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  1. Fred Goldman taking the high road with that unbridled scum. https://www.barrons.com/news/murder-victim-s-father-calls-o-j-simpson-death-no-great-loss-9bf80620
  2. Meh, we won a national championship in '05 with a coach who was a whiny, thin skinned vindictive beating . A different kind of cunt I guess vs. whatever Hurley is. But whatever. At the end of the day we have a banner and a trophy and no one gives two shits about whether they liked the coach or not.
  3. Hurley is fantastic. Offensively, he runs teams ragged, over and over, into screens and sets with players who finish at the rim and kill you at the outer line. Defensively, he knows that the perimeter game rules CBB and he gets athletes that run, chase and relentlessly beat players off the 3-point line. Ask Purdue. He'll sacrifice some interior scoring knowing that, ultimately, like tonight it doesn't matter. Be a beating and bark about Hurley being a cunt or whatever. He's the best in the game, and it's not close. And we'd all kill to have him as our cunt.
  4. Bracken. Not time stamped but they stirred. (On a side note if you've never been to the cave it's highly recommended. 20MM bats during peak birthing season. Incredible.) https://www.batcon.org/experience-bats/the-bat-channel/
  5. Very cool. Not something I would have traveled for but well worth stepping out the back door.
  6. UConn will roll Purdue. It plays at a different level, dissects offensively with unparalleled ball movement and unselfishness. Sets are NBA like. Watch the movement. Defensively, UConn cuts the heads off other teams strengths and has the best player in the game at the rim. Clingan is a great matchup for Edey. The UConn guards are tenacious and will eat those Purdue spares alive who treat the ball like a hand grenade. Last but not least. Hurley v. Painter is an abysmal mismatch.
  7. Yes, great scene. The Chenowith family alone made the show so good. Jeremy Sisto took his character to some serious heights of crazy and weirdness. Couple that with being in love with his sister and it was just one of many great elements of that show.
  8. Billy (verbally) beating Brenda to death is high comedy. I know Ball said he wanted to depict all the finale deaths in a very serious manner and he succeeds in that respect. But he did work that one aspect of Brenda / Billy in which made all the sense in the world.
  9. Didn't realize Six Feet Under was streaming. Re-watched the pilot this past weekend. Some really outstanding acting and some of Alan Ball's best work.
  10. That is the shit. Guess it doesn't surprise. Could probably master anything he wanted.
  11. Yeah, the onions are the crown.
  12. Seeing "Homeless Strategy Office" in print or anywhere else is the most comical thing. Guessing most of the strategic moves in March centered around working on a good tournament bracket. At only $150K / year to run the thing we should at least allow the person to prioritize the important things. Another machete party on Friday night, this time around Ben White and Manchaca. Near where the bums have set up nightly shop around that custom car wash. They need to up their game. Pre "camping ban" the area under the bridge near Dan's had two couches, a big screen, refrigerator and a (mini) pool table. Still got some work to do.
  13. The greatness of the song is matched by the greatness of the video. The facial expressions throughout, specifically Jagger and Watts, are simply fantastic.
  14. Yeah, it was the worst. And ditto on the walkways, least over in the section 19 and 20 area. "Walkway" was a fucking misnomer as they effectively became SRO areas.
  15. They should shoot the person that designed that rat maze.
  16. Varsity vs. JV. Men vs. Boys. However you want to define it. Duke will struggle to win this game. We'll see.
  17. And that's fair. Can't wait to see this Houston / Duke game.
  18. Gonzaga was a fraud this season. Got way too much love for beatng a garbage Kansas team. It was a one of Few's more mediocre teams and it was front and center tonight.
  19. Yeah, we have Graham who does it right and could make (even) more headway with the homeless issues given the resources and right partnership. But we have an unbridled tribe of idiotic buffoons running the city and the last thing it would want to do is make good and sound decisions. Especially if there is skimming to be done.
  20. 21 is like 290W / Highway of Death. I travel more than I care to on the latter. This is a a good illustration why I always stay in the right line on it.
  21. Wrightsell probably back for Bama tomorrow. Sorta big if so.
  22. Never met a dumb shot or pass he didn't like, or an offensive player he didn't like to wave at. Personified about 10 minutes deep into the 1H tonight....threw an alley oop that hit the fucking rim, raised his hands in despair, loafed back on defense to the wing and gave a hall pass to a wide open 3. Yeah, it was converted.
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