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  1. What a horseshit call that was
  2. Ok State gonna fuck around and lose this aren't they
  3. Fuck this horseshit. Even my wife who has no clue sees it
  4. Don't fucking deserve to win. Shitting all over the field now
  5. Jesus fuck their tackles are clearly "tackling" our line all fucking game long and not a single holding call He dove and talked X and no fucking flag
  6. Hey guys, my daughter and I are coming down for the game on Wednesday. If I understand correctly, admission and parking is free? Is that in the parking garage? Thanks
  7. Or Netanyahu knew something was going to happen and let it; and now has a convenient excuse to wipe out Gaza.
  8. Missed two strike three calls blue. Fuck yourself
  9. I usually like Peterson calling college baseball, but goddamn, whoever let him call for his alma mater is an asshole
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