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  1. Yeah I mean I sorta agree but 3 months ago tthe same stores full proof pick was on shelves for at least a month before it sold out. It wins an award and people become idiots
  2. 1792 full proof has now jumped the fucking shark. My local place got a store pick in and put it out to their email list at 3 today and sold out of the whole damn barrel by 8.
  3. Had some early times bib last night, not bad at all.
  4. ISUCyclones

    ISU vs ULM

    Need to keep this up
  5. I'm in northern Kentucky and not Texas unfortunately.
  6. Scored 2 OF birthday bourbons yesterday in a raffle. Myself and my wife both got drawn, damn good day.
  7. Where is secondary nowadays since all the Facebook and mewe stuff got shut down? Smaller groups?
  8. In Chattanooga Blantons flows like wine dude
  9. I haven't heard of many (any?) who like it, consensus for everyone I know is drain pour
  10. Picked up a Weller antique at the new jacked up Ohio rate today that's still not as high as everywhere else yet but it's heading there. Dammit
  11. Shit my bad, for some reason I thought new riff distributed to Texas. With bsm down I'm not sure.
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