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  1. 1 for 27 if you want to feel worse. That's per Grant. Sunday? Hedges should be plenty rested.
  2. OFN had preferences but didn't discriminate, at all.
  3. Fucking first of the four Black Saturdays in the Cotton Bowl under that clown Brown. The upside was that you could go sit at midfield without issue by the end of the 1Q. That is, if you were okay freezing your ass off while witnessing an extended rape without the ability to dial 911. Alcohol was an essential part of that day's experience, an especially essential part.
  4. Enjoy the game tomorrow McConaughey. Not blaming him. Guessing it will be 75 in Boulder vs. 95 or 100 or whatever the hell here.
  5. Yeah, Bochy working the gum harder than normal. fucking of course.
  6. Buckle up. Come on fucking Chapman, get this.
  7. Nice AB, Garcia. Make something of this now.
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