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  1. It's not that our finishing has been poor, it's that we create very few chances. Our combined xG for the three games in group play was 2.6 and we scored two goals. If we were creating chances and simply not finishing them, I'd be much less concerned about our attack. But we don't create for shit and that is seriously worrying, especially against a really good Dutch back line.
  2. Our depth is definitely a concern, with injuries piling up and the fact that we consistently look gassed after 70 minutes. Musa in particular was leggy as hell at the end of the match and it's hard for me to see him going 120 minutes. McKennie too, which is understandable since he's still on his way back from an injury, but those are guys who you want to take spot kicks. I have no idea if Pulisic will be be able to play at all, but if he can only go 30-50 minutes, you probably have to start without him and bring him on with 20 to go. You'd certainly want him to take a penalty and I really doubt he will be able to play 90 + extra time.
  3. I think this squad can more or less go toe-to-toe with the Dutch but I have no idea where the goals come from. The idea of Josh Sargent having anything but a nightmare of a day against Virgil Van Dijk is pretty funny imo.
  4. Pulisic's club career is not better than Dempsey's imo. 20 goals for Chelsea v 50 goals for Dempsey at Fulham, including the most famous goal in club history. Pulisic also seems to be injured all the time – 87 appearances in 3.5 seasons is really poor. He will almost certainly surpass Dempsey as the American with the greatest club career but he's not there yet.
  5. TIL people on this thread didn't block out their calendar today.
  6. 406W30th

    USMNT 2022

    I love Tyler Adams and he gave a more thoughtful response than most athletes would have, especially being put on the spot by a journalist who clearly had an axe to grind. But that's still like a 6/10 answer if we're not grading on a curve.
  7. Wouldn't be shocked to see him end up back at Arsenal before long. He's also been linked with Liverpool. (Fingers crossed.)
  8. I cannot believe how our midfield + Robinson made Bellingham and Saka completely anonymous. Incredibly impressive performance from our guys. Weston's chance in the first half was a huge miss, but we all would have taken a point before a ball was kicked. This game was a lot like Canada v Belgium, with a plucky CONCACAF underdog dominating a European powerhouse, except England couldn't complete the smash & grab like Belgium did. Thank god Harry Kane blew that free header at the end. Would've been utterly demoralizing to walk away from that match with nothing.
  9. 406W30th

    USMNT 2022

    If we lose today and beat Iran, we're on 4 points and Iran is on 3. Wales could beat England and also be on 4 points, in which case it would come down to GD. Wales is currently at -2 so in that scenario, their GD would be no worse than -1, and we would need to beat Iran by as many goals as England beats us by.
  10. I realize the dude who made the bonehead tackle that led to their equalizer was our sole MLS player, but here's our starting XI by league: Premier League: 5 Serie A: 2 Championship: 1 La Liga: 1 Ligue 1: 1 MLS: 1 Bigger than our on-field talent is that our manager had a 38% win percentage in the aforementioned farmers league.
  11. 406W30th

    USMNT 2022

    It's been stated by others but the idea that Wales waltzes to three points against Iran is silly. Iran is much better than they played against England and Wales kinda sucks. They have a lot of heart and are physical but I think a draw is the most likely result for them on Friday. Heard someone comment the other day that the USMNT never wins games in which they don't play well the entire 90 minutes. If it's the classic "tale of two halves", we always drop points. That makes sense, given our youth and lack of experience on the biggest stage, but it would be nice to see us pull out a smash and grab every once and awhile and win some matches when we've not been the best team.
  12. England might play some of their B team against Wales if they've already qualified, but that's guys like Trent Alexander-Arnold and Phil Foden, who will be fresh and fired up. Bale has always had fitness issues too. Yeah, slight exaggeration perhaps but they have a lot of talent are really tough to beat. Physical as hell and can grind out results.
  13. Um, Netherlands and Ecuador are both fucking loaded with talent. Honestly might put both of them ahead of France right now given Les Bleus' injury problems.
  14. I fully support Ronaldo coming to the United States because he will definitely not be detained for a credible rape accusation. He's not guilty, right? So why wouldn't he?
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