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  1. Good for Robinson. Class acts deserve good things. And he's the classiest.
  2. Thanks for posting. For those more knowledgeable than me about the subject...Are the schools required to track all NIL deals and also disclose the #s? Just curious how those top 10 #s are derived / how accurate they are.
  3. Yep, and instead Biden says "she represents the best about Amercia" or some other bullshit and will surely invite her to the White House, etc. You got the dumb cunt released. No need to celebrate it or her. "Represents the best about America?" Who said that?
  4. Wally Pryor


    What a weird chick. She shouldn't be crying about marriage equality. She should be crying that someone actually let her walk out of her home while wearing that jacket. Dear lord.
  5. Take some time off. Reflect upon your idiocy while writing the book that you'll make a shit ton on. How lopsided was the trade? I know nothing about this Viktor Bout, does he average a double double?
  6. Looks like there is a new sports talk station, 102.7? Ward's on it. Either 11-2 or 1-2, not sure. https://www.1027espn.com/show/the-jeff-ward-show/
  7. Interesting. Yeah, he had one (completely) open 3 in the 1H that was two feet short of the rim.
  8. Or you could have simply turned it off for 5 or 10 minutes.
  9. Not overly shocked we lost the game. I think it closed at -2.5. I am shocked that I didn't hear Bilas say "baller" the entire game. My bingo card suffered.
  10. Mitchell has a lot to learn defensively. Takes time. He'll be fine.
  11. Yup, a couple of Meyer's 3s in the 1H were semi contested. But overall, their looks were clean.
  12. Spoke too soon on Shannon. He was going to get his, too good a player. At least no one, that I can see, is blaming the officiating. Probably need to spend more time on the football board to get that process down. We blew the game. No one to blame but ourselves. Move on. Learn from this loss.The entire season's in front of us.
  13. On the flip side Illini's best player can't play any worse.
  14. Weird that we don't have fans behind the bench. In a city of 8.5MM you'd think quite a few alums would be at the game.
  15. I still don't know how that ball made it into Peschel's hands. Just the perfect throw and catch.
  16. Weird seeing Meyer without a mullet. Resembles Pittsnogle more every day (pre 60 lb. weight gain)
  17. Street to Peschel is arguably the ballsiest call in the history of CFB given what was on the line. National championship, 4:47 left in the game, 4th and 3, a team that relies on the run and rarely passes but decides to pass on this play, one receiver in the pattern, play requires a perfect pass to complete over two defenders, a perfect pass is thrown, and then caught over the shoulder for 44 yards. Royal's big balls were never more on display than that day.
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