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Fit step counting app for Android

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So I have two different apps on my phone that help me figure activity.   While at home, I do a combination of walking and bike riding.  I used to go the Y and use the elliptical as well but with my local gym closed, that hasn't happened. 

Today's activity and app counts.

I walked a little over 1 mile in the morning and then went on a 10.5 mile bike ride

App 1 - Pacer for Android.  Shows 12,160 steps for 5.69 steps.  That's about the minimum I do per day if I only walk.  Looks accurate... If all did was walk.

App 2 - Google Fit.  Shows 3,933 steps for 11.63 miles.  That's about right for the distance I covered but way under counts the amount of effort IMO.

I've noticed this when using the elliptical as well.  Even when I manually count steps, the counters arent picking up distance or effort right. 

Before anyone says "Get a Fitbit or comparable Android device."  Yeah, no.  I haven't been a watch wearer for 20+ years.  And I'm not even sure that's an answer either. 

Is there an Android app for phones that picks up activity by type well?  I keep my phone in my pocket or hand when walking and in my pocket when riding/on the elliptical.  I find myself overdoing it when I walk/use the elliptical or bike to get to my daily 10k step goal.

I know 10k is a contrived, ancient ad campaign made up number.  I usually do more than that and strive for 15-20k daily.  That's actual activity for 25-30 minutes at a clip.  Not the free steps of daily activity/walking around the house/work, etc.

So how do I accurately capture my activity?




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i'd manually add the elliptical to fit.  i use strava for outdoor activity - it plugs into fit.  fit doesn't count steps anymore anyway. 


if you're really concerned about steps you could wear a moov.  it's not a watch. 

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