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  1. Yeah. Germans began the extermination process by shooting the Jews in mass. German general was at one of the shootings. Got some brain matter on his uniform and said they needed to find a simpler process. Chilling stuff, indeed.
  2. Sans the Sharpie mustache (and even with it) looks to be about 12 years old.
  3. But he'll always get a hall pass for its greatness:
  4. No need to disparage SAM anymore. Plenty of that going around.
  5. Yup. Just need to avoid houses floating down rivers, with people in them.
  6. Oh man, so sad. He cradled that popup like it was his first born. RIP.
  7. Well, if we see 6 inches of rain I'm guessing we won't even be consulting our outfitter about whether we want to deal with 4 and 5s on the Naranjo vs. 2 and 3s.
  8. Booked a family trip to Tulemar late Fall. Looking at doing some white water rafting on one of the days if anyone has recommendations.
  9. Did the same one in July 2019. Actually saw an orca pod make a kill toward the end of the trip. Couple of calves moved in to clean up and get some nutrition. Was some of the coolest shit I've ever witnessed.
  10. Better than this shit. Sunday night near some place called Vigo Park, Tx. 7.25". Record. Old: 6.4".
  11. Dead and Company last night at the Sphere. 5:00 on. Good stuff, very. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aM73HYB38h0
  12. Binoculars to see the coaches go after the bats - there's a little distance between the benches you sit on and the area around the cave where the action takes place. No binoculars needed for the coaches that wander out from the rock formations right below the benches you're sitting on.
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