in place.
  11. Mike Ashley can't do anything right.
  12. There is absolutely a double standard – men are seen as ambitious while women are seen as conniving or sneaky. (Or, as that tweet points out "too" ambitious.) It's fucking bullshit and it's important that we recognize it and do what we can to change our own perceptions and biases. That's not my issue with Kamala though. My issue is that she tries to have it both ways – her half-hand raise on supporting M4A which she later walked back (I still have no idea where she stands); her claim that she loved to smoke weed and listen to Tupac, then going on to incarcerate Black men for doing the same when she became a prosecutor and AG of California, etc. I have no problem with her ambition. I respect it. I think she's smart and tough, and I think she does a good job of balancing kindness and empathy with ruthlessness when she has to. I just question her authenticity.
  13. Kid knows where the back of the net is.
  14. Griffin Park would have been one helluva venue for a PL away day.
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