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  1. Probably safe to say that accessing one or more of these probably killed any aspirations Kitna had for entering that other portal, the transfer one.
  2. That's when you find the blackjack table for an hour or two until the cunts have moved on.
  3. Grayson McCall is still at Coastal? Feels like he is on the Timmy Chang 7-year eligibility plan.
  4. Buzz doesn't go after top-line recruits because they wouldn't buy into his "unique approach". In other words, a program centered around mediocrity is a tough sell to high school players who are anything but mediocre.
  5. I'm not sure you should have said it once, much less twice. But perhaps you'll explain.
  6. Interested if Kelly gave a shit more today or Sunday than he did Saturday. Looked absolutely, DGAF catatonic on the sideline. Laid an absolute egg in the weirdest way. He wasn't ready. His team wasn't ready. A&M isn't any good, at all. LSU found a way to make them look good.
  7. There's a lot riding on TCU / K State. The latter is better with Howard at QB and no one should be surprised if they win. Klieman is Snyder V. 2. Such a good coach.
  8. If that stubborn ass Swinney continues to stick with Uiag then Clemson deserves to lose to North Carolina. Hats off to Jeff Traylor. 10-2 and hosting UNT in the C-USA game. SC is being anointed as a FF participant. Whittingham is good in these spots and that's going to be an interesting game Friday night. The first game between these 2 was fantastic. Tulane went from 2-10 in '21 to 10-2 in '22. Hosting UCF Saturday for AAC. Tyjaye Spears is the best RB in the nation that not many people have heard of.
  9. No probably to it. Completed 70% of his passes, 3100 yards, 29/3. For the 3rd ranked team in country. That 4Q performance against Baylor game was outstanding. All of TCU's weapons were on the bench and Duggan made every play, run or throw to give them a chance to win the game. He wasn't going to let TCU lose, and they didn't. Williams is the best player in the country. Duggan will finish as runnerup for the Trophy, top 3 worse. And it's deserved.
  10. None today. About as perfect a day as you can get.
  11. An undrafted free agent from Middle Tennessee State playing safety like an all pro. That was an elite pick, wow.
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