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  1. that won't cut it, obviously. I bet Stewart will counter with a private jet bringing him to Easterwood airport, private stretch limo ride to Kyle Field, in addition to the lux suite. Just for starters.
  2. it's like I brought up Preston's info so that you rub my nose into it. nice job. yeah, i know the wide receiver production the past two years, thank you very much.
  3. Demas didn't play his senior year in high school, right? I don't have any insider info, just read internet stuff about him not being disciplined and learning the playbook, needing to be a college player, etc. Would have been easy for him to step-in especially after Chapman had season-ending injury in the Florida game. But the proverbial bulb didn't turn on, and that happens to several top talent over the years. I felt bad for Jalen Preston last week; he finally got to be in front of the press/media after a good game and when one asked him how it's been to wait his turn, and what he looks forward to, he said he looks forward to scoring a TD. I had to look up his stats-- sure enough, he hasn't yet had a TD. That's what he hopes-- aside from that memorable Alabama game and post-game experience, he wants to have a TD. Chase Lane came after and was low ranked but has more of a stat sheet. And guys like Deunte Wright (to Minnesota) and Kam Brown (to UCLA) already quit and transferred, but Preston didn't quit, and has been getting his share of the passing game, which is nice to see (and probably only because Hez Jones has been injured. Preson is junior.
  4. good to great wide receivers also have bad days and drop balls. Metchie has done it on this year's Bama team, and he is their leading receiver. Wydermeier had several dropped balls in the first 3 games this year, only to come back stronger and have back to back games with multiple TDs. It's what happens after a bad game of dropped passes that matters.
  5. Thanks, @golfclap! Looks like A&M might back into getting the services of this talented WR if Saban/Bama don't push, but that doesn't seem likely because looking at their list so far they only have one WR committed. On second thought, looks like both their ATH have played WR and could play WR at Bama too. But as far as WR offers, they seem to be in on a couple other higher rated guys including Stewart and Coleman but none that have the height/body type of Marshall. So Saban might push if he really wants the guy.
  6. There was some post on tamu 247 about Chris Marshall that got lots of upvotes. But yea, the only WR committed so far is a tall 3-star; several of those types already on campus without seeing any real playing time.
  7. Yea, no doubt you guys have a high powered O so it will feed plenty of mouths and make all of them look good.
  8. nevermind me if this is out of line. But watching the highlights of your Ok St game, the score is 24-25, the ball is around Texas 40 yard line and it's 2nd and 1... the call is to make a long pass to Worthy on the sideline but that play is blown up and he may have even lost half a yard. So its now 3rd and 1. And this 3rd down play brought back memories of futility from past A&M games coached by Fran and Sherman and Sumlin. UT gets lined up in a shotgun formation and the ball is handed off to the running back. That play gets blown up by the DE- more than one DL actually the whole front crashes in and you have 4th and 2 or 3. Now if it were Joey Freshwater he might still go for that 4th down unadvisably, but that's a different matter. That shotgun formation to gain one yard-- especially when one of your starting OL just limped off the field-- that was not good; that OL wasn't going to get enough push down the middle for the shotgun formation to work. QB sneak or something else should have been tried. Or get two tight ends in there and frickin ensure you gain that one yard. you guys can legit laugh at Jimbo for calling an old school O, but more often than not his teams tend to convert 3rd and 1. Texas was good in this one stat in 2019, and A&M was good in it last year. So maybe it just comes down to not having enough good OL and no coach can do much about that other than try to scheme around it as much as possible.
  9. I know most here won't see it, but I wonder if Fisher is selling Evan Stewart a similar setup as is for Ainias Smith right now. Smith lines up all over the field and even as a 3-star, has managed to become a top target for the O. And he is a junior and could likely be gone to the NFL after this season... the dude could help out any number of NFL teams even on special teams as a KR and PR if not right away as a receiver. Even in a situation with breaking in brand new quarterbacks and the first one going down and then having to adjust for the second stringer, Smith has still managed to gather 31 receptions for 347 yards and 6 TDs through first half of the year. Last year, he had 43 receptions for 564 yards and 6TDs, averaging 13.1 yards per reception. Worthy's numbers are sky-high, but he will also be around for couple more years, while Stewart could be the receiver not unlike how Smith is.
  10. I'm curious how the portal dynamic works out going forward. There may be decent to great talent in the portal at skill positions-- guys who feel slighted, guys who feel a scheme mismatch and want to try their luck at a different school, that sort of thing. Unless they're grad transfers or their program suffered coaching carousel, I don't know that OL and DL which are really good are going to transfer. Continuity and relationships, and all the stuff that went into the original decision of going to their current school probably still exist and only got stronger.
  11. that's the scuttle on secrant. Seems like Georgia is about to go on a Celmson-of-the-past-decade run if they keep up like this, might even push Saban into retirement if they can beat him in the SECCG.
  12. Only if you think that Sark will rely on the run game as much as he seems to have this year (taking advantage of the talent as he found it this first year). Isn't Sark's scheme more WR friendly? And A&M isn't great at corner position. We have plenty of safeties though.
  13. OL is debatable, talent-wise. Don't you guys have better rated linemen? A&M has "bread" like Trainor and some others who never amounted to much (perpetually injured or never made it past practice teams). The difference might be in coaching continuity, and having an above average position coach. Some of it is luck, such as with Fatheree holding up nicely as a true freshman, and even Bryce Foster anchoring the center nicely, though it took several games for these guys to gel and to play together. What will be interesting is watching whether the two position coaches zero in on same set of recruits or if they have different philosophies and target different talents. I've been mostly happy with the DL recruiting and development though wish there was more of a dominant pass rush that shows up in terms of ungodly QB sacks and QB/RB forced fumbles.
  14. where the fuck did Oregon jump in on this sweepstakes? god damn!
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