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  1. Would sharp getting fired affect us in any way?
  2. Cut out the part that Shaka signed, threw it on the ground, and took the rest.
  3. I really hate this quote by CDC. I don't understand at all how integrity has anything to do with letting a failing coach go after consistently not living up to expectations.
  4. I've been thinking of selling my 2006 Ninja 650R, though I'd just be upgrading bikes. I'd really like something with newer tech (like ABS, stability control, etc.)
  5. Depraved


    The Solid Verbal is easily my favorite college football podcast, though it's not for everyone. They do very high level college football talk while focusing more on entertainment than detailed breakdowns.
  6. HBO doesn't usually put out bad productions. I'm looking forward to seeing this.
  7. Fuck neutral site games. They take away so much of what makes college football great (besides the game itself).
  8. I saw it at SXSW. It was definitely worth seeing on the biggest screen possible. The story was nothing groundbreaking but it was a fun time.
  9. I always say this early in the season, yet somehow still get my hopes up in August.
  10. Which means this is the one thread that will never die.
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