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  1. You would think maybe your coach would want to win a game or two so he can get a decent next job, damn
  2. Two terrible teams out there today, woof
  3. This will be a single digit game at half and isu will shit all over themselves in the 2nd half. I'm fairly confident in that now that Texas weathered the isu "run"
  4. We do not have guys who can play with Halliburton out, bet big on UT.
  5. Fantastic price on good bourbon that you can actually find right there.
  6. Said assholes can't resist making minimum wage for all the time and effort put into flipping bottles
  7. I walked out of my liquor store pappy tasting of each year with a full bottle of old rip 10 last night from a drawing. The 20 year was by far the worst of all the years for myself and about everyone around, which surprised me.
  8. Not surprising, he's a big draw.
  9. Castle and key was honestly pretty great too. I was very underwhelmed by Buffalo trace honestly since I got no blantons, no Freddie, and couldn't hear the tour guide haha.
  10. Yep, definitely still worth it in my opinion
  11. Hey buzz, I'm a big pappy guy. When should I expect the invite?
  12. Woodford reserve is worth seeing too if you can squeeze it in on the Saturday.
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