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  1. What's the latest on Lively? I'd really like to see him come back and get some minutes before the season ends.
  2. To me, Milan needs to invest in the back first, even if Leao is gone. They score plenty of goals, but their goals against is that of a mid-table team.
  3. Phoenix beating the Clippers last night makes it interesting, but the Clippers have the tie-breaker over the Mavs, meaning they would need to lose both of their last 2 games for the Mavs to even have a chance to jump them. I agree, time to rest.
  4. I don't know. Mavs just need 1 win or a NO loss and the 5-seed is locked. NO has the Kings (who are desperately trying to avoid the play-in themselves), LAL, and GS. All those teams have something to play for. If the Mavs lose tonight, they can go all-out against Detroit at home on Friday if NO hasn't lost by then. Hell, I think they should play the starters regardless in the game since there's such a long break. Just no need to be aggressive on a B2B.
  5. I personally lean toward not playing Luka and Kryie on a back-to-back tonight. Very little to be gained. If reps are important, you could always play them the final 2.
  6. Just need NO or Phoenix to lose and that clinches no play-in. I didn’t realize there are 6 days off if you’re not in the play-in. That is huge.
  7. So now that the Mavs have the tie breaker over NO, they’re basically locked in to a top 6 seed barring the worst collapse of all time. Mavs can pick their preferred 1st round matchup IMO. If they want to rest Luka 1-2 games, I don’t think that’s a bad decision.
  8. Was saying to myself a few minutes ago that 105 probably wins this. Not so much.
  9. DJJ absolutely stuffs Curry on a 3. Damn this team is fun to watch on D.
  10. I just don’t understand why he cannot shoot for this extended period of time. He’s always been streaky, but damn, this is painful. Maybe they’ll let him work his way out of it during some meaningless games the last week. I still feel like he can get hot and win us a game.
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