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  1. So the guy who blocked the Emmett Till Antilynching Act took umbrage at the President calling out white supremacy? Weird.
  2. Yeah, there's no fucking way that thought is going through Donald Trump's head right now.
  3. I'm absolutely not a Lincoln Project Guy but I'm pretty sure they're going to go nuts on most of these Republican assholes when they're up for reelection. Every single one of them needs to be blasted with footage of white supremacists breaking into and looting the Capitol Building.
  4. You joke but my uncle died in the War on Christmas.
  5. Worth mentioning again that it was only GOP fuckery, i.e. in states with Republican-controlled legislatures, that counting early votes prior to election day was not allowed. Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin all had proposed legislation to allow early counting and avoid the "midnight vote dumps" but that doesn't help the GOP/red mirage narrative.
  6. I realize you're sandbagging a bit but you're also underselling the amount of talent in the current Southampton squad. He's out for a few weeks but Vestergaard was arguably the best CB in the league prior to his injury. Ward-Prowse is the best dead ball specialist in the league and Ings and Adams are a legit strike partnership. Romeu is underrated as hell. You guys should finish right around sixth or seventh, depending on getting/staying healthy.
  7. Liverpool interested in Alaba but Real lead race Sounds like a longshot that we'd get him but damn would that be a fantastic signing. Crazy that he's only 28, feels like he's been around forever.
  8. Really hope that Thiago is able to start the match and go 60+. In his brief cameo against Newcastle, he completely transformed our team, even if we didn't get a goal out of it.
  9. Who fills in for Matip? Rhys is ahead on the depth chart but I could see Nat doing a job today. Callum Wilson is a crafty motherfucker and I think Phillips is actually a bit more suited to deal with him.
  10. Relegation six-pointer today between Arsenal and Brighton. Should be exciting.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if Uncle Roy gets sacked and replaced by Eddie Howe before long. They look absolutely rudderless.
  12. I hope we extend Mo's contract but I also can't shake the feeling that we're inevitably gonna sell him to Barca/Madrid and if we do, I hope and pray we replace him with Haaland.
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